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Jamie Parker On Becoming Harry Potter

In a new spoiler free interview with “the Stage”, Jamie Parker, who plays Harry in “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, has spoken about what it was like to take on the role, especially such a well known character, and what rehearsals have been like.

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It’s a Match Made in Hogwarts for Newlyweds Jesse and Jessica

Ordinarily, we tell a tale of a bride infatuated with the series who falls in love with a soon-to-be groom in desperate need of an initiation to the wizarding world. But this couple was anything but. Get ready to fall in love with Jesse and Jessica’s big day.

OotP and DA 2

“Potter” and Politics: Why Hope Prevails

With themes from the “Potter” series teaching us about love, acceptance, and fighting for what is right, it has given this generation the tools necessary for shaping our world for the better with just a vote.

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Seven Times J.K. Rowling Was a Boss

Back in 2013, the news surfaced that a new author, Robert Galbraith, was actually J.K. Rowling writing under a pseudonym. This is probably one of my favorite J.K. Rowling moments, just because she had us all fooled. Had someone not leaked the information, we probably would have all gone on thinking that she had yet to publish any new work after “The Casual Vacancy”. It’s just so typically, sneaky Jo, and I love it.

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“MuggleCast” Episode 297: “Tastes Like Lime” Now Available!

With less than a week until Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is released around the world, Andrew, Eric, Micah, and guest John talk about the eighth story and Fantastic Beasts at San Diego Comic-Con! Plus, we have a spoiler-free early review of Fantastic Beasts from someone who attended a test screening!