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A Phoenix dress, a timepiece cake and The Weird Sisters…fans Chris and Kimberly tie the knot Potter style.


Out of all of the Potter couples, it was the complex and heart wrenching romance between Severus and Lily from which Kimberly and Chris drew their inspiration. Like most fans they were particularly captivated by the now infamous exchange between Snape and Dumbledore which reads: “After all this time? Always”. Read More »

2014 New Now Next award nominations announced!

Rupert Grint Whatsonstage Awards

The nominations for the New Now Next awards have been announced, and the list contains several former "Potter" stars and projects that "Potter" stars are associated with. The awards take place annually. Read More »

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe to appear on “Ellen” Halloween special and “The Tonight Show”

Horns Daniel Radcliffe

The year's scariest day is coming up with a gallop! That's right, Halloween is just around the corner - only being a week away - and to celebrate, there's going to be a special treat on US television - Daniel Radcliffe is due to appear on the Halloween episode of "Ellen!" Read More »

J.K. Rowling to release new story on Halloween!


As part of Pottermore's Trick or Treat Celebration leading up to Halloween, it has been revealed that J.K. Rowling will release a new 1,700-word story! Read More »

Feelings behind the flick: On emotion and magic


Magic really isn’t just a simple “swish and flick” as Professor Flitwick so elegantly put it, and here's why. Read More »

“Harry Potter Unlocked” lecture at Texas A&M University!


Good news for Texan "Harry Potter" fans! A lecture, called "Harry Potter Unlocked," is due to take place next week at the West Texas A&M University. The lecture forms part of their ongoing lecture series. Read More »