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Daniel Radcliffe to star in biopic “Young Americans”

Way back in October we posted that Daniel Radcliffe was rumored to be reuniting with “Kill Your Darlings” co-star Dane DeHann to film “Young Americans”, a biopic about political strategists Karl Rove and Lee Atwater. This rumor has now been confirmed, with Radcliffe slated to play Atwater and DeHann set to play Rove.


Daniel Radcliffe talks role selection, nudity, and growing as an actor

For those following the media blitz surrounding Daniel Radcliffe and his new film “What If”, out in theaters this month, one assumes that is all he might be focused on. However, in a “Daily Mail” interview posted just days ago, Radcliffe gives fans an inside look at his thought process of selecting roles, nudity on film and stage, and what he’s doing to prepare himself for his next role playing Sebastian Coe.


“Kill Your Darlings” to feature at Out in Africa Film Festival

Last year, Daniel Radcliffe film “Kill Your Darlings” hit a good number of the famous film festivals around the world, including Sundance, Venice, and London. This year it is set to feature at another one: the Out in Africa Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.