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13 Thoughts While Re-Watching “Deathly Hallows – Part 1”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Join us on our re-watch of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1". Don't forget your sleeping bag! Read More »

Newt Scamander: What’s in a name?

newt pic 3

Newton "Newt" Artemis Fido Scamander is the star of the upcoming film "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them". J.K. Rowling is known for packing a lot of meaning into a name, so what could be behind Newt's (rather long) name? Read More »

Role Call: Spinoffs and Spies

Frank Dillane

There's a lot to cover in this week's Role Call - from the "Walking Dead" spinoff to a spy thriller, to a return to children's television, our favorite cast members are bringing us all sorts of interesting new entertainment this year! Take a look! Read More »

Role Call: Magical time of year

Helena Bonham Carter Cinderella Header

It's that wondrous time of year when we look forward to the holidays, feasts, and presents. In addition to the presents you can win during our annual (and awesome!) Advent Calendar Giveaway this year, we'd like to think that bringing you all the Role Call news every week is a gift, as well. This week, we bring you movies on Blu-ray, red carpet interviews (with animal guests, too!), George Clooney at Downton, a US series featuring a Slytherin baddie that has been added to a UK fall lineup, a "Harry Potter" ginger gracing the cover of a major film magazine, and a poster of a certain blonde Fairy Godmother. If we could wrap it up in a bow and hand it to you, we would! Take a look at this week's Casting News! Read More »

“Harry Potter” actors make list of most influential British comedians


Who knew "Harry Potter" had such funny actors?! Three "Potter" actors have been named some of the most influential British comedians of all time. Click here to see where they rank! Read More »

John Cleese discusses his career origins, new autobiography with “Varsity”

John Cleese

In a new interview with "Varsity", "Harry Potter" actor John Cleese - who portrayed Nearly Headless Nick - discusses the origins of his career in show business and his new novel, “So Anyway...” Read More »

Role Call: A countess, three contenders, and a chef walk into a pub…

Hogs Head3

As fall approaches, our "Harry Potter" cast are returning to familiar and favorite roles as we take a look at the new season of "Downton Abbey", discuss possible Oscar noms, a return to Monty Python's roots, and a first look at "Medea"! Read More »

Role Call: Jabberwockys and tigers, oh my!

John Hurt 2

This week, we take another look at "Cinderella", learn some exciting casting news for "The Jungle Book", take some silly walks, and find out which television series has been granted a second season! All this and more in this week's edition of Casting News! Read More »

Theater Review: “Monty Python Live (Mostly)”, starring John Cleese


Forty-five years, three seasons on the BBC, and four hit movies later (I do include Something Completely Different); Monty Python is the biggest comedy group of all time and have done for comedy what the Beatles did for music. Read More »

Win tickets to see “Monty Python Live (Mostly)”


Enter this cool competition for a chance to win tickets to an encore presentation of Monty Python's farewell show "Monty Python Live (Mostly)". Find out all the details here. Read More »

Role Call: Veela Love Story, All Hail Queen Narcissa!


In this week's Role Call, we find out how Narcissa Malfoy became queen, find Ollivander performing for charity, and how squib Filch wormed his way up to Professor status - All this and more in Casting News! Read More »

John Cleese, Monty Python co-stars auctioning off cameo role for charity


John Cleese and his comedy troupe Monty Python are reuniting for a set of ten performances at the O2 Arena in London this July, and one lucky winner will get the chance to be on stage opening night! Find out how you can win here! Read More »

Role Call: The Dowager Countess is back…with Gregorovitch?

Maggie Smith Quartet

In this week's edition of Casting News, we find out who's joining the cast of two popular British television drama series, who's visiting a late night talk show, and more! Read More »