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“Potter” Activities for the Basic Muggle


Re-create Hogwarts classes for a night of fun with friends and experience other small activities that are easy to plan. Read More »

Gruellingly Nauseating and Onerous MuggleNet Exercise – D.A.D.A


Think you'd ace Defence Against the Dark Arts? See for yourself. This gruelingly nauseating and onerous MuggleNet exercises will determine just how good of a chance you have at surviving and thwarting some of the nastiest spells around. Read More »

“Alohomora!” Episode 88: “Hats, Houses, and Hem Hems” – now available!


MuggleNet's global book club, "Alohomora!", continues its reread of the "Harry Potter" series by discussing Chapter 11 of "Order of the Phoenix": "The Sorting Hat's New Song." Join hosts Noah, Kat, and Eric and fan-favorite guest host Micah Tannenbaum as they meet the latest and well, not the greatest, Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Read More »