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Live New York City Podcast Transcript (continued)

Barnes and Noble - Union Square

New York City, New York (US)

November 12, 2005

Thanks to TLC for all their help!

Live New York City Podcast

Matthew Lewis (ML): Oh, yes. Hello!

Melissa Anelli (MA): Who's this?

MA's Mom: Melissa?

MA: Who's this?

MA's Mom: It's me, babe.

MA: Hi, Mommy.

MA's Mom: I have Matthew Lewis here. He wants to say hello to everybody. Hold on.

MA: Who's here?

Andrew Sims (AS): Let's just get to it. Put Radcliffe on the phone so we can end this.

ML: Hello?

MA: Who's this?

ML: Hello?

MA: Who is this?

ML: (laughs) It's so loud. I'm going to move to somewhere quieter to see if I can hear you a bit better. (Crowd Laughs) Okay, I can hear you a bit better now.

MA: What?

ML: I can hear you now.

MA: Cool!

John Noe (JN): Who is this?

ML: It's Matthew, Matthew Lewis.

(Crowd Cheers)

MA: Matthew, did you hear that?

ML: Hello?

MA: You might have a fan or two here. How's it going, Matt?

MA's Mom: Do you know how many people are there?

MA: Hello?

MA's Mom: Melis?

MA: Yeah.

MA's Mom: Can you hear us?

MA: Yes, we can.

MA's Mom: Can you hear us?

MA: Yes!

MA's Mom: OK - I'm gonna change spots with Matthew. This is a good spot. Then we'll try again.

ML: Hello?

MA: Yes?

ML: OK, I can make you out a bit better now.

MA: How's it going, Matt?

ML: How are you?

MA: I'm good - how was the film?

ML: It was - it was really good!

MA: How good?

ML: Really good!

MA: You know - those scenes that you did with - about your parents - were really excelllent.

ML: You enjoyed them, yeah?

MA: Yeah.

ML: Cool! Yeah, I -

JN: That was some really cool dancing, dude.

MA: Say again?

ML: You know, I just thought it was (unintelligible) crops up until the fifth film, but I thought it was great that they kept it in the film - the fourth film - so that it all links together that way - and someone asked me sort of what - what was going through my head at that point and I sort of said, "Well, really, I didn't have to do much imagination, 'cause JK Rowling - I just sort of went through the books and I pictured what JK Rowling had written in the fifth book when he did, like, the hospital ward with his parents; I kept that in my head and yes, you don't have to perform - I just had to imagine what she'd written and yeah, I think that it worked pretty well!

MA: Yeah, he said that he went through the books with - about Book 5, what JK Rowling had written and used it for his acting in Movie 4 'cause he's a good little fan ...

AS: He's a good researcher.

(screams and clapping from audience)

MA: Hey, Matt - there are like - I'm gonna guess - about five hundred people here right now listening to you!

ML: I can hear a lot of people!

MA: Yeah!

(screams from audience)

(ML laughs)

MA: Are you ready for five?

ML: Sorry?

MA: Are you ready for five?

ML: Yeah, absolutely - I think I personally start in February, so it's pretty cool.

MA: Cool! Are you enjoying the party?

ML: Yeah, it's cool. We're just going to start moving around and seeing different people and we're having fun!

MA: Are you going to take us all inside?

ML: Sorry?

MA: We're gonna come there and you're gonna let us all in, right?

ML: I (laughs) - yeah, sure!

(everyone laughs)

AS: (laughs) All right, let's go! Yeah!

(screams from audience)

MA: Thank you, Matt!

ML: You're welcome - I'll see you later!

MA: Later, dude!

JN: Bye-bye!

ML: Bye!

MA: My mom's gonna come back on.

MA's Mom: Melissa?

MA: Yeah?

MA's Mom: I'll talk to you later. Alright?

MA: Talk to you later!

JN: Thank you!

MA's Mom: Bye!

MA: Thank you, mommy!

(screams from audience)

MA: Don't I have the best mom in the world? She's like, tracking these people down and pulling them over to a quiet spot so that we can get them on the phone! OK, I'm sorry - question?

Talihia: OK, so, um ...

JN: What's your name?

Talihia: My name's Talihia. Hi! Um...

JN: Where are you from?

Talihia: Long Island - (screams from audience) - OK, so, um - at the end of the fourth book, there is this part where Dumbledore says, "Call on Mundungus Fletcher and Remus Lupin and all of the old crowd," and that's the beginning of the Order of the Phoenix - and I was wondering, if they did that in the book at all, or ...?

MA and AS: In the movie?

Talihia: Yeah, in the movie.

MA: Gone.

Talihia: They cut it out?

MA: No, but not completely - there is a scene in which Harry - you know when Harry runs into Dumbledore's office to tell him about Crouch and he interrupts something ...

Talia: Yeah.

MA: ... there is a scene - he's witnessing Cornelius Fudge's stupid assishness...

JN: That's true!

MA: ... (laughs) as he walks in and so you're getting the feelings of that - a lot of things are so quick that you will miss them - the only mention of the Longbottoms, even though Neville's - and you could see Neville's reaction to it - the only mention of the Longbottoms is in the Pensieve scene in which they say - you know - you tortured Frank and Alice Longbottom and if you're not a fan, you'll miss it.

JN: It's true.


Talihia: Nice talking to you guys - big fans!

AS: Oh - thanks!

JN: Yellow's turn.

AS: There are so many, I feel bad not -

Julie Rich: OK, first of all I want to say -

JN: Hold on, hold on.

MA: Keep cool! Keep cool!

JN: We got a young lady here.

Julie Rich: OK, first of all I'm big fans of both your Podcasts - I listen to them religiously every week.

AS: Thank you!

Julie Rich: Second of all, my name is Julie Rich - I'm from Westville, New Jersey and ...

AS: Yeah, Jersey - all right! Yeah! (audience clapping) Jersey - OK!

Julie Rich: OK, and my question is, how is Ron's characterisation in the movie, because - honestly, Ron's my favorite character and in last two movies, he's meant to be doing scared and confused faces ...

JN: Sue and I were just talking about this.

Sue Upton (SU): Thank you! All right, yeah.

JN: That was what Sue and I were talking about on the way over here - one of the things we talked about was how much better of a film this was for Ron - for Rupert - you know, for both of them, and you know, obviously they are the same people but (audience clapping) it's much better and it was - and we got that scene where he got angry with Harry and we got to see the confliction and all that stuff going on with Hermione; we got to see his - you know - crazy fan emotion for Krum at the beginning and just complete and utter distaste in the end and it was just - you got to see a little - quite a few more levels than just the "Fraidy-Cat" Ron and it was very refreshing to see that I think.

MA: And he's an excellent - you just see the levels of his acting finally.

JN: Yeah, there's one point in particular, right when Harry walks up towards the Goblet when they call his name, and they got, like, this dark kinda sorta music happening and you see Ron just kinda turn and just look at him and he just kinda (mimics facial expression) like, "whoa"...

AS: The entrance scene ...

JN: It was good - it was good.

AS: ... for both schools - was great.

Kevin Steck (KS): What do you think about the study, with Snape?

MA: Snape abusing the children?

JN: Yeah!

MA: Snape, like, smacking them on the head!

AS: This is a Snape that I think we all like because he doesn't play a huge role in the actual movie but he comes in at the right times ...

JN: It's true.

AS: ... to lighten things up, I think.

JN: A little bit.

MA: Alright, this girl is like dying to ask a question.

AS: Who's dying?

MA: Eric Scull, you're on MuggleCast!

AS: OK, come on, Eric.

MA: Eric Scull wants to ask a question guys, should we let him?

AS: Right here - here! (audience screams)

Eric Scull: Uh, this question is for the board - first of all, I'd like to thank everybody for being here tonight and - you guys are great.

MA: Somebody's gonna have to wrest from him soon.

Eric Scull: I - speaking of abuse...

(MA laughs)

Eric Scull: ... and, um, out-of-characterness, my question is for Andrew but all of you can of course answer once he goes silent and it's implicate.

AS: What?

Eric Scull: Have you changed your mind on the ever-abusive Michael Gambon...

MA: Yeah, that's it - I want to know...

Eric Scull: ... as Dumbledore?

MA: ...becuase he's different in the movie than how he's portrayed in the trailers.

KS: OK ... He's not very personal ...

AS: No! He's still very angry in this movie - he's an angry Dumbledore but he can calm down, he can keep cool sometimes - this is how he works. This is how he rolls.

KS: the Goblet scene - the whole Goblet scene annoyed me because he was SO angry.

MA: Yeah.

KS: It looked as though he was going to -

AS: He was angry! He - I don't want to spoil anything for you, but he was just very angry!

MA: (laughing) You don't wanna spoil anything, yeah right.

JN: You've been spoiling things all night - but, no - how they have it in the trailer, where you know - you see the name come up, and you see him scream Harry Potter -

AS and MA: That's not how it happened.

KS: He starts off small.

JN and AS: There was like a "Harry Potter" then (louder) "Harry Potter" and he's looking -

AS: The reason he was screaming was that he couldn't find him.

JN: He was trying to find him.

AS: It's not anger, it's false -

KS: Yeah, but what about after?

JN: Yeah.

KS: What's WB trying to pull?

BS: "Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?"

MA: Do we have questions that aren't, "Is this in the movie?" Because you're going to see it in a week. Do we have other questions?

AS: I still stand by what I say, that Michael Gambon is ...

MA: ... a feisty Dumbledore.

AS: I like Dumbledore. There's a lot of people -

MA: Kevin - Kevin - I'm taking a question.

KS: No, you, right there, in blue with the green band - right there. You're pretty patient!

AS: What's your name and where are you from?

Brendan: My name's Brendan - I'm from Westchester - um ...

(audience screams)

AS: ... yeah, Westchester - all right!

Brendan: Yeah, I was just wondering - was the part when Harry asked Cho Chang to the Yule Ball - what did - does he say "Wangoballwime?" 'cause that's like my favourite quote from the book.

MA: Me too!

AS: That's it!

MA: It's a little more distinct but it's, there's a sound as if, "Want to go to the ball with me," and she's like, "What the hell?"

AS: And we talk about this on one of the podcasts and we were saying how we were really hoping that it - 'cause they didn't show it in the trailers.

MA: She's so good, isnt' she - (audience screams) - she's good. The good Cho. Emerson, why don't you pick a question?

Emerson Spartz (ES): OK, the girl in the MuggleNet shirt has been jumpin' up and down the whole time we've been here.

MA: And the girl that he picks will be his girlfriend.

AS: Oh, of course.

Leanne: Thank you, um -

ES: I just didn't want you to hurt yourself.

Leanne: Well, we're past that, but thank you for the consideration!

MA: Are you ... are you going to kill him - is this what this is? Are you an H/H person?

Leanne: I'm not going to kill him - I'm simply going to simply, no, I'm not non-violent - I'm ...

ES: So what's on your mind?

Leanne: First of all, I want to say about being a Harry/Hermione shipper - not all of us are delusional - some of us knew the whole time that Harry and Hermione were not gonna get together but we just like Harry and Hermione, don't we? (audience screaming and clapping) I don't think that that is a crime.

MA: That is not, you are not who we're talking about. You people don't understand. If that's what you like, hey, that's what you like. I have my friend Mike right here, he likes Harry/Basilisk. I mean, hey. (audience laughs) You know. More power to you! No one's going to say that his ship's gonna come true!

ES: Do you guys happen to remember, right after the delusional thing, I made a post and I said, "This isn't directed at you who can acknowledge that Ron and Hermione were going to get together. It was acknowledged at the ones who were really arrogant about it and claiming that there was so much evidence that we couldn't see and that we were all stupid for believing in Ron and Hermione."

Leanne: Well, well, well - Emerson -

AS: The next big ship -

ES: I specifically didn't single you out.

Leanne: Emerson, you're very lucky you're cute, because most of us are not so forgiving.

(audience screams)

AS: The next big ship -

MA: "You should be lucky he's cute!" He's not cute!

AS: The next - the next big ship is gonna be Hagrid and Madame Maxime, 'cause in this movie, I will tell you what, they are together!

MA: She eats something out of his beard! It's nasty!

JN: Yeah that's gross!

AS: There's more than that!

MA: So nasty!

Leanne: Before I ask my question, I...

AS: You haven't asked your question yet?


Leanne: No! I want to apologize to Eric for maybe scaring him a little? I just know what I want.

KS: He's not easily frightened.

AS: All right, what's your question, what's on your mind, what's your question?

Leanne: I know that I - and I'm sure many other people are - really excited about the second task, the whole underwater scene. How is that?

AS: It was, it was good.

KS: It was excellent, I liked that.

JN: I thought it was a very clever idea to bring it in the middle of the lake like that, I think that was - that was...just visually it was cool and.. What?

MA: Microphone.

JN: Oh he keeps taking it away from me! Yell at him! What am I saying... Yeah, they moved the whole second task out so they had to take row boats to get out to that little area in the lake, but I thought it was cool how the - whatever the stuff he eats, mmm...

MA: Gillyweed!

JN: that kicks in, it looks almost painful when it happens, and then he gets real excited and jumps out of the water. But the funniest line I think - should I tell them the funny Neville line?

(crowd yelling yes and no)

MA: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...

JN: I'm not gonna do it, but that's just hilarious.

MA: No, that's just bad sportsmanship.

JN: That is hilarious.

AS: Ok, ok, let's keep switching up. Next question.

Ben Schoen (BS): Hold on! Hold on! Ok, what's your name?

Lyane: My name is Lyane, I am from the Upper side, right here in New York City, and, ehm, I love Eric.

Everyone: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Lyane: He doesn't love me though! He's terribly shy...

AS: Alright, this kid in the blue hat...

MA: No the red and gold!

JN: The red and gold!

AS: The red and gold, blue hat! Name, where you're from, what's on your mind.

Dan Ball: My name is Dan Ball and I'm from Massachusetts.

(uproar and applause)

AS: Yeah Massachusetts! Alright!

Dan Ball: I think your show is wicked awesome, and well - my question is : I was at the premiere really early in the morning, like at four, really early in the morning..

MA: That's really early.

Dan Ball : And I was wondering if umm - well I'm a really obsessed Emma Watson fan,...

BS: Yeah!

MA: You might be the only one.

Dan Ball : ..Yeah, and I just to know if she was nice and stuff, if she was cool or not.

AS: Wait wait wait, in the movies or on the red carpet?

Dan Ball: What?

AS: In the movies or in person?

Dan Ball: In person.

MA: She went right by us on the red carpet.

AS: Yeah she went right by us so ehm, we have no comment.

ES: It wasn't her fault, her publicist was ...

BS: She was going for me, she knew who I was, she was coming for me.

(laughter and applause)

Dan Ball: Ok.

MA: Ok, I'm gonna pick somebody over here.

AS: We gotta keep rolling here, there's ton of people today.

MA: Ok there's a girl who's like about to fall over - you right there, yeah... Oh that's what you meant, well next time, ok, I'm sorry.

KS: Nice T-shirt.

Mic: Thank you. Emm...

AS: Ah that's it, The Leaky Mug.

MA: I got that shirt today! Somebody gave that to me, it's around here somewhere. Thank you!

Mic: You're welcome!

MA: Thank you guys, I've met you up at the red carpet! Ah guys, can we put my mom...

AS: Ok, one last time, one last time...

MA: One last time... Hi mommy.

MA's Mom: Can you hear me?

MA: Yes, loud and clear.

MA's Mom: Yes, I have Tolga with me..

MA: Tolga! Tolga Safer, he plays Karkaroff's aide.

Tolga Safer (TS): Hello?

MA: Hey Tolga!

TS: Hey, can you hear me ok?

MA: Everybody can hear you, say Hi.

Audience: Hi!

TS: Oh my God! How many people are there?

(crowd laughing)

MA: We've got how many people - we've got probably..

TS: How many people are there?

MA: ...probably five to six hundreds people are here.

TS: Are there lots of people?

MA: Lots of people! Your little premiere was nothing compared to this!

TS: Really? Hi everyone!

Audience: Hi!

TS: I'm here with Katie who plays Cho Chang. You guys wanna say hi?

MA: Yeah!

Audience: Yeah! (cheering)

TS: (to Katie Leung) Say hello, there's like a thousand people there - a thousand.

Katie Leung (KL): Hello?

MA: Hi Katie!

AS: Katie Leung - Cho Chang!

(applause and cheers)

KL: Emmm. Hi! (surprised) My heart is going a thousand..

MA: Are you having a good time so far?

KL: Well, er, I'm having a great time, guys - lots of love - I'll speak to you later - Bye!

MA: Bye Katie!

AS: She was quick!

MA: That was to the point, very nice.

MA's Mom: Hello?

MA: Yeah Ma!

MA's Mom : Are you still there?

MA: We're all still here!

MA's Mom: Ok, can you hold on a second?

MA: What?

MA's Mom: Emma, would you say hello?

(crowd erupts)

AS: Oh my God! Oh my God!

MA: Oh my God! Ma!

Emma Watson (EW): Ah hello?

MA: Hi Emma!

EW: I'm sorry but I can't hear anything...

AS: Yeah that's Emma, that's Emma! Yeah.

(crowd drowning EW talking)

MA: How you doing, Emma?

MA's Mom: Melis?

MA: Yeah yeah, where was she?

MA's Mom: That was Emma Watson.

MA: What?

MA's Mom: Ok, it's really loud here.

MA: It's really loud in here too!

MA's Mom: Ok.

MA: Thank you, mommy!

MA's Mom: You're welcome.

MA: You're the best.

MA's Mom: Bye.

MA: Bye!


MA: Well, she was there! She said something while you guys were all screaming, so, we couldn't hear it.

AS: It's mayhem in those party. Ok, so what was your question?

Mic: What was the most disappointing part of the movie?

AS: Ah, can I take this one?

MA: I would have wanted Harry and Hermione to get together but it just didn't happened - I'm sorry yeah..

AS: Ahem, the beginning, because they really - it's fast-paced, but you really - they just cut - one thing in that - it was really quick, like the Portkey scene..

JN: That was awesome though.

AS: It was - oh, no no, that was really cool...

JN: That was really cool.

AS: ...when they got to the Portkey, and some of the shots that they used while they were going along, that was actually really nice.

JN: And another thing that you'll see right at the beginning - that reminds me - speaking of the Portkey, speaking of special effects, 'cause I'm big on the special effects - I have one thing I've noticed, I don't know if anyone talked about it yet while I wasn't here - we actually get to see a little of Apparation in this movie ...

AS: Yes that's the funniest thing in the world!

JN: And and...

MA: Apparition.

JN: Yeah, whatever the hell it's called! (all around laughing) There's the cool thing that I've noticed - you'll notice too - when they all Apparate and - to the destroyed Quidditch World Cup area, they Apparate in a - it's like a poof of white kind of smoke, and then towards the end, when the Death Eaters Apparate back, it's black smoke...

(crowd murmurs)

JN: ..So it's kind of interesting little thing that - I thought was interesting because I like that kind of stuff.

MA: Sue's gonna pick a person now.

Audience: Pick me!

SU: Wait, before I do, I wanna say hello - we were talking about the other fansites that are here, there's someone else we need to ...

AS: Mike from, I forgot to mention him.

SU: Jenna is here from! Hi Jenna!

MA: Jenna from!

SU: Hi, hello!

AS: Where is she? Stand up, Jenna!

Jenna: I am standing!


AS: I can't see her!

JN: It's funny 'cause she's short.

SU: There she is! Woo hoo!

ES: Jenna from


MA: Hey, hey, we also, we also - guys hold on, I'm gonna hold the questions for one second - we also ....

AS: We also got a really cool story.

MA: ...we got a lot of email at our account for this and mmm, one girl, and Emerson told her she was crazy, but one girl chose this over Disney World...

JN: Yes.

MA: And so...

AS: Who is it? Hey can you stand up?

(girl standing up, being applauded)

AS: Yeah! Hey, come up to the mike, come up to the mike!

MA: We have - come up to the mike - we have a little something for you - Eric is gonna give it to you.

AS: Ok so - hold on a second, hold on a second, let me set this up - so we gave you a call Friday - Friday night - I think it was?

Mic: Yeah.

AS: Last Friday night, I don't know - we gave you a call Friday night and we said "Hey, we can't wait to see you here", ...

Mic: Yeah.

AS: ...because your mother left your cell phone number with us, and, so we're really happy that you chose Disneywrold over us, because I'll admit it, I'm impressed.

MA: And Emerson spent ten minutes telling her all the things she was missing..

AS: Oh yeah, Emerson made her feel bad about it, that was really..

MA: But so we tried to make it up to you a little bit...

AS: So, we are going to make it up - we're not going to make it up, well..

MA: Well, we're gonna try to make it up.

AS: We have a little something for you - first of all, we know you like us a lot..

Mic: Yes I do.

AS: ...Second of all - where is it?

MA: Eric?

MA: Do it, Eric!

JN: We're running out of time!

AS: Here, you want to come up? Just come in front of us...

(crowd reacting)

AS: ...We've got you a little Mickey Mouse! Now..

KS: We're going to sign it.

AS: We're all gonna sign it - see he has little Harry Potter scar on there too - turn it around - isn't that nice?

(crowd cheering, applauding)

AS: We're all gonna sign the back of it..

MA: They're signing his butt!


AS: ..we're gonna sign the back of it and that's for you..

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