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Alfred Enoch Talks Theater, Life Lessons, and More

In a wonderfully candid interview with “Huffington Post UK”, Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas) dives headfirst into some profound subjects as part of the magazine’s “Wise Words” interview series.

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Role Call: OBGY Emma Thompson Is N

Happy Independence Day for all of our readers in the US! This week’s Casting News has us looking at upcoming films from some of our favorite “Harry Potter” alumni like Emma Thompson, Domhnall Gleeson, and even Jim Broadbent! Read on to discover what everyone is up to!


Role Call: March of the Stars

There are so many new projects in this week’s Role Call! We’ve got award nominees, fan convention appearances, an animated trailer, and a four-part webseries to explore, just to name a few. Join us as we take a look at what’s new for our favorite “Potter” cast members!


Role Call: Smooth Criminal

This week, we find Tom Felton going all the way back to the New Testament, learn about the dozens of new projects our favorite “Harry Potter” alum have signed on to do, and watch Gary Oldman fulfill his dream of becoming a rock star. All that and more in MuggleNet’s weekly Role Call!

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Alfred Enoch Talks “How to Get Away with Murder”, Sorts Characters into Hogwarts Houses

Tonight is the long-awaited mid-season premiere of “How to Get Away with Murder”. Having just wrapped up filming for Season 2, Alfred Enoch is about to head back to England, but not before making the press rounds to talk about what fans can expect. Plus, which Houses does Alfred think Wes and his fellow “How to Get Away with Murder” characters would be Sorted into at Hogwarts?


Role Call: Aliens, tyrants, and singing squires at the ready!

We’re all over the entertainment map in today’s Role Call – we’ve got aliens, British aristocrats, zombie apocalypse survivors, saucy ladies, and singing squires to tell you about! Take a peek at the latest characters and projects our Harry Potter alumnus will be tackling soon!