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Good Fatherly Moments from Bad Dads


In honor of Father's Day, we're looking at several good fatherly moments from bad dads. Read More »

MuggleNet Rereads “Chamber of Secrets”


Enemies of the heir beware - "MuggleNet Rereads 'Harry Potter'" has just opened up "Chamber of Secrets"! Read More »

2016 Resolutions: Death Eater Edition

death eater new year

Get a sneak peek at some of our favorite Death Eaters' New Year's resolutions! Read More »

MuggleNet’s Christmas Crossovers: Christmas with the Weasleys


A "Potter" recasting of one of my favorite films, "Christmas with the Kranks"! Read More »

Five of Our Favorite Fandom Pairings: Ginny Weasley Edition


Here are five of our favorite Ginny pairings. Is your OTP on this list? Read More »

Rocky Horror Comes to Hogwarts


It wouldn't be Halloween without a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Shadow Cast. Who would your favorite "Harry Potter" characters play? Read More »

Reptile Awareness Day: The Seven Slytherins You Need to Be Aware Of


Happy Reptile Awareness Day! Let's take a look at our favorite snakes. Is yours included on this list? Read More »

13 Thoughts While Re-Watching “Deathly Hallows – Part 1”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Join us on our re-watch of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1". Don't forget your sleeping bag! Read More »

Dumbledore as Headmaster: The Worst Thing to Happen to Hogwarts


Many would agree that Dumbledore was a genius, the greatest wizard of his time, a master of strategy, and even a qualified mentor. However, he held a position at Hogwarts he should not have kept, for he used it to further his own personal goals and neglected the core nature of his task. Read More »

If “Harry Potter” Characters Said What Their Actors Posted

Trio laughing

The last book would've been more like "Harry Potter and the Drunk-ly Hallows", am I right? Read More »

The 12 “Potter” Characters You Meet on Tinder

YuleBallPatils copy

Sure, they may have the ability to fly and get the housework done by magic, but when it comes to dating, the characters of "Harry Potter" have to wade through the same morass of horrible mistakes as the rest of us. Read More »

Draco’s Top Ten Moments as Book Titles

Draco Malfoy

Happy 35th birthday, Draco Malfoy! Here are some favorite Draco moments from the books and films. Read More »

Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones

Title GoT

Valar Morghulis? Well, Expecto Patronum. Read More »

Lost Lucius His Servant, Gained Dobby His Freedom

dobby a free elf selfie

Dobby the house-elf gained his freedom on May 30, 1993. Take a moment to show recognition and solidarity to Dobby and for some of the ideals SPEW aimed for. Read More »

Parchment and Clothing: Tools of Freedom

Dobby with sock

You may not think so, but graduating from school and being given a piece of clothing really isn't all that different. Read More »

Jason Isaacs discusses the evolution of Lucius Malfoy in new interview


Jason Isaacs recently gave an interview where he discussed upcoming projects, fandom, and - most importantly - what it's like to play Lucius Malfoy. Read More »

Loving Family


Dear Mr. Malfoy, Did you truly love your wife and son? Read More »

A Free Elf


Dear Mr. Malfoy, It is hard to prepare your own food, wash your own clothes and clean up after yourself? Read More »

Azkaban Dementor


Dear Mr. Malfoy, What was it like in Azkaban? Read More »