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Nine Things to Look Forward to at the US Quidditch Cup

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The US Quidditch Cup is this weekend. Here's what we're looking forward to. Read More »

The True Cost of a Philosopher’s Stone


After reading Isaac Newton's notes on how to create a philosopher's stone, we decided to investigate the true cost of producing this renowned rock. Read More »

First Look at Rupert Grint in “Adolf the Artist”

Rupert Grint

Back in October, we reported that Rupert Grint would be appearing in a new film called "The Artist". Now, news has emerged that the film has been re-titled. As well as the change in title, a first glimpse at Rupert in character has been released, alongside a synopsis for the film. Read More »

Ten Magical Movie Moments


The film series is filled with marvellous magical moments, and these are my top ten. Read More »