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Harry and the Chocolate Factory

Honeydukes Dark Chocolate

Find out how the characters of "Harry Potter" fit into the story of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." Read More »

Giveaway: Tickets to 60 Minutes with David Heyman!


There will be plenty of jealous No-Majes after this awesome giveaway is over! Thanks to our friends over at China Exchange in London, we are able to offer two lucky Muggles in the UK a pair of tickets to attend the Prudential Series event, 60 Minutes with David Heyman! Read More »

The Tragedy of Cedric Diggory and Hodor


Inspired by last week's "Game of Thrones" episode, a closer look into the tragedy of Cedric and Hodor. Spoilers ahead. Read More »

“Harry Potter” and the Seven Stages of Procrastination – Part 1

It's the time of year when it feels as though all you do is study. I took inspiration from the films to see how the trio coped with the stress of Hogwarts! Read More »

“Potter” DIY: Graduation Cap

Potter DIY-top

Here's a how-to on personalizing your graduation cap, even though you're still upset that it's not Hogwarts you're graduating from... Read More »

Can You Match the “Harry Potter” Character to Their Wand?


Are you next to Ollivander in your knowledge of the "Potter" characters' wands? Take this quiz to find out! Read More »

Can You Guess the “Harry Potter” Film Based on Its Opening Line?

First line of Harry Potter featured image

How well do you know the "Harry Potter" films? Can you recall all eight opening lines? Read More »

Can You Match These Unknown Facts to the Character from “Harry Potter”?

hp books featured image

So you think you know "Harry Potter". Take our quiz to find out how your knowledge stacks up! Read More »

“SpeakBeasty” Episode 11: “HamilSquatch”


Aaron, Elayna, Megan, and Shannen are here to debate the pros and cons of the "Fantastic Beasts" screenplay in book form, make accidental "Hamilton" references, and get back to talking about beasts that will probably haunt our listeners' dreams. Read More »

Gruellingly Nauseating and Onerous MuggleNet Exercise – Mother’s Day


Get ready to prove your trivia prowess and celebrate some of the most loved, hated, and notorious mothers of the wizarding world with this latest edition of our GNOMEs. Read More »

“Harry Potter” and Mental Health Awareness Month – Part 1


In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, let's look at the characters of "Harry Potter" and what mental illness they could represent. Read More »

Questions We Still Have About the Deathly Hallows

Tale of the Three Brothers

It was 18 years ago when the trio was introduced to the Deathly Hallows by Xenophilius Lovegood. "The Tale of the Three Brothers" brought many questions and very few answers. Read More »

My “Potter” Tattoo – Part 3

harry potter quill tattoo

MuggleNet's "My Potter Tattoo" story series wraps its three-part-er today. Come on - you know you want to read the rest of the fan submissions! Read More »

MuggleNet’s YALC Potter Party is Back for 2016!


We're so happy to be returning to YALC for another Potter Party this year! After the success of last year's fun-filled hour, we just couldn't stop ourselves from planning an entire day of "Potter" games, activities, and general wizarding goodness for you all to enjoy. After all, it is Harry's birthday. Read More »

My “Potter” Tattoo – Part 2

harry potter quill tattoo

Aaaaand here's Part 2 of the "My Potter Tattoo" series on MuggleNet! Read More »

“MuggleCast” Episode 290: “Expelled” Now Available!


Newt Scamander was expelled from Hogwarts?! This week, our hosts are teeming with excitement following the world premiere of the second "Fantastic Beasts" trailer during this year's MTV Movie Awards and have LOTS of things to say about it! Andrew, Eric, Micah, and special guest Jeanna dissect the new trailer, read some listener theories, discuss the upcoming release of the illustrated edition of "Chamber of Secrets", and bring back a fan-favorite classic segment of "MuggleCast"! Read More »

Five Things Daniel Radcliffe Does Better Than Harry Potter


Prior to the release of his film "Victor Frankenstein" on DVD, "Junkee" interviewed Daniel Radcliffe, who spent the better part of his life portraying Harry Potter. He may not be the Boy Who Lived off-screen, but there are some things even Harry Potter could pick up from the 26-year-old actor. Read More »

QC Boston Victory at US Quidditch Cup 9


The US Quidditch Cup 9 was this past weekend, and it was filled with exciting matches. QC Boston ended up beating Rochester United in the championship match. Read More »

My “Potter” Tattoo – Part 1

harry potter quill tattoo

Nothing is quite as personal as getting a favorite literary quote, image, or tribute tattooed onto your body. Inspired by her own recent "Potter" tattoo, MN Creative Team staff member Jasmine rounded up her fellow MN staff members, friends, and readers of MuggleNet to ask them about their tattoos. Part 1 of 3. Read More »

“Potter” Spotted at London Book Fair 2016

London Book Fair

In 2016, the annual London Book Fair featured Scholastic and Bloomsbury, US and UK publishers of the "Harry Potter" series; Little Brown, which publishes the UK editions of the "Cormoran Strike" series; and Templar Publishing, showcasing the "Harry Potter" coloring books. Read More »