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Role Call: The Absolem Truth


Welcome to this week's Role Call! There are A LOT of new projects in the works for our favorite "Harry Potter" alum, including those of David Tennant, David Thewlis, and David Heyman (Wow! That's a lot of Davids!), and of course, we prepare for Alan Rickman's last film: "Alice Through the Looking Glass". Check out what is in the works below! Read More »

Watch the New Red Band Trailer for Daniel Radcliffe’s “Swiss Army Man”

Daniel Radcliffe at Sundance

Last week, we showed you the official poster for Daniel Radcliffe's latest film, "Swiss Army Man", and now the film has gotten its first red band trailer! Check out the new trailer (which, we must mention, is definitely NSFW) right here. Read More »

Dan Radcliffe Trades His Wand for Tech

Now You See Me 2_Daniel Radcliffe Poster_Featured

Daniel Radcliffe will be in the upcoming "Now You See Me 2" in the role of antagonist Walter. Dan has said that the character is a kind of anti-magician, but in the newest trailer, we see that instead of Harry's wand, this character seems more at home around the magic of technology! Read More »

Poster Giveaway Launched for Daniel Radcliffe’s “Swiss Army Man”!

Daniel Radcliffe Swiss Army Man 4

Don't miss out on an exciting poster giveaway from the production company behind Daniel Radcliffe's "Swiss Army Man"! Read More »

Five Things Daniel Radcliffe Does Better Than Harry Potter


Prior to the release of his film "Victor Frankenstein" on DVD, "Junkee" interviewed Daniel Radcliffe, who spent the better part of his life portraying Harry Potter. He may not be the Boy Who Lived off-screen, but there are some things even Harry Potter could pick up from the 26-year-old actor. Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe Is Terrible at Magic in “Now You See Me 2”


In the upcoming film "Now You See Me 2", Daniel Radcliffe, contrary to his career-defining role as Harry Potter, will be portraying the quintessential “anti-magician.” Read more here. Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe Featured on New Poster for “Now You See Me 2”

Now You See Me 2_Daniel Radcliffe Poster_Featured

It's been four months since we first saw the trailer for "Now You See Me 2", starring none other than Daniel Radcliffe, but with the film's June 2016 release inching closer, we finally have a promotional poster for the film as well! Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe Signs on for Psychological Thriller “Jungle”

Daniel Radcliffe

While the world is still buzzing about Daniel Radcliffe's unusual role in the upcoming film "Swiss Army Man", we now know what his newest project will be - psychological thriller "Jungle", an adaptation of Yossi Ghinsberg's memoir about a dangerous expedition into the Amazon. Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe Joins Campaign Against BBC Cuts

Daniel Radcliffe - The Great BBC Campaign

Daniel Radcliffe has recently joined a whole host of well-known British names in a video that expresses their support for the Great BBC Campaign, a campaign running against cuts being made to the broadcasting company. Read More »

Role Call: Through the Looking Glass

Alan Rickman Blue Caterpillar

This week, we take a look at our first clip from "Alone in Berlin", catch up with Mrs. Weasley, and explore the last few films that will feature our beloved Alan Rickman. Check out MuggleNet's weekly Role Call! Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe Discusses “Swiss Army Man” and His Penchant for Strange Roles

Daniel Radcliffe

In a recent interview with the "Independent", Daniel Radcliffe talks about the hardships that come with pretending to be a corpse, his liking for odd roles, and the common misconceptions about big-budget films. Read More »

Alumni Roundup: The “Potter” Cast Work Hard, Play Hard

Daniel Radcliffe at Sundance

It's our first Alumni Roundup of 2016! We're here to see what the "Potter" alumni have been up to this week - or at least, what they have shown us through the delights of social. Read More »

Role Call: Singing the “Star Wars” Blues

Domhnall Gleeson General Hux

This week, we take a journey with an old friend to India, catch up with a troubled royal, get a peek at what Oliver Wood's been up to, and lament the release date delays in a galaxy far, far away. All that and more in MuggleNet's weekly Role Call! Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe Talks Oscars Diversity, Alan Rickman at Sundance

Daniel Radcliffe_GQ Germany_Fall 2015

Daniel Radcliffe is currently busy promoting his latest project, "Swiss Army Man", at the Sundance Film Festival. Yesterday, new stills were released for the film, and we received the official film synopsis. At the film's premiere, Radcliffe discussed the controversy surrounding the lack of diversity in the 2016 Academy Award nominations and the subsequent boycott of the ceremony by stars such as Will Smith and Spike Lee. Read More »

First Look at Daniel Radcliffe in “Swiss Army Man”!

Daniel Radcliffe Swiss Army Man 4

New stills from Daniel Radcliffe's "Swiss Army Man" have been revealed as the film debuts at Sundance Film Festival this month! Also revealed, a plot twist we never saw coming. Find out more here! Read More »

Role Call: What Will 2016 Bring “Potter” Fans This Year?

Now You See Me 2 Featured Daniel Radcliffe

In this week's Casting News, we get a personal glimpse at Domhnall Gleeson's favorite sex scene, watch as a fan favorite battles a few dragons, find out where fans will soon be able to meet with Dumbledore and Lucius Malfoy, and explore a handful of films we get to see in 2016 starring our "Potter" friends (Hint, Daniel Radcliffe is a very, very busy man!). Read More »

New Movie Poster for Daniel Radcliffe’s “Imperium”


Check out the new movie poster for "Imperium", starring Daniel Radcliffe! Read More »

Maggie Smith, Eddie Redmayne Lead the 2016 Golden Globes Nominations

Maggie Smith and Eddie Redmayne

The nominations for the 2016 Golden Globe Awards have been announced today, following yesterday's Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations, with Dame Maggie Smith (Professor Minerva McGonagall) and Eddie Redmayne (Newt Scamander) scoring major acting nods. Read More »

Giveaway: Enter to Win “Victor Frankenstein” Merchandise!


The new reimagining of Mary Shelley’s "Victor Frankenstein", starring Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy, is in theaters now! To celebrate, MuggleNet has some fantastic film merchandise to give away to four lucky winners! Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe’s New Film Will Premiere at Sundance 2016

Daniel Radcliffe

Exciting news, Daniel Radcliffe fans! It was announced today that his latest film, "Swiss Army Man", will premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, which takes place January 21-31 in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Sundance, Utah. Very little is known about the film at this point, but we do know that it will be an "absurdist comedy," and joining Radcliffe in the film are Paul Dano and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Read More »