“Fantastic Beasts” news: Nifflers to blame for beach erosion


"Fantastic Beasts" news: Nifflers to blame for beach erosion... Read More »

UPDATED: What do we know about “Beauty and the Beast”, starring Emma Watson, so far?

Group selfie from first read through of "Beauty and the Beast"

It seems like everyone is excited about the upcoming live-action version of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", and it's not hard to see why! With Emma Watson set to star as Belle, and Emma Thompson cast as Mrs. Potts, we look at all the information we know about the film so far. Read More »

Teaser trailer released for “Suffragette”

Suffragette - Helena Bonham Carter

The first teaser trailer for "Suffragette" has been released, which features "Potter" alumni Helena Bonham Carter and Brendan Gleeson! Read More »

Book Review: “The Mark of the Thief” by Jennifer Nielsen

The Mark Of The Thief Featured

"The Mark of the Thief" by Jennifer Nielsen follows the adventures of Nic, an escaped slave in ancient Rome who learns he has been gifted magical powers from the gods. Quite on accident, he steals a bulla (a medallion-like seal) that used to belong to Caesar, befriends a griffin, and makes enemies of many of the most powerful men in Rome. Read More »