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Seven Ways Wizards Think Muggles Are Lesser 0

Seven Ways Wizards Think Muggles Are Lesser

The villains in “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” clearly believe that wizards are superior to Muggles. However, in the wizarding world, prejudice exists everywhere – even among non-villains.


If pictures could move

I’ve always thought the moving pictures of the wizarding world are one of the most interesting differences between Muggle and Wizard lives. When you think about it, we take pictures to capture a moment in time. Even our moving pictures taken on film or SD card have limitations. They are still a specific moment and the people within them can’t branch out of what has been recorded.


Potterhead experiences

I consider myself to be a Potterhead, and as such, I’ve reread each book in the series no less than 15 times since I was seven. I used to think it was a pretty normal thing to do, but talking to real normal people made me realize that rereading the same words so many times isn’t common; it’s actually weird. I suppose Potterheads are fairly strange creatures. It’s not like we have superpowers or anything (I wish!). We just happen to be waaaaaay too attached to anything related to the world of the Boy Who Lived. Many times, we don’t realize just how weird some of our “Potter”-induced habits may appear to others. It makes us special in some strange way. Here are some of my weird experiences as a Potterhead.