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Potter DIY: House-elf Halloween costume


This easy house-elf crochet DIY will make the PERFECT Halloween/"Harry Potter" costume for your child! Read More »

MuggleNet launches “Potter” DIY – Every Potterhead’s dream tutorials

Potter DIY-top

Do you love DIY projects? Look no further - our brand new section combines your love for the series with how-to projects! Read More »

Potter DIY: Wand


Wands are a staple to wizard society. And one of the most created DIYs in the "Potter" fandom are wands. This fan-submitted how-to gives each of you a look into the intricacy and creativity it takes to create a wand that can fit your personality just right! These are great for cosplay, Halloween, or a plain old "Potter"-themed party! Read More »

Potter DIY: Hogwarts Blazer


Add a touch of magic to your Muggle wardrobe with this awesome DIY Hogwarts blazer! This very casual, very easy to make blazer is great way to show house pride wherever you are. This is great for reviving old articles of clothing just sitting in your closet, cosplay, or even as a gift! Read More »

Volunteers needed to dress up in “Potter” costumes for Music of John Williams concert

Great Performances: Tanglewood 75th Anniversary Celebration

Do you love to dress up as your favorite "Potter" characters? Do you live in the Pittsburgh area? Then the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra needs YOU! Read More »

Fan Art of the Week: Gryffindor Graduate


There is nothing like celebrating a graduation to start off a great summer. Take a look at a fan's creative solution to incorporate his passion for "Harry Potter" with this momentous accomplishment. Read More »