Dragon Gingerbread Pound Cake

If you want to bring some holiday magic into your life, come try out this gingerbread dragon cake!


Spotted Dick

Hermione refuses to eat after discovering that enslaved house-elves cooked her food. Ron has no such qualms and naughtily tries to tempt her with spotted dick.


Non-Alcoholic Firewhisky

This non-alcoholic recipe for firewhisky gives an overwhelming but satisfying version of our favorite firewhisky brands.


Fizzing Whizbees

Sierra decided to try her hand at creating this Honeydukes featured candy after finding no real-life models that matched the description in the novels.


Chinese Fireballs

Crystal, who runs Simply Playful Fare, decided that these zesty treats would be a welcome addition for her themed Halloween party.


Pumpkin Pasty by Nicole C.

These pumpkin pasty cupcakes would go well with your next feast at your Muggle house (or perhaps your next bake sale) – give them a try!


Pumpkin Pasties by Misty

This fine dessert was purchased on the Hogwarts Express by Cho Chang as Harry Potter watches on. (Well, in the movie, anyway.)


Padfoot Cupcakes

It’s as if Sirius himself put his own touches on these delicious cupcakes – no pun intended.