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Discover Half-Giant Hagrid at Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Hagrid Studio Tour

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is hosting a new event, "Half-Giant Hagrid," for the Easter holidays. From March 25 to April 17, 2016, visiting fans will be able to discover secrets about how Hogwarts's famous gamekeeper came to life on screen. Read More »

Raising Thestrals


Dear Professor Hagrid. I am thinking of buying/training a Thestral and I was wondering if you could give me some tips. Also, I was wondering if there were any ways of hiding Thestrals from people who have seen death and can see them. Thanks, A Gryffindor animal enthusiast Read More »

Discover the Secrets of Hagrid at Warner Bros. Studio Tour!


Have you ever wanted to discover how the production team behind the "Harry Potter" films brought Hagrid to life on screen? This Easter, Warner Bros. Studio Tour reveals the colossal efforts taken by producers, costume designers, and the special effects teams to create Hogwarts's famous groundskeeper. Read More »

If Hagrid Met Newt!

fantastic beasts close up

Getting excited for more news from "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"? To help keep you excited until the next film announcement, here's how I imagine a conversation between Hagrid and Newt would go! Read More »

MuggleNet’s Christmas Crossovers: It’s a Wonderful (Wizard) Life

happy wizards It's a Wonderful Life

In this installment of MuggleNet's Christmas Crossovers, we imagine what the wizarding world would have been like if Harry had never been born. Read More »

Four Lives Forever Changed by Newt Scamander


Newt Scamander has already been working magic in the lives of our favorite "Harry Potter" characters, and we’ve still got under a year until the "Fantastic Beasts" premiere! Here are just four of the characters affected by Newt’s successful career as a Magizoologist. Read More »

Are there wizard veterinarians?


Hello, Professor Hagrid. As a Muggle-born, I do not know much about the Wizarding World. While I have many questions I would like to ask, here is the one I've selected: Are there wizard veterinarians? I know this is sort of your job at Hogwarts, but what about outside of there? Surely, all wizards all over the world need some sort of care for their Hippogriffs and Phoenixes... If there are wizard vets, how would one go about training to become one? Is there a specific school for becoming a wizard vet? Oh, and I'm hungry for details - how does one examine a Phoenix, which is hot with flames? Or how do they protect a Unicorn during surgery from (literally) bloodthirsty people? I hope this letter finds you well, and please respond as soon as possible. Sincerely, Roaring Ravenclaw Read More »

Aspiring Magical Creatures trainer


Dear Hagrid, I have recently acquired a new puppy. She's very playful and happy, as well as growing extremely quickly. She loves long walks in dark forests and chasing hippogriffs. She loves kids but as she is roughly twice as big as Fang I wondered if you would have any advice on training her and burning energy. What did you do with fluffy to excercise and train him? Sincerely, Aspiring magical creatures trainer Read More »

You’re a Father, Hagrid


Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys, Grounds, and Harry at Hogwarts. Read More »

Messrs. and Mses. Howly, Digger, Sly, Babbitty, and Spike: Animagus Forms of the New Generation


Which animal would best represent our favorite characters as Animagi? Here's one perspective! Read More »

“Harry Potter” and “Divergent”: Amity

Amity title

Our fourth installment of the "Harry Potter" and "Divergent" series explores which characters from "Potter" would choose the peace and simplicity of Amity. Who would bleed over soil during their Choosing Ceremony? Read More »

Five Times Our Favorite Characters Were at Their Worst: “Sorcerer’s Stone” Edition

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone movie image (3)

We all know about the best moments in "Harry Potter", but what about the worst? Lets take a look the worst moments of five characters in "Sorcerer's Stone". Read More »

Top Five Father Figures in “Harry Potter”


For this Father's Day, we're taking a look at some of our favorite father figures in the "Harry Potter" series and ranking them to find the best overall "dad." Read More »

Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones

Title GoT

Valar Morghulis? Well, Expecto Patronum. Read More »

Young Student


Dear Hagrid, Is it possible to have a unicorn as a pet? Sincerely, Young Student Read More »