Fourth annual Harry Potter Skate Night to be held this spring!

2014 Harry Potter Skate Night

For the fourth year in a row, the Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army - the second largest "Harry Potter" fan group in the world - will be hosting Harry Potter Skate Night! Read More »

Seven magical reasons to join us at Expo Patronum!

Inside Knight Bus

Are you a Muggle still trying to decide if you should attend Expo Patronum? Not sure what kind of experience you'll have or what to do in London while you're there? We've come up with seven magical reasons why you should pack your trunk and get your fireplace connected to the Floo Network for this exciting new event. Read More »

This “Potter” wedding came complete with a gift from an iconic character in the series


Amber and Dan rocked the Gryffindor colors at their themed wedding and received a special memento from an iconic Slytherin character. Be sure to check out their celebrations if you want ideas for throwing a fabulous "Potter" event. Read More »

Ten of the best Dumbledore quotes


Albus Dumbledore indisputably has some of the best quotes of the "Harry Potter" series. His remarks range from inspirational to cleverly humorous and are always carefully crafted and witty. Here are ten of Dumbledore’s best quotes. Of course, there are far more than ten, but this list is just a start. Feel free to post some of your favorite quotes in the comments section. Read More »