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The Burrow: Making Time for Magic

By Robbie Fischer, facial hair donor We can learn one moral from the Dursley family, the ultimate Muggles. A life without wonder or imagination, without play or fun, without a kind of “magic” (not...


The Burrow: The Triumvirate

By Lauren Besquillo We all know them and have grown to love them–the infamous HP trio. Whether it be in the books or the movies, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are the superheroes of their...


The North Tower #13: The House Elves’ Enslavement (1)

The structure of the house elf storyline in Books 1-5 is as follows: In CoS, we meet Dobby for the first time and get an introduction to the concept of being a house elf and how they are treated by evil masters (the Malfoys). In GoF we see a different treatment of the house elves at Hogwarts, the different attitudes of many different people towards the elves and how Dobby and Winky – two freed elves – deal with their freedom in different ways.