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Georgina Leonidas talks of starring in Poirot play

Black Coffee

Recently, Georgina Leonidas (Katie Bell) has taken to theater stages around the UK as she stars in Agatha Christie's "Black Coffee", the only play featururing the famous fictional detective Hercule Poirot. Read More »

Tights, corsets, and directing: Alan Rickman talks “A Little Chaos” at the London Film Festival

Rickman LFF

What kept Alan Rickman from directing for more than 16 years? Find out in our interview from last night's "A Little Chaos" LFF screening. Read More »

Harry Melling discusses his stage career, “The Angry Brigade”

Harry Melling headshot

Harry Melling (Dudley Dursley) has given a new interview in which he discusses his role in the touring production "The Angry Brigade" and why he wanted to undertake formal acting training. Read More »

Dame Maggie Smith officially joins Order of the Companions of Honour

Maggie Smith

We posted back in June that Dame Maggie Smith had been chosen by the Queen to join the Order of the Companions of Honour, which recognizes outstanding achievements in the arts, sciences, and politics, and now she has been officially presented with the award by the Queen! Read More »

Potter DIY: “Harry Potter”-themed Sock Board


So you've just done the laundry and are folding through the never-ending pile of mixed up clothing when all of sudden, you notice it-- you've got a sock that doesn't have a match! Well, that lonesome little sock is going to need a place to hang out for a while, and we've found the perfect place for them. Read More »

Bonnie Wright joins cast of “Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?”


It was announced this week that Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) will be joining the cast of a film called "Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?" The film is being made in Dorset, UK, and Bonnie joined the cast for the last week of filming. Read More »