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Happiness in the Darkest Times: On Terror and “Harry Potter”


It's been a terrible weekend, and no one has the answers. But among the pages of our favorite books are reminders of the kinds of people we want to become when the unthinkable happens. Read More »

Harry Potter and the Banned Book


For a decade, "Harry Potter" was considered one of the most challenged or banned books around the world. Now that the series has come to a close, what does this mean for the future? Read More »

Looking for Magic in a Muggle World


I wake up, disoriented, as a horrible screeching rings through my head. Stumbling out of bed, I go through the methodical routine of grabbing my phone, keys, and a jacket before filing out of the building for the third fire drill of the semester. As I pass under the alarm in the hallway, and it shakes my whole body, I wish I could just point at it and yell, “'Silencio'!” Read More »

Fan of the Week: Shravani – September 13, 2015


Our new Fan of the Week is Shravani, a young Ravenclaw from India! Read about what she would see in the Mirror of Erised, and find out which character from the books she believes she would share a Patronus with! Read More »

An Ode to Chapter 6


16 years ago, "Prisoner of Azkaban" was published, and I owe my "Potter" love to one specific chapter. Read More »

Good luck, James Sirius Potter


Today is James Sirius Potter's first day of Hogwarts, my sister's first day of high school, and I can't help but reflect on how Harry Potter must be doing this morning. Read More »

Epilogue: 19 Months Later


The finale in this epilogue series imagines the wizarding world 19 months after the final battle. Read More »

The Transparent Dangers of the Wizarding World


It takes true strength to walk away from what you wish you had, which is why I believe the Mirror of Erised and the Veil are far more dangerous than any Unforgivable Curse. Read More »

We Need a Marauders Backstory Immediately


Read More »

“Potter” Activities for the Basic Muggle


Re-create Hogwarts classes for a night of fun with friends and experience other small activities that are easy to plan. Read More »

“Harry Potter” and “Divergent”: Hogwarts Edition


The grand finale of our series where we sort your favorite "Divergent" characters in honor of "Insurgent" being released on DVD. Read More »

Five Things Hogwarts Is Strangely Missing


Facebook. Any semblance of a health and safety code. And would it have killed them to hire a guidance counselor? Read More »

Epilogue: 19 Weeks Later


Can you imagine what the wizarding world would look like 19 weeks after the Battle of Hogwarts? Read More »

Fan of the Week: Lizzie – July 26, 2015


New Fan of the Week Lizzy - a Ravenclaw from Florida - shares her inspiring story of how she became a fan of the books and what her awesome Patronus would be! Read More »

“Harry Potter” and “Divergent”: Abnegation

Abnegation title

A life of selflessness awaits the members of Abnegation as we consider who from the "Potter" world would choose this faction as their home. Read More »

We Were All There Together, or Being 14 Sucks, But It’ll Be Okay

Harry Hogwarts Letter

On this day in history, Harry Potter's first letter from Hogwarts arrived. I'm almost 30 and still waiting for mine, but I might not need it quite as much as I used to. Read More »

So You Want to Plan a Yule Ball

Yule Ball

Ever dream of attending the Yule Ball? How about hosting your own instead? I'll show you how to put it all together based off of my experience from running a "Potter" club in college. Read More »

Muggle No More – A Year of Diagon Alley

Wizarding World Diagon Alley

It's been a year since the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley opened its doors. Today we look back on our favorite parts with some insight from the people who made it happen. Read More »

Jobs These Nine “Harry Potter” Characters Would Have If They Were Muggles

dumbledore's army

Removed from a world where a hat gives you the ultimate aptitude test and you get to have “a cool wizard job” when you grow up, here’s what we reckon the "Harry Potter" characters would have gotten up to after they left school. Includes activism, infamy, and "The Wolf of Wall Street". Read More »

Epilogue: 19 Days Later

Battle of Hogwarts 11

A miniseries speculating what may have occurred in the wizarding world between the end of the final battle and the epilogue at King's Cross. What happened 19 days after Voldemort fell? Read More »