2006 – Year in Review

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January 3Goblet of Fire was named the highest-earning film internationally for 2005. It earned $850 million.

January 5 – J.K. Rowling updated her official website for the first time in 2006, with some “New Year’s Writing Resolutions.”

January 6Half-Blood Prince was announced the best-selling book of 2005, with sales tallying $7.02 million – astonishing seeing as the book was released in July, halfway through the year.

January 9 – The IMAX version of Goblet of Fire was revealed to be the highest-grossing IMAX film ever.

January 10 – J.K. Rowling gave one of her most in-depth interviews ever with Tatler Magazine.

January 11 – It was announced that the Goblet of Fire DVD would be available on March 7.

January 14 – Thousands attended an open audition for Luna Lovegood.

January 18 – It was announced that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince would be released in paperback on July 25.

January 19 – Aaron Lambert, the Half-Blood Prince thief, was sentenced to four and a half years in jail.

January 22 – Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley) announced that he would reprise his role in Order of the Phoenix.

January 26 – J.K. Rowling attended a Romanian press conference.

January 27 – The first script reading of Order of the Phoenix took place in London.

January 28 – Katie Leung (Cho Chang) announced she would return for Order of the Phoenix.

January 28 – J.K. Rowling donated the Black family tree to Book Aid auction.

January 29Goblet of Fire was announced as the eighth-highest grossing film of all time.

January 30 – George Harris was cast as Kingsley Shacklebolt, and Robbie Jarvis was cast as young James Potter in Order of the Phoenix.

January 31 – J.K. Rowling released her list of the top ten books for children.

February 2 – The actors playing the roles of Bellatrix Lestrange, Luna Lovegood, Professor Umbridge, and Tonks in Order of the Phoenix were announced.

February 4Order of the Phoenix casting rumors for the roles of young Lily Evans and Grawp circulated. They were later confirmed.

February 7 – Filming began on the Order of the Phoenix film.

February 7 – There was talk that Gary Oldman would not be in the fifth Harry Potter movie. However, Warner Bros. quickly debunked this rumor.

February 9 – It was rumored that the fifth movie would contain the scene where Harry saves Dudley from the Dementors, and the Wizengamot trial would also be included.

February 10 – More Order of the Phoenix casting news – the actors playing the roles of Amelia Bones, Dawlish, young Lily Evans, and young Peter Pettigrew were revealed.

February 13 – Italian newspaper La Repubblica published a photograph of J.K. Rowling’s Black family tree, which was up for auction.

February 17 – The first interview with new Luna Lovegood actress Evanna Lynch was published.

February 19 – Rupert Grint attended the BAFTAs to represent the cast and crew of Goblet of Fire, which was nominated for three awards.

February 20 – Julie Walters attended the Irish screening of Driving Lessons and talked briefly about why she was cut from the fourth Harry Potter film.

February 21 – New information was revealed about the Black family tree.

February 21 – J.K. Rowling answered the question “What happens to a secret when the Secret-Keeper dies?” on her FAQ poll.

February 22 – Daniel Radcliffe’s mother bought, on his behalf, J.K. Rowling’s hand-written Black family tree for £30,000.

February 23Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released in Spanish as Harry Potter y el misterio del príncipe (“Harry Potter and the Mystery of the Prince“).

February 25 – The fourth Harry Potter movie became the fifth highest-grossing film outside North America.

February 26 – We found out that Evanna Lynch is a fellow MuggleNetter.

February 28 – J.K. Rowling commented on the progress of Book 7 on her official website.

March 1 – Emma Watson sent out a new newsletter.

March 7Goblet of Fire DVD was released in the US and Canada.

March 8 – In its first day, the Goblet of Fire DVD sold a staggering five million copies.

March 9 – J.K. Rowling made major updates to her official website.

March 10Forbes published their list of the world’s richest people and ranked J.K. Rowling at #746 with an estimated net worth of $1 billion.

March 14 – New Order of the Phoenix filming information was released.

March 18 – J.K. Rowling hosted a masquerade ball as a fundraiser for MS.

March 21 – New Order of the Phoenix filming information was released.

March 27Goblet of Fire became the fastest selling DVD ever in the UK. It was estimated that, in the first six days after its release, three copies were sold every second.

March 29Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was named Book of the Year at the British Book Awards ceremony. J.K. Rowling was in attendance.

April 4 – J.K. Rowling updated her official website, saying that Book 7 was going well and that Evanna Lynch is “perfect” as Luna Lovegood.

April 5 – Warner Bros. announced that Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix would hit theaters on July 13, 2007.

April 7 – The first WOMBAT results were released.

April 10 – A newspaper criticized J.K. Rowling’s article on her official website about our skinny-obsessed world.

April 12 – Warner Bros. charged Bajaj with copyright violation.

April 18Goblet of Fire grossed $20 million in IMAX theaters.

April 20 – J.K. Rowling helped set up an MS research center.

April 21 – Both J.K. Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe made it on the Sunday Times‘s Rich List.

April 29 – Girlguiding Scotland interviewed J.K. Rowling.

May 9Goblet of Fire was announced to become legally available on BitTorrent.

May 9 – Emma Thompson was announced to reprise her role as Professor Trelawney in Order of the Phoenix.

May 9 – J.K. Rowling won a privacy suit.

May 9 – Introducing… MuggleNet Axial!

May 9 – J.K. Rowling announced she would be visiting New York City for a book reading.

May 10 – MuggleNet staff member Andy helped out J.K. Rowling.

May 10 – The Goblet of Fire DVD set a world record.

May 13 – Nicholas Hooper was confirmed to compose Order of the Phoenix.

May 15 – J.K. Rowling spoke out for libraries.

May 18 – A letter from J.K. Rowling was released.

May 19 – A new dinosaur species was named after Hogwarts.

May 20Half-Blood Prince audiobooks entered the APA Hall of Fame.

May 25Order of the Phoenix casting changes were announced.

May 25 – Publishers said that a 2007 Book 7 release was likely.

June 11 – MuggleNet’s Gallery opened with over 39,000 pictures.

June 21 – The first promotional image for Order of the Phoenix was released.

June 23 – The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince paperback was released in the UK.

June 25 – J.K. Rowling attended the Queen’s 80th birthday celebration.

July 18 – It was announced that Order of the Phoenix could feature scenes using 3D technology.

July 25 – The paperback edition of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released in the US.

July 28 – Daniel Radcliffe was confirmed to play a leading role in Equus.

August 1 – J.K. Rowling began her first trip to the US in over six years by holding a press conference in New York City with Stephen King and John Irving prior to the first night of Harry, Carrie and Garp.

August 2 – J.K. Rowling appeared for a second night on Harry, Carrie and Garp, giving a definitive response that “Dumbledore is dead!”

August 2 – The Leaky Mug held its second live podcast in New York City at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square.

August 4 – Warner Bros. confirmed the release date of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film to be November 21, 2008.

August 13 – Daniel Radcliffe said that he “will bare it all” upon assuming the role of Alan Strang in London’s West End play, Equus.

August 14 – We got our first look at Natalia Tena as everyone’s favorite metamorphagus, Nymphadora Tonks.

August 24 – A new interview with Rupert Grint, in which he states that he wanted to continue playing Ron through the seventh film, was released.

August 24 – Jessica Stevenson was cast in the fifth film as Mafalda Hopkirk, who works in the Improper Use of Magic Office.

August 26 – “The Weasley Is Our King” storyline was cut from Order of the Phoenix film.

September 4 – Voldemort was voted “Baddest Baddie” in Big Bad Read, an online Bloomsbury poll to find the UK’s favorite literary villain from a children’s book.

September 11 – J.K. Rowling debunked a rumor that she has written 750 pages of Book 7.

September 13 – J.K. Rowling updated her official website with the famous NAQ: Why did Dumbledore have James’s invisibility cloak at the time of his death?

September 19Child magazine says that J.K. Rowling was one of 20 who had changed childhood in America forever.

September 24 – Emma Watson stated that she was unsure about a future acting career.

September 25 – Warner Bros. released the first set of high-res photos from the fifth film, including our first glimpse of Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood.

September 29 – J.K. Rowling updated her official website with the second round of WOMBATs and discussed the “honor” of Harry Potter topping the most-banned books list.

September 29 – The Leaky Mug held its fourth live podcast, this time from Los Angeles, California.

October 2MuggleCast won the People’s Choice Award at the 2006 Podcast Awards.

October 3 – The American Library Association reported that the Harry Potter series was voted as favorite banned book.

October 4 – Laura Mallory appealed again to the Gwinnett County School Board.

October 6 – The second round of WOMBAT results were delivered.

October 6 – Dobby was cut from Order of the Phoenix.

October 9 – Portuguese translator Isabella Nunes confirmed the identity of RAB.

October 10 – Commemorative J.K. Rowling plaque was installed outside the Edinburgh cafe where she wrote most of the first Potter novel.

October 10 – It was announced that the Order of the Phoenix trailer would be released on November 17.

October 14 – New technology created by Image Metrics was announce to be used for Grawp in the fifth film.

October 16 – Terry Gilliam stated that he is unwilling to direct a Potter film.

October 17 – J.K. Rowling said that she did not sign a letter of intent for a Harry Potter-themed park.

October 20 – Scientists created a real invisibility cloak.

October 25 – MuggleShop debuted.

October 27 – MuggleNet released What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7?

October 29 – David Yates estimated the running time of the fifth film.

October 31 – J.K. Rowling updated her official website, saying that she had a third title to choose from for Book 7.

November 6 – J.K. Rowling was listed among TIME Europe‘s heroes that have emerged in the past six decades.

November 15 – The first Order of the Phoenix promotional poster was released.

November 17 – The trailer for Order of the Phoenix debuted before Happy Feet.

November 17 – Electronic Arts announced the Order of the Phoenix video game.

November 20 – The Order of the Phoenix trailer became available online.

November 21 – HBO aired almost four minutes of footage from Order of the Phoenix.

November 28 – J.K. Rowling won her first literary award in over five years from her home country. She didn’t attend the ceremony but passed along the message that Book 7 is coming along nicely.

December 2 – ABC Family aired thirteen new clips from Order of the Phoenix during their broadcast of Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets.

December 14 – The Georgia Board of Education rejected Laura Mallory’s appeal in a unanimous decision to keep the Harry Potter books on library shelves.

December 19 – J.K. Rowling updated her diary to say that she dreamed she was Harry Potter. She also said that she is writing scenes that have been planned for a dozen years.

December 21 – The “Do Not Disturb” sign was removed on J.K. Rowling’s official website.

December 21 – The title of the final book was released: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

December 22 – United Kingdom residents were able to begin pre-ordering Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Amazon.

December 24 – IMDb released that Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson made the Top 25 Stars for 2006.