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Gryffindors Are Under Attack (and not by Lord Voldemort for once!)


Gryffindor house is having a hard time, its not all about bravery against an evil Lord. Let's reclaim Gryffindor as the best house and here's why! Read More »

“MuggleCast” Episode 285: “Newtcase” Now Available!


Journey into the 'Newtcase' with the hosts of your favorite Potter news podcast. The first photos and information on "Fantastic Beasts..." have been released! Beginning with an Entertainment Weekly feature and continuing across the Web, details on next year's film trilogy starter are coming in. Join hosts Micah, Andrew and Eric as they review all the latest material and, as always, speculate on what it may mean! Read More »

You’re a Wizard, Daryl: “Walking Dead” in the Wizarding World, Part 1


The survivors of The Walking Dead need a place to call home. There's no safer place than Hogwarts— mostly— so where else would you want to be during a zombie apocalypse? Our favorite characters try the Sorting Hat on for size and find out exactly what lies within their hearts. Read More »

Four Lives Forever Changed by Newt Scamander


Newt Scamander has already been working magic in the lives of our favorite "Harry Potter" characters, and we’ve still got under a year until the "Fantastic Beasts" premiere! Here are just four of the characters affected by Newt’s successful career as a Magizoologist. Read More »