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Check out the trailer for “Extraterrestrial”, starring Freddie Stroma!


Freddie Stroma, who played Cormac McLaggen in the "Harry Potter" films, stars in "Extraterrestrial", a sci-fi horror film due out in the UK October 29, and the trailer for the film is finally out! Read More »

Emma Watson to star in political thriller “Colonia”

Emma Watson

Emma Watson's next starring role has just been announced! According to the "Hollywood Reporter", Emma Watson is set to co-star with Daniel Brühl in Colonia, a historical political thriller directed by Florian Gallenberger. Read More »

Dame Maggie Smith portrait in new exhibition

Dame Maggie Smith cropped

It has been announced that a Dame Maggie Smith portrait, taken by renowned photographer Lord Snowdon, will be displayed at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The portrait of Dame Maggie Smith shows her in a relaxed, rehearsal pose. Read More »

Warwick Davis becomes ambassador for Variety, the Children’s Charity

Warwick_Variety The Children's Charity

Warwick Davis is well known for his charitable efforts, and now he has been named an ambassador for Variety, the Children’s Charity. The organization helps children who are coping with illness, disability, or disadvantage. Read More »

Fan of the Week: Amanda – September 28, 2014


AMANDA Age 22 – Detroit, MI Gryffindor How did you become a Harry Potter fan? 8 years old, cross legged on the floor of my 2nd grade classroom – my teacher was hosting yet another one of her story times. Usually Mrs. Ebling would create her own plots, having each of us close our eyes and imagine ourselves as the heroine of the adventure – but that day was different. That day she decided to read a chapter titled, The Boy Who Lived. I went home that night, and with my mom’s help we began where she left off.  Since then I have been in love with the story, and everything to do with it. What would your patronus be and why? To me, a Patronus is something more than your “favorite animal”.  A patrounus reveals your truest character, and is a unique way to reveal some of your best (and worst…cough cough Umbridge) qualities. My Paronous is a Panda Bear.  Pandas by nature, avoid conflict, however they will fight if they need to.  As a natural introvert, I have always been more inclined to stick to the sidelines, however my interest in environmental politics has forced me to step out ... Read More »

Toby Jones talks animation, “Alice in Wonderland” sequel

Toby Jones

Toby Jones (the voice actor for Dobby) is at it again with his new voiceover role in "Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass". In a recent interview with "Belfast Telegraph", he shared his excitement about being a part of the movie. Read More »