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Castium Revelio: Gone in a Flash?

Could Ezra Miller be replaced as the Flash in the upcoming standalone film? We’ve got more on that rumor, plus an exciting new piece of the “Downton Abbey” movie puzzle, an upcoming talk show appearance for Daniel Radcliffe, and more in this week’s Casting News!


Castium Revelio: “Good Omens” Means a Good Time!

There’s a lot to cover in this week’s Casting column, including the first trailer for “Good Omens”, the vocal stylings of Robert Pattinson, and some of our cast members supporting young filmmakers at the Into Film Awards.


Castium Revelio: We Heart Christian!

From Cambridge to Duckberg to Nashville, we have a look at all the upcoming projects and appearances of “Potter” cast members, covered right here, right now! Check out this week’s Castium Revelio!