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Castium Revelio: Fandoms upon Fandoms

Can you keep a secret? We’re pretty big fans of “Harry Potter”! But when our favorite wizarding world alumni branch out, fandoms often collide, and we’ve got plenty of instances of that for you in this week’s Casting News. From “Rick and Morty” to Westeros, let your fandom flags fly!


Daniel Radcliffe Wins Broadway.com Audience Choice Award

The Broadway.com Audience Choice Awards give theater fans the opportunity to highlight their favorite performances from the past season. This year, the fans have chosen our own Daniel Radcliffe as their Favorite Leading Actor in a Play for his performance in “The Lifespan of a Fact”.


Castium Revelio: Move Aside and Let the Man Go Through

It’s official: Gary Oldman is now, truly, “the Man,” thanks to his role in the upcoming “Killers Anonymous”. You won’t want to miss the trailer and movie posters, nor the latest news on Jason Isaacs as yet another classic villain. Twirl those curly mustaches; it’s time for Casting News!