Lexpecto Patronum, ridding the Muggle world of its Dementors


Lexpecto Patronum, the Lexington chapter of The Harry Potter Alliance, is working hard to make their hometown a better, more positive place all while attempting to rid the world of the things that those dastardly Dementors thrive on like negativity, social injustice, and inequality. Read More »

Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes Announces Augurey Contest #FantasticBeasts


Master of magical pranks, George Weasley, announces promotional contest. Read More »

Universal Studios Japan unveils a “New Magical Experience”!

wwohpj 3d

Today, Universal Studios Japan made a thrilling announcement concerning their version of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. Read More »

Bloomsbury UK release new Jim Kay illustration!

Harry Potter in cupboard - Jim Kay RGB (636x800)

We're all very excited about the first fully illustrated "Harry Potter" book that is being released later this year, which will be illustrated by Jim Kay. Today, May 20, Bloomsbury UK released another in the build up to the book's release. Read More »