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Emma Watson Speaks on Her Role in “Colonia”

Emma Watson sat down with the Independent while promoting her latest film, “Colonia”. In addition to discussing her role in the film, Watson speaks a bit about being a former child star and her upcoming role as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast”.


Emma Watson Interviews Geena Davis to Discuss Feminism, Sexism in Hollywood

Emma Watson, who in recent years has made raising awareness about feminism a priority in her public life, recently interviewed Geena Davis for “Interview” magazine. Besides being an actress herself, Geena Davis is the founder of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, an organization that collects statistics about gender representation in children’s media.


The House-Elf’s Tale

It’s Women’s History Month, and we’re questioning the role of house-elves throughout the “Potter” series. How do the struggles of house-elves reflect the issues faced by women, specifically housewives?


Emma Watson Speaks on Gender Parity at 2016 World Economic Forum

Hot on the heels of being named one of “Forbes”‘s “30 Under 30” and announcing the launch of a new HeForShe website aimed at grassroots organizing on her Facebook page, Emma Watson and HeForShe have appeared at the 2016 World Economic Conference in Davos, Sweden, to deliver their first-ever Parity Report.


Emma Watson Launches New HeForShe Website

Since Emma Watson launched HeForShe last September, the program has become a global movement fighting for gender equality. Now, as announced on Watson’s Facebook page, HeForShe has a brand new website. The announcement is accompanied by a brief interview with Emma, which highlights that HeForShe is not an awareness campaign, but is mission-focused in its goal of achieving gender equality.