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Role Call: Old Roundup, New Tricks

It’s time for another roundup of Casting News, now divided into two categories! Find out what our older “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” alumni are up to!


Role Call: No Strings to Hold Us Down!

When it comes to the roles and projects available to “Potter” or “Fantastic Beasts” cast and crew, the sky appears to be the limit! Follow along this week as we explore what’s next on the slate for our favorite actors from the wizarding world!


Role Call: Christmas Carrots, Ax Murderers, and Comic Book Villains

In this week’s Casting News, our “Potter” cast tells us a variety of tales: the little Christmas carrot who could, a comic book villain brought to life through motion capture, a new (maybe?) character appears in the “Star Wars” franchise, and finally someone puts Aunt Petunia out of her misery! All that and more in this week’s MuggleNet Role Call!