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SPEW Presents: House-Elves on the Silver Screen (Or Lack Thereof)


On this day 21 years ago, Hermione Granger formed SPEW to promote fair treatment of house-elves. In honor of this anniversary, put on your SPEW badges, and go fight for the cause! Here are our top house-elf moments we wish had been included in the films. Read More »

Dogs That Look Just Like Dobby


Think house-elves don't exist in the Muggle world? Just take a look at these Dobby doppelgangers! Read More »

Lost Lucius His Servant, Gained Dobby His Freedom

dobby a free elf selfie

Dobby the house-elf gained his freedom on May 30, 1993. Take a moment to show recognition and solidarity to Dobby and for some of the ideals SPEW aimed for. Read More »

Parchment and Clothing: Tools of Freedom

Dobby with sock

You may not think so, but graduating from school and being given a piece of clothing really isn't all that different. Read More »

Ten WTF Moments from the “Harry Potter” Series


Of course, there are probably more than ten, but here is one Potterhead's list of WTF moments from the magical series. Read More »

Becoming Harry Potter: Friend of house-elves #MNBHP


Becoming Harry Potter: Friend of house-elves. How are you going to become a friend of house-elves? ... Read More »

Hogwarts House-Elves Favorite Dish


Have you ever wondered what the Hogwarts House-Elves really like to make for the students dinner? They provide a sampling in a recent letter from 'Dear Hogwarts...' Read More »

Bogged Down Muggleborn


Dear House-Elves, Can I please borrow one of you for a day? I'd be very nice, and make sure you were treated well, and given breaks and refreshments...but I could really use your help in my house! Read More »

Nervous Student


Dear Hogwarts' House-Elves, I recently got my acceptance letter and I am looking forward to going to Hogwarts but I’m worried about leaving Mother. Will you clean my clothes? Will you make my bed? Will you wash my socks? From, Nervous Student Read More »

Grateful Gryffindor


Dear House-Elves, Is it fun working in the kitchens? Read More »