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The term ‘Potterhead’


Dear Harry, Sorry if this has been asked before, but I am curious: what do you think of the term “Potterhead?” I think it’s a lovely term for your fans. I think it has a nice ring to it, really. Sincerely, Abbi B. Read More »

MuggleNet Rereads “Goblet of Fire”


The next installment of the "MuggleNet Rereads 'Harry Potter'" series. What did you think during your latest reread of "Goblet of Fire"? Read More »

Five Comedic Moments the Movies Left Out

Trio laughing

There are several parts of the books that didn't make it to the films, and these are five of the funniest moments that got cut. Read More »

MuggleNet’s Christmas Crossovers: “A Charlie Brown Christmas”


"Potter" cast meets "Peanuts" characters in this holiday crossover! Read More »

Ten Ron x Hermione Moments That Didn’t Quite Make It to the Movies

ron hermione kiss

Check out our top ten Ron x Hermione moments! Read More »

Which Weasley Are You?


Which member of everyone's favorite wizarding family would you be? Take this quiz to find out! Read More »

“Harry Potter” Characters and Their Disney Counterparts: Ron and Terk


Ron is a tough character for which to find a Disney counterpart. One needs a character who is instantly lovable, funny, endearing, and fiercely loyal... it takes a lot to fill our King's shoes. So in looking through all of the Disney characters that make a heroic uno into a dynamic duo, we've settled on a fun favorite in Terk from "Tarzan". Read More »

15 times Ron Weasley was an absolute boss and made sure we knew it

ron weasley

Cheers to the redheaded underdog! Read More »

Becoming Ron Weasley: Prefect #MNBHP

ron weasley

Why would Dumbledore choose Ron? Even if he didn’t want to put the pressure on Harry, there was still Seamus, Dean, and Neville to choose from. But he chose Ron, and I think I know why... Read More »

Wizard World Chicago Comic Con – cosplay recap!


his past weekend, MuggleNet attended Wizard World's Chicago Comic Con at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. While none of the special guests were HP actors, there was still a noticeable presence of fans dressed up as characters from the Harry Potter series. We caught several of them and asked them why they chose what they did for their Comic Con outing. Read More »

Weasley twin personalities – more of the same


Ever wonder how different the Weasley twins really were? Ron shares a few of his insights on the pair in the latest "Dear Hogwarts..." letter. Read More »

Harry The Boss Potter


How is it like, having Harry as your boss? Read More »

Clear Blue Eyes


Ron Weasley, I'm completely confused right now. How can a bloke tell that he has feelings for a girl? Because I met this one girl and she annoys me so much because every time I look into her clear blue eyes, I can't help myself from saying stupid things. She's amazing. But she's my friend. And I don't want to ruin that friendship. What if she doesn't like me back? Did I just say that I was worried because she may not have feelings for me? This is so weird! I just cannot stand in front of her and spill things out like "Hey R.W. (I need to keep her name as a secret), I think I may have feelings for you?" Read More »

Feelings Nothing More Than Feelings


Greetings to Mr Weasley, I have a question for you that has been bothering me for a while now and I hope that you could answer me. It's about the relationship between you and Hermione Granger. Firstly, when was it when you found out about your feelings towards Mrs Weasley (Hermione Granger)? Was it anything positive? Secondly, why is it that you still dated Lavender Brown when you had feelings for Mrs Weasley? Read More »

Chaotic Siblings


Dear Ronald Weasley, How can I stop myself from getting into fights with siblings?? I feel like everyday we get into arguments about nothing serious and we drive each other mad! What do I do? Read More »

Chocolate Frog Cards


Dear Ron, Hello, I'm just wondering if you know about Snape's story? What do you think? Does it make you have greater respect for him? Do you still have prejudice against Slytherin students? Because I'm in Slytherin House and it really breaks my heart if you say yes. (Just a matter of fact, I collect all Chocolate Frog Cards with your face on). Read More »



Dear Ronald Weasley, I am so happy to finally find the time to write you. I have always wondered how did you feel when Ginny had a crush on Harry and he didn't feel the same. Read More »

Begrudged Beater


Dear Mr. Weasley, First off, I would like to say, you are my favourite wizard of all time, and I guess I could say you are my role model. Now here is my sticky situation. I play Beater for Ravenclaw at Hogwarts, and so does my best friend who is Slytherin (but she is the good sort of Slytherin). She has been playing Quidditch even before she came to Hogwarts, where I have only been playing for 2-3 years. I am starting to catch up to her, and I am becoming an even better Quidditch player than her. I am starting to realize that she is threatened by me. She treats me like dragon dung, and I sick and tired of it. As you have been in the jealous BFF (a Muggle phrase meaning Best Friend Forever) position before, I thought it would be ideal to seek your advice. Is there anyway of fixing our friendship, or will she hate me forever? Read More »

Soulless Gingers


Dear Mr. Weasley, Is it true that gingers don't have souls? Read More »

Gryffindor Alumnus


Dear Ronald Weasley, My family’s biannual reunion is approaching and I am dreading it. You grew up in a large family with quite a few interesting characters, how can I keep myself from murdering mine? Read More »