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Fan Art of the Week: “Deathly Hallows” characters


A few prominent characters that took part in the final series face off is this week’s featured fan art creation. With its theme centering around good vs. evil, take a peek at what this fan’s interpretation looks like. Read More »

Five things “Harry Potter” has taught me about death


Whether you’ve grown up alongside the “Potter” series, come to it in your later years, or are just starting to read the first couple of pages in “Sorcerer’s Stone”, I think it’s safe to say that you’re going to find yourself with more take-aways than you have the time to sort through. Here are some of the lessons Harry has taught me about death. Read More »

Potter DIY: Marauder’s Map


You'll absolutely LOVE this DIY; we solemnly swear! Read More »

100 days to Expo Patronum – A “Potter” convention like no other!

MuggleNet Live - Expo Patronum

There are only 100 days to go until MuggleNet Live! 2015: Expo Patronum! We've said often enough that it's going to be a "Harry Potter" convention like no other, but what do we mean by that? Here's what your day could look like! Read More »

Fan Art of the Week: Emma Watson’s portrait


The fan art creation we are featuring this time around is a watercolor painting done by an incredibly talented Swedish fan. Read More »

Diagon Alley, “The Silkworm”, and MuggleNet Live!: Expo Patronum – Our 2014 Year in Review


It's that time of year again! MuggleNet looks back at all the ups and downs of "Potter" fandom in 2014 with our annual Year in Review. Read More »

“MuggleNet Fan Fiction’s AudioFictions” Episode 199: “One Year Later”

Audiofictions - Cover Photo 2013 (MuggleNet Edit 001)

It's almost time for "AudioFictions" to say farewell. Before the MerMuggles gather for a final live episode next week, hear one last story from each of them, along with the staff's reflections on the series. Read More »

Potter DIY: Spell books

Brews and Potions Book_The Crafty Cupboard[5]

These spell books are sure to add that final bit of magic to your "Potter"-themed party or room decor or can even be made to complete cosplay costumes! Read More »

MuggleNet and TeeFury are proud to bring you the 9¾ Collection!

MuggleNet/TeeFury 9 3/4 Collection

MuggleNet is proud to partner with TeeFury to bring you the 9¾ Collection, a selection of awesome "Harry Potter" T-shirts curated by the MuggleNet staff. We pored over designs and have chosen our very favorites to add to this collection, available for a limited time from December 8 to December 15! Read More »

Potter DIY: “Monster Book of Monsters” book box


This DIY was submitted to us by Talar, who was inspired to re-create the infamous "attacking textbook" from "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" by watching someone else do so on YouTube. Great for Halloween or a conversation piece in your bedroom, we show you how to make one of your own! Read More »

“MuggleNet Fan Fiction’s AudioFictions” Episode 198: “Part of the Family”

Audiofictions - Cover Photo 2013 (MuggleNet Edit 001)

Meet the next generation of witches and wizards on the latest episode of "AudioFictions". Take a glimpse into Teddy and Victoire's rendezvous at Platform Nine-and-Three-Quarters as the MerMuggles tell stories of your favorite "Potter" characters' sons and daughters. Read More »

“MuggleNet Fan Fiction’s AudioFictions” holiday season episode package

Audiofictions - Cover Photo 2013 (MuggleNet Edit 001)

"AudioFictions" is ringing in the holiday season with TWO new episodes! Hermione and Ginny are looking for a change of pace as the MerMuggles share new tales of unexpected romance in Episode 196, "Under the Misletoe," and Episode 197, "A New Direction." Read More »

Potter DIY: Potions ornament


Looking to spruce up that Christmas tree of yours and spread the holiday cheer, "Potter" style? Get your pliers ready because Polly over at Pieces by Polly is going to help us do just that! Read More »

Book Review: “The Weird Sisters” by Eleanor Brown


The book introduces us to the Andreas sisters - three young women, two of whom are in their twenties and one in her early thirties - who reunite in the small college town where they were raised to care for their now-ill mother. The three sisters must now deal with their past, present, and future while simultaneously dealing with each other, something they haven’t done since they were little. Read More »

Potter DIY: “Harry Potter” tile coasters


Inspired by Pinterest, Colleen from Coll Writes got crafty and decided to make these absolutely amazing "Harry Potter"-inspired coasters for her sister using pages from her favorite "Harry Potter" books! Read More »

“MuggleNet Fan Fiction’s AudioFictions” Episode 195: “Bitten”

Audiofictions - Cover Photo 2013 (MuggleNet Edit 001)

The MerMuggles are sharing spooky stories submitted by you, the listeners, in "Bitten," Episode 195 of "AudioFictions". As a young Remus Lupin enjoys Halloween, hear two brand new tales packed full with sound effects that bring the magic of the wizarding world beyond the books. Read More »

“MuggleNet Fan Fiction’s AudioFictions” Episode 194: “Miss Fortune Teller”

Audiofictions - Cover Photo 2013 (MuggleNet Edit 001)

The MerMuggles turn to the winners of "MuggleNet Fan Fiction"'s Quicksilver Quill Awards for two brand new stories on this week's episode of "AudioFictions", as Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil attempt to peek into their futures in Episode 194, "Miss Fortune Teller." Read More »

“MuggleNet Fan Fiction’s AudioFictions” Episode 193 and Halloween Drabble Contest

Audiofictions - Cover Photo 2013 (MuggleNet Edit 001)

The MerMuggles have stuffed this week's episode of "AudioFictions" full with three new stories! Hear what happened in the other compartments aboard the Hogwarts Express when the dementors showed up as the MerMuggles fuel your positive Patronus thoughts with brand new tales in Episode 193, "Dementor, Dementor!" Read More »

“MuggleNet Fan Fiction’s AudioFictions” Episode 192 and Halloween Drabble Contest

Audiofictions - Cover Photo 2013 (MuggleNet Edit 001)

The MerMuggles welcome two new team members to the ranks on the latest episode of "AudioFictions"! Hear their contributions in this week's new set of stories as Harry and Luna return to the Department of Mysteries to bury the past in Episode 192, "The Mirror Crack'd." And don't forget to enter the last annual Halloween Drabble Contest! YOUR story could be read aloud on "AudioFictions"! Read More »

Ten reasons you’re better off in Gryffindor


Gryffindor FTW! Read More »