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“MuggleNet Academia” Lesson 42: “Pottermore’s Sorting Hat: The Dark Triad Dirty Dozen”


You can now download and enjoy "MuggleNet Academia" Lesson 42: "Pottermore’s Sorting Hat: The Dark Triad Dirty Dozen," which discusses the Pottermore Sorting Quiz by J.K. Rowling and what the resultant House assignment really tells about you and your personality. Enjoy the show! Read More »

Seven Real-Life “Potter” Experiences

hp books featured image

With "Harry Potter" long over, and "Fantastic Beasts" and "The Cursed Child" still out of reach, how does a serious Potterhead fulfill the gaping void in their lives? Here are some real-life experiences to distract us from a Potterless existence. Read More »

“Star Wars” Fans: “MuggleNet Academia” Lesson 41: “Lightsabers and Wands” is NOW Available for Download


You can now download and enjoy "MuggleNet Academia" Lesson 41: "Lightsabers and Wands," which discusses the global phenomenon "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and its comparisons and contrasts to the "Harry Potter" series. Enjoy the show! Read More »

MuggleNet’s 2015 Year in Review: “Fantastic Beasts”, “Cursed Child”, and Expo Patronum!

Year in Review 2015

It’s been another great year to be part of the "Harry Potter" fandom. From "Fantastic Beasts" news, to "Cursed Child" news, to MuggleNet's first-ever convention, relive all of 2015's best moments with our annual Year in Review! Read More »

“MuggleNet Academia” Lesson 40: “The Wizarding War Was Won on the Quidditch Pitch of Hogwarts” is NOW Available for Download


You can now download and enjoy "MuggleNet Academia" Lesson 40, which discusses the symbols and literary alchemy found within the wizarding game of Quidditch. Enjoy the show! Read More »

The Case Has Been Opened: MuggleNet’s New “Fantastic Beasts” Podcast


MuggleNet proudly introduces SpeakBeasty, our new Fantastic Beasts podcast! Read More »

11 Most Disastrous Article Ideas We’ve Ever Had


"I Ate Like Movie Ron Weasley for a Week, and Here's What Happened" and other article ideas that were shelved for reasons of legality, safety, or human decency in general. Read More »

“MuggleNet Academia” Lesson 39: “The Boy Who Lived, All Grown Up” Is Now Available for Download


Download the latest in the most popular academic podcast on the "Harry Potter" series as "MuggleNet Academia" takes a look at Hutcheon's Adaptation Theory within the world of the "Potter" fandom. Lesson 39 is now available! Read More »

Emma Watson Embraces Feminism with Fabric


On December 3, Emma Watson's 12-day-long clothing sale on Vestiaire Collective will kick-start and help women in war-torn countries all over the world. Read More »

A Look Back at “What Will Happen In Harry Potter 7”: Chapter 7: “Love”

what will happen image

What did MuggleNet expect to come of all the relationships in "Potter" prior to Book 7? Read More »

“MuggleNet Academia” Lesson 38: “The Harry Potter Lexicon – Here and Back Again” Is Now Available for Download


In this lesson, we discuss "The Harry Potter Lexicon", the ultimate resource of facts and information on the "Harry Potter" series, with creator and owner Steve Vander Ark. Read More »

Presenting “MuggleWatch” – Your New Favorite “Harry Potter” News Recap!


We here at MuggleNet have a long history of bringing you the best in "Harry Potter" news coverage, whether that's updates about J.K. Rowling, information about local events, or the scoop on what Daniel Radcliffe's latest film role is set to be. Now we're ready to launch into a whole new era with "MuggleWatch" - our short, biweekly video update about all things "Potter"! Read More »

“MuggleNet Academia” Lesson 37: “Harry Potter for Nerds II: Essays for Lit Geeks” is NOW Available for Download


In this lesson, the editors of "Harry Potter for Nerds II", Prinzi and McDaniel, talk with Keith Hawk and John Granger about Lupin, twins in Harry Potter, Quidditch, Gothic tropes, reverse alchemy, Dumbledore’s mom, the White Rose Society, and even another look at Squibs, subjects explored in depth in "For Nerds II". Read More »

Happy Birthday, MuggleNet: Keeping Magic Alive Since 1999

birthday cake

In October 1999, 12-year-old Emerson Spartz formed the first piece of what would later become Spartz Media. In honor of MuggleNet's 16th birthday, I thought we should take a look at what makes MuggleNet the go to place for "Potter" fans even after the series has been long finished. Read More »

“MuggleNet Academia” Lesson 36: “Violence Against Women in Harry Potter” Is Now Available for Download


"MuggleNet Academia" returns with this look at all of the "Violence Against Women in Harry Potter" - Download to listen NOW! Read More »

Fan of the Week: Aishwarya – September 20, 2015


Aishwarya is our new Fan of the Week! This Ravenclaw from India shares the beautiful story of how she became a fan and what one item she wishes she could have from the set of the "Potter" films. Apply and you could be next! Read More »

A Look Back at “What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7”: Chapter 3: “What JKR Says”

MNs HP 7

Today, I will be reflecting on the third chapter of the book, which discusses what the author of our beloved series, J.K. Rowling, said about Book 7 before it was even published. I'll be going through each of the points in the chapter to see if what JKR led us to believe actually occurred. Read More »

Fan of the Week: Shravani – September 13, 2015


Our new Fan of the Week is Shravani, a young Ravenclaw from India! Read about what she would see in the Mirror of Erised, and find out which character from the books she believes she would share a Patronus with! Read More »

Why J.K. Rowling Shouldn’t Divulge Any More Information About the “Harry Potter” Series


JKR should never let go of the "Harry Potter" series, and neither should we. We just need to be allowed to imagine things on our own. Sometimes, less information is more. Read More »

A Look Back at “What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7”: Chapters 1 & 2

MNs HP 7

Looking back on MuggleNet's Book 7 predictions from ten years ago, what did we get right? What did we get wrong? Where did we come very close to having it all put together? Read More »