25 Days of Giveaways

MuggleNet has run a yearly holiday giveaway where fans around the globe have the chance to win 25 different giveaways and special prizes. Check out the lists below to see past prizes and trivia questions.

25 Days of Giveaways 2018


1 Shaina Beksinski Pennsylvania, USA Harry Potter-inspired soy candle gift set from the Green Burrow Candle Co.
2 Barbara Bacon Alpes-Maritimes, France Origin poster signed by Tom Felton and Natalia Tena
3 Jessica Pringle Minnesota, USA The Art of Harry Potter Mini Book from Insight Editions and Patronus glass candle
4 Libby Noack Essex, UK Albus Dumbledore’s wand from the Noble Collection
5 Daina Dukhoo Trinidad & Tobago Harry Potter Dark Arts journals box set and 2019 weekly planners from Con*Quest Journals
6 Dale Gold Ontario, Canada Pressman Toys Triwizard maze game
7 Nastja Besednjak Slovenia Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts bundle from GB posters
8 Lauren Sundby Minnesota, USA Two BlenderBottle Harry Potter shaker cups
9 Meika Ponnan New South Wales, Australia The Tales of Beedle the Bard (illustrated edition)
10 Agnes Gröndahl Värmland, Sweden Tervis Ravenclaw tumbler
11 Agathi Xifara Attica, Greece Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic magnet, T-shirt, keychain, and bag
12 Danielle Stanley West Yorkshire, UK Harry Potter Kano coding kit
13 Clarissa Neiderman Kentucky, USA House clothing bundle from Alivan’s
14 Andrea Bergman Ontario, Canada Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures from LEGO
15 Natcha Poompradit Bangkok, Thailand Harry Potter Dark Arts journals box set and 2019 weekly planners from Con*Quest Journals
16 Ginevra Ellul Western Austrailia, Australia The Tales of Beedle the Bard (illustrated edition)
17 Kaitlin Fischer Texas, USA Harry Potter prize pack from Out of Print Clothing
18 Elisabeth Gea Sastre Aichi, Japan Ravenclaw prize pack, including flag, bag, notebook, founder poster
19 Helen Wang Jiménez Guayas, Ecuador Harry Potter Dark Arts journals box set and 2019 weekly planners from Con*Quest Journals
20 Carolyn Quinn North Carolina, USA Whomping Willow pop-up card from Insight Editions and Hogwarts crest glass candle
21 Jacqueline Uerlings North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic scarf, hoodie, and scripts
22 Amanda Matlovich Ontario, Canada Harry Potter Kano coding kit
23 Jasmine Taipei, Taiwan Origin poster signed by Tom Felton and Natalia Tena
24 Marybeth Ghuste Pennsylvania, USA Butter Brew 8 oz. candle and wax melt from Theme Park Alchemy
25 Leandro Kaus Buenos Aires, Argentina Harry Potter Dark Arts journals box set and 2019 weekly planners from Con*Quest Journals



1 Which chess piece did Hermione replace? – The black castle
2 How tall is Grawp? – 16 feet
3 What is Dumbledore’s favorite jam? – Raspberry
4 What is Lockhart’s secret ambition? – To market his own range of hair-care potions
5 Between which two streets do the Dementors attack Harry and Dudley? – Magnolia Crescent and Wisteria Walk
6 Whom does Ron get partnered with in the Dueling Club? – Seamus
7 What is the number of Harry’s vault in Gringotts? – 687
8 This character, editor of the Daily Prophet, takes regular owls from Horace Slughorn. – Barnabus Cuffe
9 On Harry’s first visit to the Leaky Cauldron with Hagrid, this character “kept coming back for more.” – Doris Crockford
10 In the Department of Mysteries, which door is first to open after the first rotation? – The Brain Room
11 What do mandrakes become that signify the beginning of their adolescence? – Moody and secretive
12 What statue is by the prefects’ bathroom? – Boris the Bewildered
13 Getting into St. Mungo’s is accomplished by entering through a window at which derelict department store? – Purge and Dowse Ltd.
14 Where is the referee of the 1994 Quidditch World Cup from? – Egypt
15 Whose wand is alder and unicorn hair, 9 inches long, bendy? – Quirrell
16 Who is the author of The Dream Oracle? – Inigo Imago
17 How does Babbitty escape persecution? – She turns into a rabbit.
18 What is Nicolas Flamel’s hobby besides alchemy? – Opera
19 What are monkshood and wolfsbane also known commonly as? – Aconite
20 What were the Dursleys told they were short-listed for on the night the Advance Guard of the Order of the Phoenix comes for Harry? – All-England Best-Kept Suburban Lawn Competition
21 Prior to Half-Blood Prince, what is the name of the wizarding joke shop in Diagon Alley? – Gambol and Japes
22 Name the only team in the British and Irish Quidditch League without an alliterative name. – Puddlemere United
23 What color is Tonks’ hair the morning of Harry’s trial? – Blonde
24 According to the Quibbler, Stubby Boardman is the lead singer for what band? – The Hobgoblins
25 Name two characters whose full name is four or more words. – Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Newton Artemis Fido Scamander, Horace Eugene Flaccus Slughorn

25 Days of Giveaways 2017

Congratulations to our Top 13 who were entered into our Grand Prize drawing for a Fantastic Beasts suitcase with over $400 worth of merchandise. They entered all 25 days of the Giveaway and answered every question correctly.

Amanda Gulder – USA, Arina van Noordwyk – South Africa, Emily Thompson – USA (GRAND PRIZE WINNER), Erin Shumans – USA, Iris Chih-Yu Wang- Taiwan, Jacqueline Uerlings – Germany, Jessica Plourde – USA, Jonathan Poole – USA, Katie Duch – USA, Katrina Auxilio- Singapore, Lauren Plourde – USA, Lydia McPherson – USA, Megan Ellen McCormack – Australia


It is time to draw the Grand Prize for MuggleNet’s 25 Days of Giveaways! Will it be you? Tune in to find out…

Posted by MuggleNet.com on Saturday, December 30, 2017




1 Micaela Miola Santa Fe, Argentina  Harry Potter Prize Pack from GB Posters
2 Mairead McCulloch Buckinghamshire, UK  “History of Magic” Harry Potter BBC Documentary DVD
3 Lara Sowers Pennsylvania, USA Top Trumps Match Game (Exclusive to Barnes & Noble)
4 Jeff Baines Georgia, USA Gryffindor/Hogwarts Tervis Tumbler Set 
5 Krista Jones Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Insight Editions Wand Collection 
6 Adriana Byrne Tasmania, Australia Fantastic Beasts Illustrated Edition from Bloomsbury Australia
7 Nina Imanina Jakarta, Indonesia Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Prize Pack from Trendsetters, Ltd
8 Ninette Fernandez Texas, USA Harry Potter Apparel (Winner’s Choice) from Alivan’s
9 Veronika Popelková  Zlín, Czech Republic  Fantastic Beasts Prize Pack from GB Posters
10 Dale Kowlessar New York, USA The Art of Harry Potter from Harper Design
11 Yvette Mårtensson Skåne, Sweden  Birthday Set (Gryffindor/Hogwarts Cake Mold, Cups, and Candles) from Cinereplicas
12 Aurelie Debouver Pays de la Loire, France  Hogwarts/Ravenclaw 16 Oz. Tumbler Set
13 Jeannine McDonald British Columbia, Canada  Harry Potter Tie-In Books (Bundle of Three) from Candlewick Press
14  Candice Bouwer Western Cape, South Africa  Sorcerer’s Stone Collage from Upcycled Library
15  Katarina Adams  Auckland, New Zealand Harry Potter Prize Pack and Nevermore: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend from Hachette NZ
16  Rebecca Wilson  Tasmania, Australia Harry Potter: A History of Magic from Bloomsbury Australia
17  Amerah Ali  Indiana, USA  Classic Collection Wand and Wand Care Kit from Alivan’s
18  Qabass Omran  London, UK  Niffler Collector’s Plush from The Noble Collection UK
19 Natcha Poompradit  Bangkok, Thailand Harry Potter Prize Pack from GB Posters
20 Victoria Prieto Cork, Ireland  Hogwarts/Hufflepuff 16 Oz. Tumbler Set
21  Lexi Terry  Florida, USA  Insight Editions Cinematic Journey
22  Molly Hopper  Warwickshire, UK  Harry Potter Ollivander’s Wand from The Noble Collection UK
23  Gabriel de Aguiar Pereira  Guarda, Portugal Gryffindor/Hogwarts Tervis Tumbler Set 
24 Maeva Mayvis Oogarah  Plaines Wilhems, Mauritius  Fantastic Beasts Prize Pack from GB Posters
25  Patrice Chen  Quebec, Canada  Magic Potions Sampler Set from Adagio Teas



1 The lyrics for “Double Trouble” were inspired by which Shakespearean play? – Macbeth
2 In the Harry Potter novels, what was the first event to name the exact day and year of its occurrence? – Nearly Headless Nick’s deathday (October 31, 1492)
3 What is the recitation honoring the Dark Lord that is spoken in the alternate timeline within Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? – For Voldemort and Valour
4 According to Harry, Jupiter’s moon Europa is covered in what? – Mice
5 What name did Harry give when boarding the Knight Bus in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban? – Neville Longbottom
6 What was the name of the charm placed on the village of Hogsmeade by the Death Eaters to alert them of an intruder after curfew? – Caterwauling Charm
7 What kind of dessert does Queenie make for Jacob? – Strudel
8 Who designed the beautiful gilded cover of the published Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them screenplay? – MinaLima (Eduardo Lima and Miraphora Mina)
9 With whom does Hermione want to go to Slughorn’s Christmas Party? – Ron Weasley
10 This character’s name is Scottish and is from the Celtic name for “the bravest.” – McGonagall
11 What was the answer to the sphinx’s riddle in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? – Spider
12 What score did Harry get on his Astronomy OWL? – A (Acceptable)
13 When did Harry Potter: The Exhibition open and in what US city? – April 30, 2009, in Chicago
14  Which creature is Newt encouraging to smile? – Pickett the Bowtruckle
15  Nifflers make an appearance in which Potter book? – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
16  A statue of which wizarding historical figure marks the entrance to a secret passage found by Fred and Geroge on the fifth-floor corridor? – Gregory the Smarmy
17 Which English politician was namedropped in the 800-word prequel? – Wilberforce
18 What is the title and author of the required Potions book during Harry’s first year at Hogwarts? – Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger
19 Who Is the only London Year One lead cast member NOT performing in the New York production in spring 2018? – Cherelle Skeete (Rose Granger-Weasley)
20 What adult British beverage does Cormoran Strike prefer in pints? – Doom Bar
21 Which Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes product causes Neville to turn into a bird? – Canary Cream
22 What candy did Dudley eat at the beginning of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? – Ton-Tongue Toffee
23 Which international Quidditch team has a phoenix mascot called Sparky? – Motohora Macaws (New Zealand)
24 What is the incantation for opening locked doors? – Alohomora
25 Whom does Ron think really shows the spirit of the Battle of Hogwarts? – Peeves
25 Days of Giveaways 2016


1 Chapin Leigh Brinegar North Carolina, USA Prize Package – Harry Potter Pocket Planner, Gryffindor Pillow Cases, Hogwarts Tervis Cup, Hogwarts Playing Cards
2 Teresa Santos Aveiro, Portugal Fantastic Beasts Poster Bundle from GB Posters
3 Katie Bush New York, USA 1st Wizarding World crate from Lootcrate
4 Naomi Diestelkamp Ontario, Canada Alivan’s Master Wandmakers Prize Package
5 Stiina Sild Harju, Estonia Filigree Ring from Upcycled Library
6 Kaylie Oseman Worcestershire, UK £25 Gift Certificate for National Rail
7 Alexandria Bodden New York, USA Fantastic Beasts Screenplay from Scholastic
8 Adriene Galindo Massachusetts, USA Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: The Illustrated Edition from Scholastic
9 Megan McCormack Western Australia, Australia “When In Doubt” HPA Sweatshirt
10 Marjolein Sprangers Utrecht, Netherlands Expecto Patronum Morphing Mugs™ 15oz Clue Mugs
11 Katie Hayes Tennessee, USA Winter at Hogwarts Coloring Box Set from Candlewick Press
12 Rachelle Wilson Ontario, Canada Unofficial Guide to Crafting Harry Potter & Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook
13 Jewel Roach Washington, USA Prize Pack – 365 Harry Potter Desk Calendar, Gryffindor 24ox Tervis Water Bottle, Hogwarts Playing Cards
14 Corinne Fritz Illinois, USA Incredibuild – Niffler from Insight Editions
15 Sushma Pillai Maharashtra, India Fantastic Beasts Muggle Worthy Morphing Mugs™ 15oz Clue Mugs
16 Jackie Pileckas Virginia, USA Selection of Fantastic Beasts tie-in from Scholastic
17 Ian York Hawaii, USA Custom Leather Journal from Leather by Cristina
18 Edward Guerreiro Essex, UK Studio Tour Family Ticket
19 Vincentia Ng Singapore Prize Pack – 16 Month FB Calendar, 2 Case Pillowcase Marauder’s Map Set, HP Playing Cards UniStudios
20 Andrea Torres California, USA Prize Pack – Harry Potter Ceramic Heat Reveal Mug: The Marauder’s Map
21 Melanie Jones Victoria, Australia Alivan’s Master Wandmakers Prize Package
22 Marissa Osman Ohio, USA 1st Wizarding World crate from Lootcrate
23 Julia Masloff North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Prize Pack – 16 Month Mini FB Calendar, Newt Scamander 24oz Tervis Water Bottle, HP Playing Cards UniStudios
24 Jill Nicholls Edinburgh, UK Harry Potter Cookie Baker’s Kit from the Hogsmeade Station Gift Shop
25 Jessica Nielsen Utah, USA Incredibuild – Swooping Evil



1 Who are “the big seven”? – Bonnie Wright, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Evanna Lynch Matthew Lewis, Rupert Grint, and Tom Felton
2 Who won the 2017 Minister of Magic elections on MuggleNet? – Reggie Stump
3 Harry passed out during which subject’s OWL examination? – History of Magic
4 On what day and year was an asteroid named after J.K. Rowling? – April 2006
5 A giant snail native to several African countries – Streeler
6 In what year was Pottermore first announced? – 2011
7 How many copies were there of the first print of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1997? – 500
8 How much did Neville pay upon first joining SPEW? – Two Sickles
9 What year did the Advent calendar giveaways start? – 2011
10 What’s the name of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’s magical publisher? – Obscurus Books

Which Defense Against the Dark Arts professor had decorated their office with portraits of him/herself? – Gilderoy Lockhart

12 In which book does Harry first cast the Wand-Lighting Charm? – Chamber of Secrets
13 At what age does Sirius go to live with the Potters during school holidays? – 16

What day did SpeakBeasty post its first episode? – December 20, 2015

15 Who said, “Did I tell you I’ve invented a broomstick that’ll reach Jupiter?” – Ron Weasley
16 Who narrates the audio guide to the Tour? – Tom Felton
17 On which branch of the Royal Military Police did Robert Galbraith allegedly serve? – Special Investigations Branch (plain clothes branch, a.k.a. SIB)
18 On which professional Quidditch team does Ginny Weasley eventually play? – Holyhead Harpies

Of all the ways to react to the Fantastic Beasts quintuplet, which is the third way? (Hint – Posted on October 13, 2016) – The Overwhelmed


During a recent MuggleNet Academia lesson we shared our criticism and praise on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, who were the three special guests on that show? – Professors Louis Freeman, Emily Strand, and Elizabeth Baird-Hardy


Who composed the score for Fantastic Beasts? – James Newton Howard


Who cast the Imperius Curse on Madam Rosmerta? – Draco Malfoy


Albus takes Polyjuice Potion and becomes who? – Ron Weasley


On what date did Alohomora! release its last Deathly Hallows episode, thus ending its global reread of the Harry Potter series? – April 30, 2016


Which name means “Heart of the lion”? – Regulus

Advent Calendar 2015

Calendar Image


MuggleNet Advent Calendar 2015

Artist: Jared Cullum




1 Racheal P. Norfolk, UK Studio Press Harry Potter Coloring Book
2 Robert P. New York, USA UGLY Harry Potter Christmas Sweater
3 Chantelle R. Ontario Canada Harry Potter POP Funko Characters
4 Teresa S. Aveiro, Portugal Ron Weasley Christmas Cracker from Hogsmeade Station Gift Shop
5 Julia O. North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Geeky Hostess Gift Set
6 Matthew M. Florida, USA Remote Control Harry Potter Wand from The Wand Company
7 Laura A. Alberta, Canada Alivan’s Master Wandmakers Prize Package
8 Kendra J. Virginia, USA Harry Potter POP Funko Characters PLUS a BONUS prize Quidditch Turns Ten Commemorative Book
9 Tara T. Wellington, New Zealand I Am Elemental Courage Core Power figure
10 Joanne B. Mid Glamorgan, UK Lunch/Tea with Death Eater Jon Campling from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
11 Dannah-Mae T. Western Australia, Australia Pair of Christmas ornaments from Upcycled Library
12 Sarah A. Antwerp, Belgium UGLY Harry Potter Christmas Sweater
13 Shelby S. Virginia, USA Wrebbit Harry Potter Great Hall 3D puzzle
14 Cynthia C. Singapore Noble Collection Harry Potter Marauder’s Map
15 Maya W. Texas, USA Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Illustrated Edition AND Harry Potter Coloring Book from Scholastic
16 Grace P. Essex, UK Personal Skype call with Harry Potter and Star Wars Art Director – Gary Tomkins
17 Filipe Moreira B. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Alivan’s Master Wandmakers Prize Package
18 Jake J. Illinois, USA Noble Remote Control Wand
19 Nicolas D. Quebec, Canada Harry Potter POP Funko Characters
20 Rosie P. Durham, UK Tickets to Warner Bros. Studio Tour and a Tour with Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley)
21 Alexandra S. Kansas, USA ‘Magic Will Happen’ Christmas Collector’s Plate from Hogsmeade Station Gift Shop
22 Sofia L. Stockholm, Sweden Aquarius Harry Potter 1,000-piece puzzle
23 Rebecca S. Maryland, USA Treats from Madam Ambrosia: Purveyor of all Truffles and Magical Treats
24 Lorraine A. Stirling, UK UGLY Harry Potter Christmas Sweater
25 Peri F. New York, USA Flying Keys Ornament from Hogsmeade Station Gift Shop 



1 Which company provided the tents used at Bill and Fleur`s wedding? – Millamant`s Magic Marquees
2 What is the name for Tom Riddle in the French translation of the Harry Potter books, and what does it mean? – Tom Elvis Jedusor (i.e., phonetically “game of fate”), which forms an anagram for “Je suis Voldemort.”
3 Which country did Ireland beat in the semi-finals of the Quidditch World Cup before they went on to face Bulgaria in the final? – Peru
4 During the events of Book 1, how old was Nicolas Flamel? – 666
5 In which chapter of Chamber of Secrets does Lord Voldemort reveal his true identity to Harry? – Chapter 17: ‘The Heir of Slytherin’
6 What was Dean Thomas`s original first name? – Gary
7 To what organization did the sale proceeds of Very Good Lives go to? – Lumos
8 J.K. Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in which hotel and what room number? – Room 652, Balmoral Hotel
9 How many pairs of glasses did Daniel Radcliffe go through during filming? – 160
10 Where is the Wizarding Wireless Network based? – Hogsmeade Village
11 Complete this line from the Hogwarts School Song: “For now they’re bare and full of air…”“Dead flies and bits of fluff.”
12 Which well-known musician is composing the music for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? – Imogen Heap
13 Which artist recently created an illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone? – Jim Kay
14 This type of muffin featured in our recipes section has no fruit. – English muffin
15 When was the grand opening of Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley? – July 8, 2014
16 What pattern is on the right sock of the pair that Dobby knits Harry for Christmas? – Snitches
17 In which year did Dumbledore defeat Grindelwald? – 1945
18 Who were the known members of SPEW during its run at Hogwarts? – Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Neville Longbottom
19 Which charity did J.K. Rowling write the Fantastic Beasts textbook for when originally released? – Comic Relief
20 What is the name of the series where Cinderella has been sent to kill the prince? – Order of the MoonStone
21 Who played Peeves but was cut from the films? – Rik Mayall
22 Who is the lead singer of the Weird Sisters? – Myron Wagtail
23 Who gave Sirius Black the passwords for the Gryffindor common room in Prisoner of Azkaban? – Crookshanks
24 What is your favorite fantastic beast? – All answers were accepted
25 What animal was a teapot supposed to be Transfigured into during Harry’s third-year exams? – A tortoise

Advent Calendar 2014

Calendar Image


MuggleNet Advent Calendar 2014

Artist: Keith James




1 Emily Rice UK Signature Shop Photo signed by David Bradley (Argus Filch)
2 Suzy Leprince France Ravenclaw Wall Graphic from wallsauce.com
3 Christina LaPlante USA Any 5 T-shirts from Shirt Battle
4 Jessica Slater UK Swag bag full of books from Titan publishers
5 Kayla Alexander USA
Hufflepuff House Crest Wall Art By Noble Collection from Warner Bros.
 from our friends at Warner Bros. Consumer Products
6 Catherine Sullivan UK Kymera Remote Control Wand from The Wand Company
7 Luna Irazabal Uruguay Hufflepuff Tie & Scarf set from our friends at Alivan’s Master Wandmakers
8 Desire Ruggeri Argentina MinaLima autographed poster
9 David Johnson USA
Ravenclaw House Crest Wall Art By Noble Collection from Warner Bros.
 from our friends at Warner Bros. Consumer Products
10 Carla Giurleo Australia Gryffindor Wall Graphic from our friends at wallsauce.com
11 Austin Langley USA Personal phone call with Alan Gilmore – Art Director of the Harry Potter films and Universal Creative for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks
12 Amy Jones Ireland Signed, personalized, and dedicated copy of Size Matters Not by Warwick Davis
13 Karianne Collinge USA
Slytherin House Crest Wall Art By Noble Collection from Warner Bros.
 courtesy of Warner Bros. Consumer Products
14 Tobias Hausleitner Germany A playbill of The Cripple of Inishmaan autographed by Daniel Radcliffe
15 Danielle Wolswijk Netherlands A Doctor Who Remote Control Sonic Screwdriver from The Wand Company
16 Ellison Woodward USA Harry Potter Kinect for XBOX 360 & Le Week-End Blu-ray
17 Jessica Punzel USA Classic Collection Wand and Wand Care Kit from Alivan’s Master Wandmakers
18 Zoie Matecsa Canada Bundle of shirts from TeeFury
19 Deanna Gras USA 4 rolls of “Hogwarts Castle and Owl Post” wallpaper
20 Charlotte Ingham UK Swag bag full of books from Titan publishers
21 Minal Daswani Hong Kong
Gryffindor House Crest Wall Art By Noble Collection from Warner Bros.
 courtesy of our friends at Warner Bros. Consumer Products
22 Natasha Mackey USA Any 5 T-shirts from ShirtBattle.com
23 Keely Martin Canada Hufflepuff Wall Graphic from our friends at wallsauce.com
24 Nindy Brouwers Netherlands Slytherin Wall Graphic from our friends at wallsauce.com
25 Amy Luder UK Family Pack of tickets for Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter



1 On which shelf in the Department of Mysteries was Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort’s prophecy placed? – 97
2 Which wizard did Professor McGonagall dance to a Weird Sisters song with at the Yule Ball? – Ludo Bagman
3 What is Arthur Weasley’s dearest ambition? – To discover how airplanes stay up
4 What does Luna wear around her neck? – A butterbeer cork necklace
5 In which Ministry of Magic department did Minerva McGonagall briefly work? – Department of Magical Law Enforcement
6 What is depicted within the tapestry on the seventh floor of Hogwarts? – Barnabas the Barmy attempting to train trolls to dance ballet
7 What song was being sung by both Hagrid and Charlie at Bill and Fleur’s wedding? – “Odo the Hero”
8 Who put Harry’s name into the Goblet of Fire? – Barty Crouch, Jr.
9 Whom does the Quibbler claim Sirius Black truly is? – The reclusive rock star, Stubby Boardman
10 What color were Albus Dumbledore’s robes during the “King’s Cross” chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? – Midnight blue
11 What is the name of the person who first owned the watch Molly Weasley gives to Harry for his 17th birthday? – Fabian Prewitt
12 Who is the first character with dialogue in Book 3? – Vernon Dursley
13 Which Quidditch team is known for burning their brooms upon defeat? – Toyohashi Tengu
14 What is the last line of dialogue spoken in the seven-book Harry Potter series? – “I know he will.”
15 On which day of the week did Sorcerer’s Stone start? – Tuesday
16 For how many years did Ollivanders sell fine wands before Garrick Ollivander was kidnapped? – 2,378
17 What was Professor McGonagall’s father’s profession? – Minister (Reverend)
18 How many girls asked Harry to the Yule Ball? – 3
19 Who served as Headmaster when Tom Riddle first opened the Chamber of Secrets? – Armando Dippet
20 What is the password Ron uses to finally get access to Potterwatch? – Albus
21 On the first ride to Hogwarts, which Chocolate Frog Cards does Ron say he is missing? – Agrippa and Ptolemy
22 What is the exact order of dead bodies that Molly Weasley saw from the boggart in the drawing room of number twelve, Grimmauld Place? – Ron, Bill, Arthur, Fred and George, Percy, Harry
23 What was the original middle name given to Hermione? – Jane
24 Name five famous Patronuses from the Harry Potter series, excluding Harry’s, Snape’s/Lily’s, and Dumbledore’s. – Many acceptable answers
25 Which professor left Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to teach at the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts? – Herbert Beery

Advent Calendar 2013

Calendar Image


MuggleNet Advent Calendar 2013

Artist: Keith James




1 Christina W. Kentucky, USA (2) Wand-Handled Harry Potter Spoons from Hogsmeade Station Gift Shop (1 to receive, 1 to give)
2 Vicky New Zealand Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis autographed pictures
3 Amber B. South Dakota, USA Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control from The Wand Company
4 Jonathan M. Costa Rica MinaLima poster from The Printorium
5 Mikayla F. Virginia, USA Slytherin Tie and Scarf Set from Alivan’s Master Wandmakers
6 Mackenzie H.-T. South Carolina, USA Deathly Hallows Framed Film Cell
7 Elle D. Buckinghamshire, UK Autographed photo from Professor Flitwick of The Signature Shop
8 Lindsey H. Florida, USA Philosopher’s Stone Ornament from Hogsmeade Station Gift Shop
9 Anna Camilla K. Norway Ryan Turner autograph and Gryffindor T-shirt
10 Jocelyn K. Ontario, Canada Hogwarts Express Trolley Sweets Wizard Candy & Micro Lunch Box from Hogsmeade Station Gift Shop
11 Jacinta K. Australia Skype Call with Rohan Gotobed (Young Sirius Black in Deathly Hallows – Part 2)
12 Rita P. Évora, Portugal Goodie bag from The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4
13 Valerie B. Illinois, USA Deathly Hallows Necklace
14 Alessia D. Quebec, Canada Adult Harry Potter Robe from BuyCostumes.com
15 Aaron B. Illinois, USA Broomstick Bookmarks
16 Rayanne M. Texas, USA Set of Three Harry Potter Collectible Wands by Noble
17 Leanne Y. Hong Kong Skype Chat with Ellie Darcey-Alden
18 Alexandra M. Aragua, Venezuela Harry Potter Remote Control Wand from The Wand Company
19 Alex T. Indiana, USA Autographed StarKid Quidditch World Cup Poster
Images of poster
20 Bethan R. Wiltshire, UK Meet and Greet with Alfie Enoch (Dean Thomas from the Harry Potter film series)
21 Gabriella S. Florida, USA Harry Potter Chinese Fireball Dragon Egg Candy & Goblet of Fire Collectible Tin from Hogsmeade Station Gift Shop
22 Kristen K. USA Classic Collection wand of choice, complete with velvet satchel, box, and Certificate of Authenticityfrom Alivan’s Master Wandmakers
23 Luna I. Montevideo, Uruguay Autographed Griphook Photo signed by Warwick Davis from The Signature Shop
24 Emma H. Michigan, USA Harry Potter Bank with Gold Galleon & Silver Sickle Milk Chocolate Coins from Hogsmeade Station Gift Shop
25 Ryan L. UK (1) Family Studio Tour Gift Ticket pack (2 adults/2 kids OR 1 adult/3 kids) from Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter



1 What is the name of the first character who speaks in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book? – Yaxley
2 What team won the IQA Quidditch World Cup VI this past April? – University of Texas at Austin
3 Who or what do the hosts of Alohomora! think Trelawney is sired to? – The Horcrux in Harry
4 What is the minimum number of NEWTs required to become an Auror? – Five
5 In which section of Pottermore did J.K. Rowling mention MuggleNet? – Goblet of Fire, Chapter 6: The Portkey, Moment 2: The Misty Moor, Portkeys
6 What is the name of the Hogwarts librarian? – Irma Pince
7 In Goblet of Fire, when the ghosts of Voldemort’s victims emerged from his wand, the original edition of the book had them in the wrong order. In later, corrected editions, who is the last ghost to appear? – James Potter
8 What is another name for the potion ingredient wolfsbane, besides aconite? – Monkshood
9 In which row is Trelawney’s prophecy about Voldemort and Harry placed within the Department of Mysteries? – Row 97
10 Which company designed the covers for each book seen in the Harry Potter movies? – MinaLima
11 Approximately how many pairs of glasses did Daniel Radcliffe go through in the course of filming the series? – 160
12 In which country might you find a Crumple-Horned Snorkack? – Sweden
13 What false identity does Harry use at Bill and Fleur’s wedding to escape notice? – Cousin Barny
14 Out of all the characters we meet in the series, which House holds the majority after Gryffindor? – Slytherin
15 Which ride at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter takes you on a thrilling journey inside Hogwarts? – Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
16 In Order of the Phoenix, the number that Mr. Weasley punches into the telephone to get into the Ministry of Magic spells out what word? – MAGIC
17 What does the first known password used to enter the Gryffindor common room mean? – Dragon’s Head
BONUS QUESTION: Who is the artist for the Advent calendar image? – Keith James
18 What is Slughorn’s favorite treat? – Crystallized pineapples
BONUS QUESTION: What English dessert is Harry’s favorite? – Treacle tart
19 During the 2013 MuggleNet Harry Potter Oscars, in how many categories was Alan Rickman nominated for an award? – Five
BONUS QUESTION: Who or what won the most MuggleNet Harry Potter Oscars? – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2
20 Match the four Hogwarts Houses to the four elements (Earth, Fire, Air, and Water) that are attributed to them according to Pottermore. – Gryffindor (red and gold) – Fire, Slytherin (green and silver) – Water, Hufflepuff (yellow and black) – Earth, Ravenclaw (blue and bronze) – Air
BONUS QUESTION: Correctly name the colors associated with each House, again according to Pottermore. – Gryffindor – scarlet and gold, Hufflepuff – yellow and black, Ravenclaw – blue and bronze, Slytherin – emerald green and silver
21 Who sings the hit tune “A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love”? – Celestina Warbeck
BONUS QUESTION: What website is the World’s #1 Harry Potter fansite? – MuggleNet
22 How many times was Peeves mentioned in the Harry Potter book series? – 164
BONUS QUESTION: Who was the most evil character from the Harry Potter series? – Lord Voldemort (Dolores Umbridge was also accepted.)
23 Which professor was with the MuggleNet Academia team during the LIVE Keynote show at MISTI-Con this past May? – Professor Janet Scott Batchler
BONUS QUESTION: Who are the hosts of MuggleNet Academia? – Keith Hawk and John Granger
24 Name 5 of the 11 Potter locations that were visited on our Road Trip Wednesday features. – Many acceptable answers
BONUS QUESTION: We have reviewed two plays starring which Potter alumnus? – Harry Melling
25 On what date was the video game LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5–7 released? – November 11, 2011
BONUS QUESTION: Who wrote the Harry Potter book series? – J.K. Rowling

Advent Calendar 2012

Calendar Image


Advent Calendar 2012

Artist: Emmanuel Oquendo




1 Victoria V. California, USA MinaLima signed poster
2 Gingi H. Georgia, USA 10-9 Nano iPhone 4 case
3 Kelly G. Indiana, USA Tom Riddle’s Diary
4 Mariah F. Ontario, Canada Alivan’s gift
5 Maddie Croll D. New Zealand Kymera Wand Remote Control
6 Gabby H. North Carolina, USA Harry Potter: The Exhibition prize pack
7 Samantha D. Minnesota, USA Personalized, autographed photograph from Ellie Darcey-Alden (Young Lily Evans)
8 Katie L. Oregon, USA Harry Potter Clue game
9 Katie R. Florida, USA Alivan’s gift
10 Nina H. Hampshire, UK Personalized, autographed Size Matters Not book by Warwick Davis
11 Mercy O. New York, USA Ron Weasley Artefact Box
12 Rachel B. Georgia, USA Hermione Granger Artefact Box
13 Emily J. Michigan, USA Time-Turner Collectible
14 Terry S. Victoria, Australia MinaLima signed poster
15 Ash M. Oxfordshire, UK Personalized, autographed book & photograph from Ryan Turner (Hugo Weasley)
16 Erin T. Massachusetts, USA The Casual Vacancy book
17 Nicole F. New York, USA Matthew Lewis signed photo
18 Aishwarya S. Maharashtra, India Kymera Wand Remote Control
19 Mafalda C. Évora, Portugal MinaLima signed poster
20 Peter D. Wisconsin, USA iPad Leather Case with Hogwarts Logo from 10-9 Nano
21 Melissa W. Oklahoma, USA Alivan’s gift
22 Erin H. Australia HP Special Edition Poster Calendar
23 Blakeley S. Massachusetts, USA Alivan’s gift
24 Rebecca P. Gloucestershire, UK Family Ticket for Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter
25 Nicole A. New York, USA 2013 MuggleNet Fandom Calendar





Bodleian Library, Oxford University
2 Tonks & Lupin (Bill & Fleur were married on August 1!)
3 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

5 Jason Cockcroft is the UK illustrator for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
6 The wizard came to life first.
7 Bill Weasley received 12 OWLs (Percy, 12; Fred & George, 3 each; Ron, 7; Charlie & Ginny, unknown)
8 A Snitch snatch in Muggle Quidditch is worth 30 points.
9 A pack of non-explodable, luminous balloons, a Grow-Your-Own-Warts kit, and a wizard chess set
10 “Alohomora” is used eight times in the series (SS, 2; PoA, 1; OotP, 3; HBP, 1; DH, 1)
11 Elphinstone Urquart was McGonagall’s husband.
12 Hagrid’s handwriting is described as a “scribble.”
13 The first store Harry goes into in Diagon Alley is Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions.
14 The seventh chapter of the seventh book is “The Will of Albus Dumbledore.”
15 Members of the cast visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on May 20, 2010.
16 Severus Snape is mentioned 1,956 times in the Potter books.
17 Morgana is the first Wizard Card Ron gets on the Hogwarts Express.
18 The photos were taken for JKR’s Casual Vacancy reading in New York City.
19 The first creature Harry encountered in the second task was a grindylow.
20 There were five Horcruxes left for Harry to find after Dumbledore was killed (Locket, Cup, Diadem, Nagini, Harry).
21 Evanna Lynch was most excited to meet Daniel Radcliffe.
22 Eric Scull and Josée Leblanc are the two voices at the beginning of the Academia podcast.
23 MuggleNet is currently selling its 2013 Fandom Calendar!
24 The Alohomora! team discussed “Brothers Riddle” on Episode 10.

What was the best Harry Potter gift you’ve ever received?

Advent Calendar 2011

Calendar Image


MuggleNet Advent Calendar 2011

Artist: Keith James




1 Skye McAllister Ontario, Canada The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook
2 Teressa Miller New York, USA Kymera Wand Remote Control
3 Brandon Huffman Pennsylvania, USA The Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Candy Kit
4 Ferrinn Bridson Michigan, USA Alivan’s Classic Wand
5 Lizz Kralik Utah, USA Page to Screen tote bag & MuggleNet T-shirt
6 Megan Sweeney California, USA The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook
7 Nora Joyner Ontario, Canada The Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Candy Kit
8 Jenna County Down, UK Through the Keyhole anthology book
9 Kylie O’Brien Queensland, Australia Dear Mr. Potter book
10 Roxanne Nantais Quebec, Canada Page to Screen tote bag & MuggleNet T-shirt
11 Bai Beatty Texas, USA The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook
12 Anne Dirks Netherlands Sharpen Your Quill: A Self-Improvement Guide to Writing
13 Evelyn Alejandro Texas, USA IQA gift set
14 Richard DelPlato New York, USA The Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Candy Kit
15 Laura Gaskell Western Australia Alivan’s Collectible
16 Lauren Rice New Hampshire, USA Kymera Wand Remote Control
17 Drew Markham Calgary, Canada Dear Mr. Potter book signed by author
18 Allison Frederick Pennsylvania, USA The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook
19 Melanie Pridgen Pennsylvania, USA Page to Screen tote bag & MuggleNet T-shirt
20 Sarah Oakey Shizuoka-ken, Japan Deathly Hallows – Part 2 T-shirt
21 Rachel Kositsky Massachusetts, USA Page to Screen tote bag & MuggleNet T-shirt
22 Jennifer Koenig Connecticut, USA The Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Candy Kit
23 Sonika Agarwal Mumbai, India Page to Screen tote bag & MuggleNet T-shirt
24 Ben Emerald North Carolina, USA Page to Screen tote bag & MuggleNet T-shirt
25 Shannon Vancouver, Canada Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey