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Leaky Mug OOTP Set Transcript: Part II

Room of Requirement

Melissa: Okay.

John: In the Room of Requirement.

Melissa: Room of Requirement.

Andrew: Or what was.

John: What was.

Melissa: It's dark.

Andrew: Yes.

John: Chandeliers. Strange floors. It almost looks like...

Melissa: They're like grills.

Andrew: Light's coming through it.

John: Like yeah.

Melissa: But I think that makes sense. Dan said there was a lighted floor.

John: Sure, but why?

Melissa: Because it's magical. Things come through the floor, maybe?

Andrew: They want to add their own touch to it, I guess.

Melissa: There's these big stone fingers coming down from the ceiling.

John: I don't know. It's like they're pillars that are cut off at the base.

Andrew: This used to be the trophy room...

John: Yeah.

Andrew: ...our lovely tour guide said.

Melissa: Yeah.

Andrew: And but right now it's in pieces.

John: Yeah.

Andrew: This isn't [knocks microphone] oh, sorry. This isn't what we saw. This isn't the Room of Requirements in the pictures. John. No.

Melissa: Well, it's in pieces, but it just it looks like I think it might look like it's cut off at the base because it can get bigger and smaller at will.

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: All right. This...

John: Well, people that have seen this, by now. But, this set is located [stumbles and struggles to be heard over banging in the background] near the Atrium.

Melissa: That's why all the noise they're building the Atrium.

John: They're just laying the floor and all that, right now.

Andrew: The Atrium is gigantic.

John: They're also contending...

Melissa: We'll be there soon.

John: ...with all the rain we had today, and everything's leaking on this stuff, right now.

The Courtroom

Melissa: So where are we?

John: Now we're in the courtroom.

Melissa: It's dark.

Andrew: This...

John: It is dark.

Andrew: This is a big, really nice set...

Melissa: Well, they turned off the lights, and I wish they were on because you could see so much detail.

John: What color is it in here? It looks like lots of gold...

Melissa: Yeah.

John: ...on the walls.

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: There's a lot of gold and reds, and sort of ancient ornateness...

John: Yeah...

Melissa: ...just gone bad.

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: And there's these big these big giant wells behind the concaved wall, so that the fire come up and light it. Though you'll never see the fire.

John: Yeah.

Melissa: Isn't that weird?

Andrew: Just, when you look at a set like this, that is only used in this film...

Melissa: Very briefly.

Andrew:'s unbelievable.

John: Yeah.

Andrew: Very brief oh, look, this thing is gigantic. It really is gigantic.

John: That is huge.

Melissa: But last time it's interesting last time it was chock full of papers. Now, from the finished pictures we've seen, then when they used this it was not full of papers, anymore. But I guess the papers were from the first war and it was very all disorganized and whatnot, and now they're showing modern times with Cornelius Fudge.

John: Makes sense.

Andrew: Mhm.

Melissa: They're a little bit more organized, but there's still bureaucracy everywhere.

John: Where's the bench at, where all they're on the...

Melissa: Well, there's the podium. There's a podium across the way which seems like where Cornelius Fudge is...

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: ...and it seems like his Wizengamot is right behind him...

John: Yeah.

Melissa: ...and then all the other Ministry officials are in different-colored robes.

John: Okay.

Melissa: But the floor is very patterned and ornate, like a...

John: I thought something rose from the center.

Melissa: That's when they had the cage, but that they again, that was the first Voldemort war and not this one.

John: Okay.

[Andrew laughs]

John: What's that hanging down right there?

Andrew: Where?

Melissa: Where?

John: Cable must be just power.

Melissa: Probably just power and stuff. But it's columned. It's very Roman-looking, and...

John: Oh, look, they're in the podium. Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, I wish we could take pictures. [laughs]

Melissa: Me too. Not that anything would come out in here, but there's all old wizards wearing weird garb, and there are paintings on the walls, and if you look closely on the walls there's also skeletons and signs of doom. It looks like...

Andrew: Whoa. Wicked.

Melissa: It looks like Hell on the Sistine Chapel painting. You know what I mean?

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: If that's even in there. I don't even know. But you know what I mean? You know what I'm getting at.

Andrew: Yeah, it's very nice. That's very nice. I wanna go look at the Atrium more... [laughs]

Melissa: I know, me too. I want to go back to the Atrium. Let's go to the atrium!

John: All right.

Melissa: See you later.

The Atrium

Melissa: All right, so here we are at the Atrium...

John: Yes.

Melissa: ...which is the Ministry of Magic Atrium.

[Loud banging]

Andrew: Uh-oh.

John: Six fireplaces on each side.

Melissa: And they're all gold ornate stuff all around them.

John: Yeah.

Melissa: And it's green tiling.

Andrew: As you can hear, they're nailing down the brown floorboard now, and you can see off in the distance the offices. Just a beautiful set.

Melissa: And they said that the offices are just going to continue up into forever...

John: Yeah.

Melissa: ...because you are...

John: Yeah.

Melissa: And it looks like an underground tube station. It looks...

Andrew: Yeah.

John: Mhm.

Melissa: It looks like a subway, which makes sense.

John: I can't get over how much more colorful it is than I thought it would be.

Melissa: I thought this would be drab...

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: well...

John: I'm used to seeing Hogwart's browns. The greens and the reds is almost...

Andrew: Yeah.

John: ...disarming, but very cool.

Andrew: This is definitely this is probably the biggest set on...

Melissa: Any film. I think maybe the Chamber of Secrets might have been bigger...

Andrew: Oh, right.

Melissa: ...but this is huge!

Andrew: I guess it must have been right around here, anyway...

Melissa: And, I mean, the base where the fountain is going to go...

John: It's monstrous!

Melissa: It's monstrous. It's at least six Johns wide.

Andrew: Yeah.

[John laughs]

Andrew: They said they were putting it in today. I think...

Melissa: Yeah, I know. I hope we can run back here and see...

Andrew: Yeah, check that out. [laughs] One of the...

John: Ohhh.

Melissa: Oh, there's the Quidditch stands. Yeah, this is what the best...

John: The Quidditch stands.

Melissa: One of the best things about these sets is that you go around and you see this massive set, but you look to your left, and there's a piece of another set...

Andrew: Yeah.

John: Yeah.

Melissa: ...just sitting there.

Andrew: It's a Quidditch stand. A Hufflepuff quidditch stand.

John: It's all around here, somewhere. If you know where to look.

Melissa: It's like pages ripped out and stuck into corners, you know?

Andrew and John: Yeah.

Andrew: Yep.

Melissa: And I think that when they put this floorboard down, they're going to put the tile in over it.

John: Oh, it's going to be gorgeous.

Melissa: It's going to be so green and beautiful. I don't envy the person who has to dust all this.

John: They don't have much time left to do all this, really.

Andrew: Yeah, they're on filming what? Day...

John: They have, like, 35 days left...

Andrew: Yeah.

John: ...or something, of filming. Just a little over a month.

Melissa: Nearing completion, apparently.

Andrew: Still looks like there's a lot of work to go on this, but they're going to be filming next week a week from now. They've still got to finish the flooring. I think the flooring's and they're going to fill the offices with typewriters and stuff.

John: Yeah.

Andrew: Each one is going to have a...

John: Random...

Andrew: member, or Ministry member.

John: Random details. A little more stuff to flesh out, but, otherwise...

Melissa: But it looks very bureaucratic.

John:'s very impressive.

Melissa: Even though it's beautiful, it looks very bureaucratic.

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: I mean, because you can imagine these offices going up into forever. They're like little round pieces stuck onto the walls, and if they keep going up, it's like people stuck...

John: Uh-huh.

Melissa: cubicles...

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: ...for their lives...

John: Well, this...

Melissa: ...which is very how it should be.

John: This all looks very Trump.

Melissa: [laughs] You're right.

John: It's so wealthy-looking.

Andrew: Yeah, all the gold.

John: It's a little self-indulgent, but...

Melissa: Well, there's the Ministry.

John: It's the Ministry. It fits it fits this Ministry.

The Great Hall

Melissa: What's happening? What's happening? What's happening right now?

John: We're in the Great Hall.

Andrew: We're walking up the steps of the the what do you call this? The main...

[John gasps]

Melissa: The dais.

John: Oh, my god.

Melissa: Okay, guys, go sit.

Andrew: I don't want to sit in Dumbledore's chair.

Melissa: You've got to sit in Dumbledore's chair.

[John laughs]

Melissa: It's rite of passage, you've got to do it.

John: This is unbelievable.

Melissa: Well, I...

Andrew: I am sitting in Dumbledore's chair, right now.

[John laughs]

Andrew: The main head throne chair.

John: [in whispered awe] Oh, my god.

Andrew: It's not as comfortable as it looks.

Melissa: It isn't. You'd think that there'd be a fluffy something there.

John: Yeah.

Melissa: Yes.

Andrew: It's it's very worn.

Melissa: Oh, there goes the tour!

Tour Guide: ...actually do work. Stuart Craig is a tremendously talented, brilliant genius production designer. He's designed this whole thing to actually work, so if that that should be able to turn over. And all of this...

John: They're talking about the point system. House points it actually works, those dials.

Andrew: The Great Hall is really just this is just...

Melissa: Great?

Andrew: Yeah, it's great.

Melissa: It's a Great Hall.

Andrew: First thing when I saw...

[John sighs, awed]

Andrew: ...this back entrance, right here, is when I thought of...

Melissa: When Moody comes through.

Andrew: ...qhen Moody comes through.

John: Mmm.

Melissa: Yeah, exactly.

Andrew: Now, I want John to do an impersonation of that right now.

[Everyone laughs]

Slytherin Table

Andrew: So, we're sitting at what would be the Slytherin table.

John: Slytherins! Oh, my god. Oh, my god! My god!

Melissa: Are you sure? I thought this was I thought that was the Slytherin table.

John: No this is it.

Andrew: This is on the left.

Melissa: The left of what?

Andrew: Slytherin...

Melissa: When you're facing the front or when you're facing the other way?

Andrew: That one's definitely Gryffindor no this is Slytherin, right?

Melissa: Don't bang the tables.

John: These tables are really shiny.

Melissa: They are really shiny, but they're also really picked apart.

John: And slippery.

Andrew: Yeah. Tons of kids...

Melissa: These doors...

Andrew: ...sitting here for hours picking at it.

Melissa: The doors behind us the kids go in and out of them, and that's how they get 300 kids in and out. So, the doors where...

John: Oh, yeah.

Melissa: And it's also they're grilled like medical chutes. So they look like just panels in the walls. But they're actually doors... [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: ...for small people.

John: Oh, my God.

Andrew: What else? What else?

John: Look at the windows.

Melissa: Well, look at the drawings on the stone.

John: Yeah. Yeah, I've never seen those before. There's paintings that look like they've been in the stone...

Melissa: Well, why don't you...

John: ...for thousands of years.

Melissa: Why don't you guys just talk something that you can't get from a picture is how you guys felt when you walked through.

Andrew: Well, you see it from a distance...

John: Ohhh.

Andrew: ...because before the big doors...

John: Yeah.

Andrew: ...there's an entrance way where I think that's where Hermione...

John: That was...

Andrew: ...walked down with her dress...

John: Yeah, we saw the steps where she walks down.

Andrew: Yeah. And you can see from a distance...

John: Yeah.

Andrew: ...and you just see this.

John: Yeah, from the outside I mean, you can see the windows and stuff, obviously. But it's I mean, right now, it's lit with just warehouse lighting, really. There's nothing...

Andrew: Yeah.

John: ...on, right now.

Melissa: Nothing fancy.

John: Too nice.

Andrew: It's very nice.

John: It looks kind of dark, but... [awed] Ohhh, ohhh, I wish I could be more articulate, right now. This is...

Andrew: [laughs] It's hard to...

John: ...unbelievable.

Melissa: This, more than anything, just felt like walking right into the world. Like you've just...

John: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

John: Yeah.

Melissa: ...fallen into it. And if you didn't... If you closed your eyes to the top...

Andrew: I don't yeah, I was just going to do that.

Melissa: Because you do see you see racket racks and stuff...

John: Well, yeah, the ceiling is an absolute mess.

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: Obviously, you know, it's hard to recreate, you know, the sky...

Andrew: Right.

Melissa: ...but if you don't look at that part, you're just you're in. You're in Harry Potter. It's the weirdest thing.

Andrew: Yeah.

John: This is so...

Andrew: It's very I like Hagrid's chair, how it's bigger than the rest of them.

Melissa: Oh, that's right.

John: Oh, my gosh. You're right, yeah.

Melissa: You know, I never noticed that. Andrew!

John: Hagrid's chair is huge.

[Andrew laughs]

Melissa: Hagrid's chair is gigantic.

Andrew: Yeah.

John: Ohhh.

Melissa: Hilarious.

Andrew: Sitting in Dumbledore's chair.

John: Is that is that chair for Dumbledore look the same?

Andrew: No.

Melissa: That's the same.

John: Is it?

Andrew: It might be, yeah.

Melissa: That's the same chair.

John: Was it always green?

Melissa: Yeah. I think so.

Andrew: See, you never notice this stuff, until yeah, you have time to sit here and look at it when no one else is sitting in it.

Melissa: If you notice, they've been filming for Movie 5, and if you notice there's almost no rubies in the Gryffindor thing...

John: Yeah.

Melissa: ...and everything's full in Slytherin...

John: Slytherin is huge...

Melissa: ...and that's what happens at the end of the book.

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: You know? So it's really interesting to see that that's how it ended up.

Andrew: The fireplaces, she said, are all real.

John: Yeah. The fireplaces are real. All of these big torches that hang from I never noticed that they were all actually the Founders'...

Andrew: Yeah.

John: ...animals there. The snakes though the snakes have wings, which is interesting.

Melissa: John, I dare you to do, "Troll in the dungeon!"

John: [laughs] Yeah...

Melissa: "Troll! Troll in the dungeon!"

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: I'm just trying to not look I'm trying to picture...

Melissa: Not look at the ceiling?

John: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: We look like we're staring into...

John: I know.

Melissa: ...the distance. We have our hands over our eyes.

Andrew: I don't know if we brought this up before, but this was supposed to be a minute. Instead it's...

Melissa: Yeah I know. Now it's five.

Andrew: I don't know if we brought this up before, but this we might have, but this set's been here for seven years.

John: Yeah.

Andrew: The floor's real.

John: Yes. Real stone.

Melissa: Yorkstone. It's just it's that they never take it down, because it's the one thing they can count on always needing in every film.

John: Yeah.

Melissa: Everything else gets taken down Hagrid's hut we know gets rebuilt every year. You know? The Chamber of Secrets is gone.

John: Sure.

Melissa: But this stays. So, it's the most sturdy thing.

John: Should we carve a message to any of the kids in the table?

Andrew: Yeah.

Melissa: To Dawlish. How about that? Dawlish...

Andrew: Have you seen any carvings on here?

John: I see something right here. It says...

Melissa: There are carvings. It says, "law."

Andrew: Law.

John: L-A-W, yeah.

Andrew: Here's another one. Oh.

John: Maybe they were starting to write Dawlish.

Melissa: There's the number 63.

Andrew: I see a "Hi."

Melissa: That's Dawlish backwards, John.

John: Yeah. Well, they're writing it backwards, for some reason.

Melissa: We're looking. We're looking, guys. We're looking for the key graffiti that we know you want to know about.

Andrew: I don't see any. We should look over...

Melissa: Oh, I see...

Andrew: the Gryffindor table.

Melissa: I see "Ron loves Hermione," no, I'm kidding.

[Andrew laughs]

John: What does "HP/DM" mean?

Melissa: That's a mystery. I've never heard of that before.

[Andrew laughs]

John: That's weird. It's at the Slytherin table, too, which is bizarre.

Melissa: Hmmm.

Andrew: And it has J.K. Rowling's signature underneath it. That's weird.

Melissa: Very nice.

[John laughs uproariously]

Melissa: Okay. Well, we'll see you at the next stop.

John: Shall we move on? Oh, they're putting the lights on.

Melissa: Lights? Oh, wait.

Andrew: Go down.

Melissa: That's beautiful.

Andrew: It's dark.

John: Oh, wow.

Melissa: Lights. Sorry, that's really not helpful, describing light on a podcast. Okay. Bye.

John: I didn't get to sit in the chair, yet.

Melissa: All right.

Written by: Micah, Eloise, Laura, Leah, Luke, Haley, and Shelly