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The Day I Met Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood

Thirteen years after the release of "Order of the Phoenix", Luna Lovegood still stands as one of the most compelling and admirable characters from the "Harry Potter" series. I look back on the day I met her. Read More »

Was Hagrid a Bad Teacher?

Hagrid at Hogsmeade Station Header Crop

Was Hagrid's teaching a "bit of a joke" or was there more to it than that? Read More »

Five Times Daniel Radcliffe Proved That He’s Basically Luna Lovegood in Real Life

Now You See Me 2 Featured Daniel Radcliffe

We take a look at the uncanny similarities between the character of Luna Lovegood and Daniel Radcliffe. Read More »

Watch Evanna Lynch Get Sorted on Pottermore!

Evanna Lynch featured image

In conversation with Pottermore, Evanna Lynch talks about what "Harry Potter" means to her and takes the Pottermore quiz again to determine her true House. Read More »

Five Comedic Moments the Movies Left Out

Trio laughing

There are several parts of the books that didn't make it to the films, and these are five of the funniest moments that got cut. Read More »

Funko Officially Releases Images of “Harry Potter” Wave 2 Pop! Vinyl – Including Pop! Pens!

HP_Pop_Wave 2

We posted earlier in the week that images of some of the Wave 2 "Harry Potter" Pop! Vinyls had leaked, and now we have a press release from Funko showing us the official versions - as well as a never-before-announced product! Read More »

MuggleNet’s Christmas Crossovers: “A Charlie Brown Christmas”


"Potter" cast meets "Peanuts" characters in this holiday crossover! Read More »

MuggleNet’s Christmas Crossovers: Christmas with the Weasleys


A "Potter" recasting of one of my favorite films, "Christmas with the Kranks"! Read More »

Four Lives Forever Changed by Newt Scamander


Newt Scamander has already been working magic in the lives of our favorite "Harry Potter" characters, and we’ve still got under a year until the "Fantastic Beasts" premiere! Here are just four of the characters affected by Newt’s successful career as a Magizoologist. Read More »

Espresso Patronum!

featured espresso

To celebrate National Espresso Day, we imagined which magical coffee elixirs would have been our favorite witch and wizard go-to drinks! Read More »

Second Wave of “Harry Potter” POP! Vinyl Figures Revealed!

Pop Vinyl Series 2_Featured

The "Harry Potter" Wave 2 figures from Funko POP! are coming! Read more about which characters are set to be featured here! Read More »

Five Great Heroines Every “Harry Potter” Fan Should Check Out

Photo copy

The “Potter” books feature many diverse female characters. Each one of them is not a cardboard cutout but a well-developed human being. Here are five more female characters that fans of “Harry Potter” should also check out! Read More »

13 Thoughts While Re-Watching “Half-Blood Prince”


Join me on a wild ride re-watching "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". Enjoy the awkward moments, and make a few pincer jokes. Laugh at ol' Sluggy, and cry with Draco. Sit back and have fun. Read More »

Oz Comic-Con Sydney 2015

cover right size

Check out what Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis got up to at Oz Comic-Con! Read More »

Mean girl friend


Dear Luna, My mom says that mean girls don't get mean they just get meaner. I know who the popular girls are and one of them is my friend. I've known her since I was five and I'm afraid she is going to get mean,selfish, and ditch me forever. She was my first school friend and I don't want to lose her. Sincerely, Confused and Scared Read More »

Who Wore It Better: Luna Lovegood or Lady Gaga?

who wore it better featured image

Good day to you, magical universe! Gilderoy Lockhart here, with the highlight of your busy day. Prepare yourselves for the September installment of "Witch Weekly"’s “Who Wore It Better.” Read More »

Uncommon places to study


Dear Luna, Do you know of any good places in the castle to study, aside from the library or our Common Room? Those areas are always too crowded for me to properly get work done. In fact, the whole castle is often too loud for me to tolerate. I figure as a fellow Ravenclaw, you must have had the same problem at some point! Sincerely, Trying to Concentrate Read More »

The 12 “Potter” Characters You Meet on Tinder

YuleBallPatils copy

Sure, they may have the ability to fly and get the housework done by magic, but when it comes to dating, the characters of "Harry Potter" have to wade through the same morass of horrible mistakes as the rest of us. Read More »

Messrs. and Mses. Howly, Digger, Sly, Babbitty, and Spike: Animagus Forms of the New Generation


Which animal would best represent our favorite characters as Animagi? Here's one perspective! Read More »

Ten “Harry Potter” Characters and Their “Real Life” Counterparts


You know those characters that remind you of a certain person you've come across in your life? Well, here's a list of HP characters and their real-world equivalents. Read More »