Fan of the Week: Hailey – January 9, 2011

HAILEY Age 16, United States   First off, how did you become a Harry Potter fan? When Sorcerers Stone came out in theatres in 2001 (I was seven or eight) I went to the theatre with my cousins and aunt to watch the movie. I was convinced that Hogwarts and magic were real after seeing it. Later that night, my cousin and I made “potions”-we basically mixed a bunch of perfumes and stuff together in a bowl, and we ran around with sticks pretending to cast spells at people. The next day I begged my mom to buy me the first book and fell in love with it-the whole world JK Rowling created was just amazing. Also, hearing about JK Rowling’s past and how she turned her life around was really inspirational and made me love the books even more. And each time I read the books I come across deeper meaning and important life lessons. Harry Potter is timeless. Imagine a world where you are 10 years old and do not know wizards exist. One day, a letter from Hogwarts comes, just for you. Would your reaction be disbelief, like Harry’s? Or something else? I would think it was ... Read More »

MuggleCast #218: Save The Trees – now available!

The latest episode of our Harry Potter podcast is now available for your listening pleasure! Join Eric, Micah, Richard and me as we discuss the latest Harry Potter news stories and continue our Chapter by Chapter series. Plus...

- News: Butterbeer, lawsuits, the Oscars and plenty of Deathly Hallows
- Why have we still not seen Harry Potter in eBook format?
- Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Goblet of Fire, Chapters 19 and 20
- What would happen to a reporter like Rita Skeeter in the real world?
- Analyzing Harry and Ron's vs. Harry and Hermione's relationship
- The suspicion around Karkaroff increases - why was Dumbledore so blind?
- Your tweets on the biggest plot cuts from the films
- MuggleMail covers AVPM, Dobby, Ron in Malfoy Manor and more

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Desplat to begin work on score for “Deathly Hallows – Part 2″ ‘very soon’

The Guardian recently interviewed Deathly Hallows composer Alexandre Desplat where he gave a little insight into his work on the final Potter film.

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Scholastic releases official statement after court dismisses plagiarism lawsuit

Back in July of last year, we told you that the estate of British author Adrian Jacobs was suing Scholastic claiming that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was "substantially similar" to Jacobs' 1987 book The Adventures of Willy the Wizard.

Today, after a court dismissed the lawsuit, Scholastic released the following statement:

Scholastic is extremely pleased that Judge Scheindlin decided to dismiss, at the earliest stage possible, the lawsuit brought against Scholastic by the estate of Adrian Jacobs. The Court's swift dismissal supports our position that the case was completely without merit and that comparing Willy the Wizard to the Harry Potter series was absurd. Read More »