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Potter DIY: Luna Lovegood butterbeer cork necklace


This Luna Lovegood Cork Necklace is not only a fantastic piece to sport and represent your love for the fandom, but is a must for anyone looking to Cosplay Luna! Read More »

Fantastical Orlando giveaway winners explore Diagon Alley


Remember our Fantastical Orlando giveaway? Our winner, Bryan, and his wife Emily share their experience with us! Check it out here! Read More »

Dragon Con recap: Evanna Lynch and Scarlett Byrne talk their favorite “Potter” ships and who streaked through the Great Hall

Dragon Con 2014 Evanna Lynch Scarlett Byrne

Check out some of the best questions and answers from Evanna Lynch and Scarlett Byrne's panels from Dragon Con 2014, plus tons of photos from the Yule Ball! Read More »

Two “Harry Potter” actors to attend Dragon Con 2014!

Dragon Con Logo

Two "Potter" actors have signed on to attend Dragon Con 2014! Find out who right here! Read More »

Luna and her Pets


Dear Luna, Do you have any pets? Read More »

A Lonely Bookworm seeks advice


Dear Luna, any ideas on how to get the teasing to stop and maybe make more friends while still being myself? Read More »

Unique Individual


Dear Miss Luna, On reading the quibbler I found out a lot about Nargles. On further research, I discovered that only those who believe can see them, but they are easy to see if you look through Spectrespecs you can see them clearly. It was one Christmas when I had received a pair of spectrespecs with the Quibbler in my stocking (best present ever!!) and I was looking aound the house for Nargles. My brother was playing with some of his toys when I looked at him. Upon this, I dicovered that his head is full of Nargles! We went to St. Mungos to see if they could do anything but they tuned me and my brother away saying there is no such thing as Nargles. However, I know that nargles do exist and I want my brother to rid himself of them. I know they are pretty harmless but he goes all funny sometimes. Read More »

Favorite Magical Creature


Dear Miss Lovegood, What is your favourite magical creature? Read More »

Mistake in Identity


Dear Ms. Lovegood, For many years, all of my close friends have thought me insane for one simple reason. I believe that not many people understand me, so I have created a world inside my head where people do understand me, and they don't judge me. I made the mistake of telling my friends this, and now, as said, they all believe I'm insane. Am I insane? Or is what I'm doing completely normal, and my friends don't understand it? Read More »

Nargles in Muggle World


Dear Miss Lovegood, I have been doing some reading on nargles, and I was hoping to ask you a question about your personal experiences with them. Did you find that they were more common and to be found in heavier concentrations near Hogwarts? Were the number of nargles less overall in the Muggle world? Read More »

What Is Love


Dear Miss Lovegood, What is love? Read More »

Lonely Hufflepuff


Dear Miss Lovegood, I am going into my third year at Hogwarts as a proud Hufflepuff. The problem is I have only 2 or 3 close friends. I try hard to be friends with everyone, but nothing I do works. Is there any advice you can give me? Read More »

True Happiness


Dear Miss Lovegood, What is the secret to true happiness? How do I find it? Where is it located? Read More »

A Shy Hufflepuff


Dear Luna, Hi Luna, I was wondering, how do you manage to be so amazing and brave? You're always yourself, no matter how much people tease you. How can you do it? Read More »