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Jason Isaacs talks recent and upcoming projects

Jason Isaacs_Dig

Jason Isaacs recently sat down to talk about his many current and upcoming projects. Here is an overview of the interview with Rogue! Read More »

Author Takeover: The Freedom of Fandom


This month’s Author Takeover sees Lucy Saxon, author of Take Back The Skies, discuss growing up in the world of fandom, its pitfalls and how it can change your life. Lucy wrote Take Back The Skies as part of National Novel Writing Month when she was just sixteen years old and now has a six book deal with each novel set in a different continent of her Steampunk world of Tellus. See our review of Take Back The Skies here and look out for book two which will be released next year. You can find out more about Lucy on her website, www.lucysaxon.com, or by following her on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Lucy is also our guest on our Alohomora Podcast, Episode 114 to be released later today so check out the show to hear more! In Defence of Fandom I will be the first to admit that fandom takes up more of my life than it probably should. I’ve been involved in fandom since I first stumbled across the Harry Potter section of fanfiction.net at the tender age of twelve; since then, I’ve had a lot of free time, and the majority of it has been devoted to fandom. Still, I’m not going to ... Read More »

Who are you?


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Imelda Staunton discusses her new role in “That Day We Sang”

That Day We Sang

Imelda Staunton discusses her new role as Enid in the film adaptation of the musical "That Day We Sang". Read More »

Bonnie Wright discusses how she remains confident

Bonnie Wright

In a thoughtful article for the January 2015 issue of "Elle UK", Bonnie Wright talks confidence issues and how she overcomes them. She discusses how she has learned to retain her self-confidence, beginning from her time as a child on the "Harry Potter" set, to her current struggles in an industry that constantly causes self-doubt. Read More »

Voldy’s apology


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hpboy13 is back!

hpboy13 is back!