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J.K. Rowling to Attend Special Performance Of “Cursed Child” to Benefit Lumos


J.K. Rowling will be in attendance at a special gala performance of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" in September! Find out how you can get your tickets NOW! Read More »

Can You Guess the “Harry Potter” Film Based on Its Opening Line?

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Watch the New Red Band Trailer for Daniel Radcliffe’s “Swiss Army Man”

Daniel Radcliffe at Sundance

Last week, we showed you the official poster for Daniel Radcliffe's latest film, "Swiss Army Man", and now the film has gotten its first red band trailer! Check out the new trailer (which, we must mention, is definitely NSFW) right here. Read More »

Can You Match These Unknown Facts to the Character from “Harry Potter”?

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So you think you know "Harry Potter". Take our quiz to find out how your knowledge stacks up! Read More »