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MuggleNet Rereads “Chamber of Secrets”


Enemies of the heir beware - "MuggleNet Rereads 'Harry Potter'" has just opened up "Chamber of Secrets"! Read More »

Who Wore It Better? Kingsley Shacklebolt or Prince?

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There is no rest for the wicked, I'm afraid, since even though I'm on vacation, I must complete this month's column for your eager consumption. Now, before I sip on this pretty, little concoction with a pink umbrella, let me introduce our pairing. Read More »

Who Wore It Better? Dobby or Justin Bieber?

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Good day to you, magical world! This is Gilderoy Lockhart with "Witch Weekly"’s “Who Wore It Better?” It has been a whole month since we last spoke, but it is always as if I’m greeting an old friend every time I reach through these glossy magazine pages and into your loyal hearts. Read More »

Who Wore It Better? Dolores Umbridge or Queen Elizabeth II?

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Well, hello out there, my beautiful readers! Yet another month has gone by, making it time for another edition of "Witch Weekly"’s “Who Wore It Better?” As always, I, Gilderoy Lockhart, will serve as an expert opinion as we examine a match-up of a popular magical figure and a Muggle celebrity. Read More »

Sir Kenneth Branagh Named Ambassador for Film Charity in Northern Ireland


Ludicrously talented actor, filmmaker, and knight bachelor Sir Kenneth Branagh (Gilderoy Lockhart) was just appointed ambassador of the Into Film charity. Read More »

Who Wore It Better? Sybill Trelawney or Janis Joplin?

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Greetings once again, my fine, magical friends! I am Gilderoy Lockhart, here to deliver your monthly fill of fashion knowledge. Of course, I pride myself on much more than fashion, but "Witch Weekly" doesn’t need an exceedingly talented potion brewer or dueler, now do they? Read More »

Dumbledore as Headmaster: The Worst Thing to Happen to Hogwarts


Many would agree that Dumbledore was a genius, the greatest wizard of his time, a master of strategy, and even a qualified mentor. However, he held a position at Hogwarts he should not have kept, for he used it to further his own personal goals and neglected the core nature of his task. Read More »

Chased Chaser! Dealing with unwanted attention


Dear Mr. Lockhart, I am finding that I have an unwanted amount of attention coming towards me lately. Ever since I sank thirteen Quaffles at last Saturday's game against Slytherin, people are taking the time to chat me up. Except they don't go away. How do you handle the stress of being so popular? And do you have any tips about warding off would-be admirers? Sincerely, Chased Chaser Read More »

Who Wore It Better? Luna Lovegood or Lady Gaga?

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Good day to you, magical universe! Gilderoy Lockhart here, with the highlight of your busy day. Prepare yourselves for the September installment of "Witch Weekly"’s “Who Wore It Better.” Read More »

Who Wore It Better? Gilderoy Lockhart or Michael Jackson?

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Gilderoy Lockhart here with your latest dose of “Who Wore It Better.” As you all know, I embarked on this great journey with "Witch Weekly" a few months ago. I have to say, I knew it would be a success, but all of your beautiful responses have really exceeded all of my expectations. Read More »

Who Wore It Better? Ron Weasley or CeeLo Green?

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Good morning, evening, or midday to all of you wonderful, magical folk out there. No matter when or where you are reading this, know that I am smiling fondly at the fact that you are, in fact, reading my words. Read More »

Rate My Professors: Defense Against the Dark Arts Edition


Rate My Professors has finally come to Hogwarts. Which Defense Against the Dark Arts professor would you choose? Read More »

Who Wore It Better? Nymphadora Tonks or Steven Tyler?

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Greetings to all you lovely people, and welcome to the very first edition of "Witch Weekly"’s “Who Wore It Better.” Now, as draining as it is to talk about myself, I know the public interest in my recent ventures into journalism is at its peak, so I will indulge my readers. A few short months ago, I, Gilderoy Lockhart, was approached by "Witch Weekly" and asked to contribute this very article to their reputable magazine. Read More »

Shazzy Shampoo


Dear Professor Lockhart, Do you use shampoo on your luxurious hair or do you simply magic it clean and gorgeous. Would love some ideas on how to keep my hair looking great like yours. Shazzy Read More »

Remember Nothing


Dear Professor Lockhart, I have the worst memory ever. I try and look back on my childhood, and I can't remember a thing. At this point I don't know if I ever had one. Have my memories been obliviated from my mind? Even now, things like names, places, and dates are hard for me to remember, and they are all new memories. Is there anything i can do? I'm tired of walking around feeling like I am in an empty shell. What are some things I can do to improve my memory. I have a remembrall but I forget what I am suppose to remember. I am so confused... I can't remember Read More »

Magical Me


Dear Professor Lockhart, Did you ever feel guilty stealing credit for what other wizards had done? Oswin Read More »