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Luna Lovegood 2

The Day I Met Luna Lovegood

Thirteen years after the release of “Order of the Phoenix”, Luna Lovegood still stands as one of the most compelling and admirable characters from the “Harry Potter” series. I look back on the day I met her.

Sirius Black 0

Beyond the Veil: A Threadbare Divide Between Living and Dead

Twenty years ago today, Sirius Black fell through the veil in the Department of Mysteries. How translucent is that veil during the painful grieving process? Do souls sometimes linger a little longer around their loved ones before journeying permanently beyond the veil?


Severus… Please…

“The Prince’s Tale” shows us the progression of the exceedingly complex relationship between Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape. However, there is a gap in “The Prince’s Tale”…


19 Thoughts While Re-Watching “Order of the Phoenix”

Ah, we have finally made our way to the re-watching of Order of the Phoenix, one of most polarizing installments of the series, both book and film. Nearly as stark and dreary in cinematography as “Prisoner of Azkaban”, OotP jacks up the teenage angst in its main teenaged cast, as well as the threatening and illusive nature of Voldemort’s mission to decimate the non-pure-blood community.


Seven Times Hermione Granger Took Ron Weasley’s Lines in the Movies

Harry needs both Ron and Hermione in his life; together, Ron and Hermione generously provide all the elements that Harry needs to be a fully functioning, more-than-adequately happy human being. By ripping the dialogue out of book-Ron’s mouth and shoving them into movie-Hermione’s does nothing except satisfy Harry/Hermione shippers and destroy any character building on Ron’s part.