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Which Weasley Are You?


Which member of everyone's favorite wizarding family would you be? Take this quiz to find out! Read More »

Five of Our Favorite Fandom Pairings: Draco Malfoy Edition

draco shock

Draco would be shocked if he found out who we pair him with. Are you? Read More »

Why Ginny Weasley is SUCH a Leo

Ginny Weasley

We already know that Ginny Weasley is an excellent example of what a Gryffindor is supposed to be. She's brave, she fights for what she believes in, and she has more nerve than all of Slytherin House put together. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the symbol of both Gryffindor House and the Leo zodiac sign (which Ginny was born under) is a lion, but not only is Ginny the ultimate Gryffindor, but she is also the ultimate Leo. Read More »

If Your Favorite “Potter” Characters Had Tinder

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Some use Amortentia, others use Tinder. Read More »

On Coming-of-Age in the Second Wizarding War

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What does it mean to "grow up"? Here is a reflective, creative piece on how certain central "Potter" characters may have "come of age" throughout the Second Wizarding War. Read More »

Wizards… assemble!


Comparing Earth's mightiest heroes to Hogwarts's mightiest witches and wizards! Read More »

The Second of Seven: “Chamber of Secrets” and “The Silkworm”


Books within books - check out our comparison of "Chamber of Secrets" and "The Silkworm". Read More »

“Harry Potter” and “Divergent”: Dauntless

harry potter and dauntless

In the "Potter" and "Divergent" series, characters are split into different Houses and factions. "Potter" characters rarely get a say in the matter of where they belong, but what if they did? Which characters would choose to jump on a running train to join the Dauntless? Read More »

Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones

Title GoT

Valar Morghulis? Well, Expecto Patronum. Read More »

It’s Been 22 Years: Top Ten Harry/Ginny Moments That Didn’t Make It to the Movies

Harry/Ginny kiss

It's been 22 years since Harry saved Ginny from the Basilisk. Check out our top ten Harry/Ginny moments that didn't make it into the movies! Read More »

Becoming Ginny Weasley: Hopeful despite Umbridge #MNBHP


Becoming Ginny Weasley: Hopeful despite Umbridge ~ Ginny is able to see through Umbridge in a way Harry didn't even consider... Read More »

Becoming Ginny Weasley: Valentine’s Day Reject #MNBHP


Becoming Ginny Weasley: Valentine’s Day Reject ~ How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? Read More »

CC #393: Week of September 21, 2014


In this week's caption contest image, Ginny Weasley walks with some trepidation as she crosses the bridge from Hogwarts into the Forbidden Forest. What surprises await in the darkness beyond her? Find out here, with this week's winners! Read More »

Bonnie Wright visits Chengdu, learns how to play mahjong, and hangs out with a panda!

Bonnie Wright Chengdu

Last week, Bonnie Wright was invited to visit Chengdu, in the People's Republic of China. Check out all the photos from her visit right here! Read More »

Becoming Ginny Weasley: Brave, Strong, Beautiful


Brave “The thing about growing up with Fred and George is that you sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” –OotP Strong “Yeah, size is no guarantee of power,” said George. “Look at Ginny.” “What d’ you mean?” said Harry. “You’ve never been on the receiving end of one of her Bat-Bogey Hexes, have you?” –OotP Beautiful “A lot of boys like her,” said Pansy, watching Malfoy out of the corner of her eyes for a reaction. “Even you think she’s good-looking, don’t you, Blaise, and we all know how hard you are to please!” –HBP Why did Harry fall for Ginny? He never noticed her (romantically) until sixth year. She was beautiful long before that. What got his attention was who she was on the inside. The strong, brave girl who could hold her own with Fred and George. The girl who, like Harry’s mother, was unafraid to face Voldemort and possibly die to save others. The girl who did not hold Harry back from his destiny even though it meant she may never be with him again… And he [Harry] knew that at that moment, they understood each other perfectly, and when he told ... Read More »

Formulating love in “Harry Potter”


Psychologist Robert Sternberg is famous for formulating the Triangular Theory of Love. It states that "the three components of love are an intimacy component, a passion component, and a decision/commitment component." Essentially, in this formula there are three factors in a successful romantic relationship, each equally important. Read More »

2014 Quidditch World Cup quarter-finals begin June 4 with Brazil vs. Wales


According to the "Pottermore Insider", the Quidditch World Cup quarter-finals will begin this week with Brazil vs. Wales on Wednesday, June 4. Read More »

Potter Twitter Roundup: Wise Words

lego death eater

A mysterious LEGO death eater reigns over the latest Potter Twitter Roundup. Confirm his identity, revel in wisdom and celebrate creativity, as we highlight the week's best tweets! Read More »

Ginny Potter analyzes the Brazil Vs. Haiti match at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup


Brazil versus Haiti showcased the most exciting play thus far in the tournament as Haitian Keeper Lenelle Paraison displayed skills of another level with some of the saves she made. However, when it was all over, Brazil was victorious. Find out how Brazil won this epic battle right here. Read More »

J.K. Rowling Posts “LIVE Quidditch Match Reports” on Pottermore


Author J.K. Rowling is continuing to post new writing for Pottermore, the digital platform for "Harry Potter", with a series of "live" reports from the 2014 Quidditch World Cup, to be released on Pottermore.com starting today. Read More »