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Q.C. Boston Victory at US Quidditch Cup 9


The US Quidditch Cup 9 was this past weekend, and it was filled with exciting matches. Q.C. Boston ended up beating Rochester United in the championship match. Read More »

Nine Things to Look Forward to at the US Quidditch Cup

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The US Quidditch Cup is this weekend. Here's what we're looking forward to. Read More »

Disney Magic

featured image

We're celebrating the wizarding world with a little extra magic! Check out this artist's Hogwarts-inspired work! Read More »

Harry Potter Alliance Book Drive Coming to US Quidditch Cup

accio books

Since 2009, the Accio Books campaign by the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) has donated nearly 300,000 books to communities in need with its annual book drive. This year, the HPA is bringing its book drive to US Quidditch Cup 9. Read More »

Fly the Movie Coming Soon

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A new documentary following TeamUK's journey to the Quidditch World Cup - a journey that began earlier this year and will conclude with the tournament this summer in Frankfurt on July 23-24. Read More »

US National Quidditch Team Announced


21 players - along with seven alternates - have been chosen for the US National Team for the International Quidditch Association's (IQA) World Cup 2016. This event will be held July 23-24 in Frankfurt, Germany. Read More »

Harry Potter and the Celebration of Ireland

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In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, here is a compilation of all things Irish in the "Harry Potter" series. Read More »

Lumberjack Quidditch Introduces the Game to the Next Generation

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The wizarding world's most beloved sport now offered to the younger generation - wizards and Muggles alike! Read More »

Angelina Johnson: The Epitome of Gryffindor Ideals

Angelina Johnson

In honor of Black History Month, we highlight all of Angelina Johnson's most Gryffindor qualities to show what an amazing character she is. Read More »

Kedzie Teller Joins Athlete Ally as First Quidditch Player

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Chaser for the Lone Star Quidditch Club Kedzie Teller accepted the invitation to join Athlete Ally to become the first Quidditch player to join the organization as a professional ambassador. Read More »

One Teacher Made His Students’ Quidditch Dreams a Reality


Anshu Agarwal, teacher and photographer for Anshoots Photography, spent four Sundays doing a Quidditch-themed photoshoot for his students by using levitation photography, a technique that makes it look as if the subject of the photo is floating - or in Agarwal's case, flying. Read More »

Seven Real-Life “Potter” Experiences

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With "Harry Potter" long over, and "Fantastic Beasts" and "The Cursed Child" still out of reach, how does a serious Potterhead fulfill the gaping void in their lives? Here are some real-life experiences to distract us from a Potterless existence. Read More »

Alan Rickman Memorial Shield: 2016 – Always

Players involved in the first of the annual fantasy event

The University of Sunshine Coast Dementors, along with other Queensland Association of Quidditch players, have played the first of an annual fantasy Quidditch match in memorial of the late Alan Rickman. Read More »

Austria and Australia National Teams Prepare for Frankfurt

QAT national trial

Both countries began their national Quidditch team selections for the 2016 World Cup on January 16. Read More »

Selection Committee Announced to Create US National Quidditch Team

IQA Quidditch Logo 660

Gather up your broomsticks and Quidditch robes; the International Quidditch Association (IQA) World Cup will be hosted in Frankfurt, Germany, July 23-24, 2016! Read More »

Running Press to Release New Collectible Quidditch Set!

Sorcerer's Stone Quidditch

We may have almost a year to go until next Christmas, but "Harry Potter" fans may want to start compiling their wish lists now! In March of 2016, Running Press (the same people who bring you those adorable mini sticker and prop kits) will be releasing a beautiful deluxe Quidditch set, complete with lock and key. Read More »

Easter Eggs in Jim Kay’s Illustrations for “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

Sorcerers_Jim Kay

Dive into the world of Jim Kay's gorgeous watercolor illustrations in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and take a closer look at some of the image's best-kept secrets. Read More »

NYE Quidditch Plans

Quidditch Kiss

Some simple, and more in-depth, Quidditch additions to any NYE party you are hosting or attending. Read More »

“MuggleNet Academia” Lesson 40: “The Wizarding War Was Won on the Quidditch Pitch of Hogwarts” is NOW Available for Download


You can now download and enjoy "MuggleNet Academia" Lesson 40, which discusses the symbols and literary alchemy found within the wizarding game of Quidditch. Enjoy the show! Read More »

US Quidditch Cup 9 Regional Recaps

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Half of the regional championships have now been completed, and we know 33 qualified teams out of the 60 that will compete at the US Quidditch Cup 9, previously known as the Quidditch World Cup. Read More »