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Harry Potter and…Love


by Carlen What is love? Love is a powerful word that can mean different things to different people. Some people may say that love is when two people like each other. The World Book Encyclopedia Dictionary says love is “strong or passionate affection for a person of the opposite sex.” But is that all? The true meaning of love, I believe, is when someone cares deeply about another person, and he or she puts that person’s well being before his or her own. But what does it mean when it becomes a part the world of Harry Potter? Love is always proved in Harry’s world. For example, his mother loved him so much; she gave her life for him. Harry shows great love for his friends by constantly protecting them, even if it means giving his life. Everyone who has heard Harry’s story knows this. It is a completely different story when thought about along the lines of romance. Everyone has the same question: Who will fall in love with whom in the continuance of Harry’s story? Most people say Ron and Hermione will, and I agree 100%. There are plenty of clues in the books, and even JK Rowling ... Read More »

Gryffindor Tower #10: Gryffindor Tower – By the Fans


I know that I promised you all a review of chapters one to ten this week, but as one of my friends now has my copy of OotP, I cannot do that. I must also tell you that I will be on vacation for the next two weekends, but rest assured, Emerson will have each of my next two columns before I go, and they will be up on each Sunday while I am away. I thought awhile about how I would do this column, since I don’t have my copy of OotP. Since I needed to put something up (mostly in fear of being bombarded with roughly four hundred and seventy two thousand emails on Monday morning), I came to the conclusion that this week, Gryffindor Tower would not be MY column, it would be YOUR column. So here are the three best predictions I’ve gotten from GT fans, and I will offer my own insight to each one. The first one is from Charles Russett. Having re-read chapter 16 i feel that the bar man of the Hog’s Head is probably Aberforth Dumbledore. This !is backed up by the following: 1:Harry thinks the old grey bearded man looks ... Read More »

CC #037: Week of June 29, 2003


Week of June 29, 2003 Read More »

Harry the Hacker!


by Javier Ruiz de Ojeda I would be extremely selfish to consider myself the only Harry Potter fan who knows about computer programming, but since reading OotP, I’ve developed quite a theory. I must tell you that I’m now halfway through GoF (since I’m re-reading them all after Book 5), and it gets repeated ever so frequently. I believe Joanne K. Rowling has no knowledge about programming whatsoever, but I wouldn’t be the slightest bit amazed if I learned that she did. However, my claim is that every single word in the Harry Potter world that relates to magic could perfectly be swapped by an equivalent in the computer world. I don’t expect you to believe me right away, I only encourage those of you slightly interested in this (wonderful) world to read on and draw their own conclusions. To begin with, you could consider Hogwarts the ultimate school computer-room. As a matter of a fact, underage students aren’t allowed to perform magic outside there, because you can’t show a guy how to crack into the CIA via computer and let him do it alone. There must be some sort of guidance until the student is at least old enough ... Read More »

Gryffindor Tower #9: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix — My Thoughts

Sirius Black

by Dan (Disclaimer: the following contains many Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenixspoilers. Do not read ahead if you haven’t finished the book.) The following is from The Toronto Star: Sirius Black: Noble wizard slain in battleThe Ministry of Magic is saddened to announce the death of Sirius Black, a ranking wizard who was godfather to Harry Potter, the famous Boy Who Lived. Mr. Black was slain in battle between the Order of the Phoenix, the secret organization that has been recently revived to oppose the return of You-Know-Who, and a squad of Death Eaters inside the Ministry of Magic headquarters. Previously Mr. Black, a graduate of Hogwarts, had been sought in an intensive manhunt after his escape, two years previous, from Azkaban – the only inmate ever to escape the prison and its Dementor guards. Mr. Black had been wrongly convicted 12 years ago, the ministry can now reveal, for the mass murder of 12 muggles and one wizard during You-Know-Who’s first reign of terror. “No wizard has done more to oppose evil and the dark arts,” said Hogwart’s headmaster Albus Dumbledore. “He shall be greatly missed.” Mr. Black, it can also now be revealed, was an Animagus whose ... Read More »

No Go For Cho?


by Andrew Lee No holding hands while riding their brooms into the sunset, no romantic walks in Hogsmeade, no secret owl messages during the summer, no adventures together… Sadly, it appears as if the romantic subplot between Harry Potter and Cho Chang is at an end. It also appears that there will be no happy storybook ending for the duo either. Cho’s rapidly approaching graduation means that Harry will likely spend most of seventh year without Cho (unless she appears during Hogsmeade trips/holidays). Also, Harry felt at the end of Order of the Phoenix, that he no longer wanted to impress Cho; that feeling was a part of a time long gone (perhaps he’s trying not to act like James and how he tried to impress Lily, or maybe Harry just wanted someone to like him for who he is). Either way, time is running out. Mind you, I always thought that Cho Chang was meant to show us the inner workings of Ravenclaw. I always though that her character would have given us a better understanding of what makes their members different from the Gryffindor and Slytherin houses. Maybe (if they did begin dating), and I mean maybe, she would invite ... Read More »