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Uganda Forced to Drop Out of Quidditch World Cup

For the past few months, Team Uganda has been raising funds to travel to and participate in the tournament, and the team has raised nearly 700% of its original goal. Unfortunately, the hard work of the fundraisers and the generosity of the donors were not enough to get Team Uganda to the World Cup.


Quidditch Plaque Brings Magic to Bristol Children’s Hospital

Over a year ago, a mysterious plaque appeared outside the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, seemingly commemorating the installation of the goal posts used in the 1998 Quidditch World Cup – but in the 18 months that the plaque has been bringing smiles to passersby, the hospital staff never even knew it was there. Now, a recent BBC article has traced the origins of the magical nameplate.


Uganda to Represent Africa in IQA World Cup

After the US Quidditch Cup last month, Quidditch fans are desperate for the next big tournament. The wait is nearly over, with the International Quidditch Association hosting the IQA World Cup over the weekend of July 23 and 24.