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This Hallmark “Harry Potter” Ornament Is Gringotts-a-rific!

Each year, Hallmark graces us with at least one new “Harry Potter” Keepsake Ornament, and this year’s selection is pretty spectacular! One ornament will depict the Gringotts dragon perched on top of the wizarding bank, while the other will depict Harry and Ron in the famous chess match at the end of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”.


Looking for Magic in a Muggle World

I wake up, disoriented, as a horrible screeching rings through my head. Stumbling out of bed, I go through the methodical routine of grabbing my phone, keys, and a jacket before filing out of the building for the third fire drill of the semester. As I pass under the alarm in the hallway, and it shakes my whole body, I wish I could just point at it and yell, “’Silencio’!”