Win tickets to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hogwarts Express launch!

hogwartsexpress studio tour

You may remember that the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter announced a little while ago that they would be opening a brand new feature this March. The new feature was revealed, following a series of cryptic clues, to be a brand new Platform 9 3/4, featuring the original Hogwarts Express train itself. Read More »

Hogwarts professors showcase “Piertotum Locomotor” #ExpoPatronum

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Professors Filius Flitwick and Minerva McGonagall showcase "Piertotum Locomotor" in a unique wizard's duel! Read More »

Five things you should know about Lavender Brown


All of the characters in J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world are richly developed and created. Over the years, Jo has developed the characters further, either in the books themselves or through other outlets, such as Pottermore. Here are some fun facts about Gryffindor Lavender Brown. Read More »

Exclusive “Potter” vacation package available to Expo Patronum attendees!


We decided to hold Expo Patronum - MuggleNet's first-ever convention! - in London because we wanted to not only celebrate Harry on his home turf but also extend the fandom experience to fans in the UK, who have often complained that most "Potter" events - not to mention the theme parks! - are located in the US. But because we know that several of our loyal fans here in America may make the journey across the pond just to join us on April 18, we've put together an EXCLUSIVE "Harry Potter" vacation package just for Expo Patronum attendees! Read More »