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Role Call: Star Warwick

This week’s Casting News may be scarce, but haven’t you always wanted to see Robbie Coltrane host a crime show? Or Colin Farrell essentially embody Clint Eastwood? Read on because there are a lot of cool projects in store for our favorite “Harry Potter” alumni in this week’s Role Call!

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Role Call: OBGY Emma Thompson Is N

Happy Independence Day for all of our readers in the US! This week’s Casting News has us looking at upcoming films from some of our favorite “Harry Potter” alumni like Emma Thompson, Domhnall Gleeson, and even Jim Broadbent! Read on to discover what everyone is up to!

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Role Call: Lady and Her Fans

It’s that time of the week again! Want to find out which one of your favorite “Harry Potter” alum are in the upcoming animated film “Trolls”? Feel like living in a van with Dame Maggie Smith? We’ve got it all here in this week’s Role Call!

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Maggie Smith Proves Once Again That She Is a Rock Star

On March 31, a private event was held at the National Liberal Club, honoring the winners of the 2015 Critic’s Circle Award. Among the worthy candidates was Dame Maggie Smith who was being presented the Critics’ Circle Award for Services to the Arts. Join us as we congratulate Maggie Smith and count down her top five best performances.

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Dame Maggie Smith on Posing for “Wretched Cellphone Things”

Dame Maggie Smith has just finished her run in “Downton Abbey” as the formidable Dowager Countess of Grantham, and the final season is about to begin airing in the US. In a new interview with NPR, Smith reflects on the lines she had in “Downton Abbey”, being recognized across the world for her role as the Dowager, and growing as a character actor.