Want to be a part of something special? We are a collaboration of Harry Potter fans passionate about making MuggleNet the best source of news and information on the web. We’re looking to recruit highly dedicated, hard-working fans to join the MuggleNet team.

Unpaid internships at MuggleNet are highly coveted positions; within days of opening a new position, we typically receive hundreds of applicants. This is because fans know the work they do will be seen and appreciated by literally millions of people every year.

In addition, working at MuggleNet can look good on your resume. There have been many cases in which employment experience at MuggleNet has helped staff members land desirable jobs and get in to top universities.

7 Reasons Why MuggleNet Internships Are Awesome

7 Reasons Why MuggleNet Internships Are Awesome

1. You’ll make lifelong friends.
It’s okay, you can admit it to us. Maybe you don’t have as many Harry Potter friends as you would like. What’s a Harry Potter friend? Someone you can share your passion for Potter with. Someone you can become best friends with (most of us made best friends through MuggleNet). When volunteering for us, you’ll meet fellow staff members who love Potter just as much as you do, and it forms friendships you’ll keep forever.

2. This stuff is great resume material.
MuggleNet has made its fair share of contributions to that all important piece of paper, from college admissions to work applications. What you do on MuggleNet will most certainly boost your resume and benefit you in the future. Plus, trying to find out what house your potential boss is in makes for great interview discussion.

3. Your work will be seen by millions of people each year.
Want to feel the international power of Potter? Reach fans in China or interact with those in South Africa? With millions of Muggles per year visiting our site, your name and work will catch the eyes of countless people across the globe. We’ve heard that a few news outlets read our site as well.

4. Guaranteed protection from the Dark Lord.
Need we say more? If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you know the dangers presented by Lord Voldemort and his followers. MuggleNet promises to shield you from such perils. If you however choose to wander into the realm of dark magic, we are not legally responsible for the outcome and refuse to post bail for your inevitable trip to Azkaban.

5. Cover events for MuggleNet in your area.
You never know when a Harry Potter event will happen in your neck of the woods. From premieres to book releases (yes, we anticipate more) to conventions, you can be the on-site source reporting live or recapping your experience for the millions of Potter fans around the world. These events are not only a lot of fun, but great networking opportunities.

6. You can do work in your pajamas. Or naked. We don’t judge.
It doesn’t get much easier than rolling out of bed (or sometimes staying in it), grabbing your laptop, and logging on to the Web. You don’t have to shower, brush your teeth, or comb your hair. Just ask Emerson. If you really feel inclined to put on a suit and tie so that people think you’re trading stocks or crunching numbers, we’ll learn to live with it but mock you constantly.

7. Great opportunity for personal growth.
MuggleNet gives you the chance to grow and tap your endless pool of potential. Your input and knowledge is an essential contribution to the overall success of the site. Whether coding, creating graphics, or posting news is your primary responsibility, you’re guaranteed to get a taste of it all. Oh, and you’re allowed to make mistakes from time to time; we promise not to use the Cruciatus Curse.

MuggleNet: Muggle Quidditch Correspondent

MuggleNet: Muggle Quidditch Correspondent

Do you have a passion for the Muggle Quidditch fandom that is rivaled by few? Enjoy writing in your free time and want to combine that love with a little magic? Then a position on the MuggleNet SnitchCenter Correspondent Team might be for you! MuggleNet is looking for passionate Harry Potter and Muggle Quidditch fans to help report on the activities of the ever expanding sport and the various leagues around the world.

We are seeking 3-5 candidates to join our Muggle Quidditch team as interns. Think you’re right for the position?

Our ideal candidates will…

  • Have excellent written knowledge of American English
  • Have exceptional time management skills
  • Experience with WordPress is a plus
  • Supportive team player
  • Not be afraid of a challenge
  • Self starter (does not need to be asked to do something)
  • Vast knowledge and interest in all aspects of the Muggle Quidditch sport, including things like the rules, teams, regions, and tournament format
  • Able to work in a timely fashion and meet strict deadlines

To apply for this position, please send along a sample of your writing with a report on a current aspect of Muggle Quidditch. Send your sample, along with your name, age, location, timezone, and level of writing experience to

Position will remain open until all spots are filled, so don’t hesitate!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be the first to know when new positions open.

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