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Fly the Movie Coming Soon

A new documentary following TeamUK’s journey to the Quidditch World Cup – a journey that began earlier this year and will conclude with the tournament this summer in Frankfurt on July 23-24.


The Third Year #QuidditchTurnsTen

Muggle Quidditch took flight with the very first intercollegiate Muggle Quidditch match in history in 2007, along with the “traveling circus” of a team. Read on to learn more!


Still Hoping for a “Quidditch World Cup II” Video Game

The “Quidditch World Cup” game was an incredible experience for many fans. It was a new way to explore the Potterverse; it had a unique graphic design that set it apart from the films or the other “Harry Potter” video games, and it moved beyond the books with new characters. Sadly, playing this game today amounts to retro-gaming: It didn’t age well.