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Sirius Black Is a Hypocrite


Is Sirius as loyal as you think he is? Read more to find out! Read More »

Jobs These Nine “Harry Potter” Characters Would Have If They Were Muggles

dumbledore's army

Removed from a world where a hat gives you the ultimate aptitude test and you get to have “a cool wizard job” when you grow up, here’s what we reckon the "Harry Potter" characters would have gotten up to after they left school. Includes activism, infamy, and "The Wolf of Wall Street". Read More »

Rate My Professors: Defense Against the Dark Arts Edition


Rate My Professors has finally come to Hogwarts. Which Defense Against the Dark Arts professor would you choose? Read More »

Top Five Father Figures in “Harry Potter”


For this Father's Day, we're taking a look at some of our favorite father figures in the "Harry Potter" series and ranking them to find the best overall "dad." Read More »

Laying Low at Lupin’s: Wolfstar and Betrayal

edited hug

Betrayal is something that we all might face in our relationships, but that didn't stop Remus and Sirius from becoming one of the most well-known, and well-loved, pairings in the "Harry Potter" fandom. Read More »

Becoming Remus Lupin: Determined to Forgive #MNBHP

Remus Lupin

While Harry is determined to hate Snape, Lupin is determined to forgive him... Read More »

Remus Returning


Dear Professor Lupin, Did you know that you were the coolest Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher that Hogwarts has had in such a long time ? I think your lessons were breathtaking! If there was a chance, would you come back and teach again ? We miss the excitement of actually wanting to go to class. Read More »

Forming an Animagus


Dear Professor Lupin, I wonder how you transform into an Animagus. Does it hurt? Tell me everything that is worthy to know about Animagi because I really want to do it. Do you have any tips? Read More »

Alarm Clock Boggart


Dear Professor Lupin, I was wondering if you could tell me a few tips on facing Boggarts. My Boggart takes the shape of an alarm clock that slowly ticks, and I am having trouble making that 'funny' enough. Read More »

Playing Favorites


Dear Professor Lupin, Who would be your favorite student apart from Harry Potter? Read More »

Dating Between Houses


Dear Professor Lupin, I am a Slytherin, and proud, as are the rest of my family and friends. However, every boy I like happens to be a Gryffindor. I know my family and friends will hate me if I go out with a Gryffindor. What do I do? Read More »

Your Wolf Patronus?


Dear Professor Lupin, I was wondering what your Patronus is, considering you taught Harry how to conjure his own. I've heard rumors that it's a simple wolf, but I don't believe that's true, considering seeing a wolf would bring about unhappy thoughts and possibly weaken your patronus. Read More »

Weary Wand Waver


Dear Professor Lupin, I often find that my wand arm grows tired after practicing magic. Is there something wrong with my wand, or is it just me? What should I do? Read More »

Dealing with Differences


Dear Professor Lupin, How can I deal with being different than everyone else? They judge me and mock me. It hurts. What should I do? Read More »

Admitting / Accepting Love


Dear Professor Lupin, Why did it take you so long to admit you loved Tonks as much as she loves you? Read More »

Mr. Filch and His Cat


Dear Professor Lupin, What is it with Mr. Filch and his cat? Read More »