Book Review: “The Skull Throne” (The Demon Cycle #4) by Peter V. Brett

Skull Throne, Peter V. Brett

Man, have I been through a lot with Peter V. Brett’s Demon Cycle. I loved the first two books tremendously, passing them along to everyone I knew, and eagerly anticipated the release of the third installment, 2012’s "The Daylight War". And, I hate to say, I was so let down by that book - for a lot of reasons I won’t go into. But "The Skull Throne" has re-energized my enthusiasm for the series! Read More »

Author Takeover: The Power of Language


This month's Author Takeover comes from bestselling author Marcus Segwick. His novel, Midwinterblood, won the 2014 Michael L. Printz Award and serves as the inspiration for today’s post. When novels are crafted so carefully by their authors, then translated for their numerous fans around the world, can the experience of the text be as magical as originally intended? As fans of Potter we have come across many examples of JK Rowling's subtle choices being lost when rewritten for another language (never write an anagram if you want it to be translated) but as Marcus writes, the magic may be in the reader's interpretation rather than the author's pen. Read More »

Five things you should know about Tonks


We were very excited to be able to announce that Nat Tena, who potrayed Tonks in the "Harry Potter" films, would be attending MuggleNet Live! In a few weeks. To celebrate, here are some facts about Tonks, the scatty, loveable Hufflepuff who everyone loves. Read More »

Meet the underdogs of the Quidditch World Cup – the NAU Narwhals!

NAU Narwhals Featured Image

Meet the underdogs of this year's US Quidditch World Cup - Northern Arizona University's Narwhals! Find out more about the team in MuggleNet's interview with their captain, Adam Beller. Read More »