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Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones

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Valar Morghulis? Well, Expecto Patronum. Read More »

“Harry Potter” characters and their Disney counterparts: Severus Snape and Grumpy


The article series of "Harry Potter" characters and their Disney counterparts continues with Snape and Grumpy. How alike are these two? Read further to find out! Read More »

Ten WTF Moments from the “Harry Potter” Series


Of course, there are probably more than ten, but here is one Potterhead's list of WTF moments from the magical series. Read More »

Fan Art of the Week: Snape’s Patronus


From a master decipher to a person who has lost his love. Severus Snape dabbled in the Dark Arts and remained the only Death Eater able to conjure a Patronus. This week we have a pencil drawing that captures Snape’s everlasting loyalty. Read More »

You’re a mean one – Severus Snape


Dear Severus Snape, I would really like to ask you a question. You were really rude with Harry Potter in the school, and I just can't imagine why. I know his father used to make your life terrible, but it doesn't mean you should have done the same with Harry. I mean, he isn't the one you chose his parents, right? He was just the sufferer. Read More »

Metaphorical Potions


Professor Snape, I (obviously) have a question that I believe you have the answer to. If, metaphorically speaking, you wished to get rid of a rather annoying teacher (Professor Gilderoy Lockhart for example), what would be the best potion or poison to either disable or kill (I'd be perfectly happy with the latter!) them so that one does not have to endure his incessant ability to incite blood-lust in even the most... Read More »

Music Never Lies


Dear Professor Snape, With all my respect, I think that Professor Dumbledore used and abused you (and maybe Harry) and was very selfish when he asked you to kill him. I know you promised him loyalty, but how do you feel about it? Or do you think I'm wrong with that point of view? Read More »

You’re so COLD!


Dear Severus Snape Could you tell me how are you so cold!?! Stupefy Read More »

Love for Lily


Professor Snape, Wow, it's been such a long time visiting the magical land. There is always questions that I am curious to ask you whatsoever. Do you think if you love Lily Evans enough you will let her go with James? Because what I have seen from your action is no matter how much you love her you don't think her happiness is a number one priority. If you really love her would it be enough to see her happy with James? Read More »

Slytherin Princess


Professor Snape, Over the past few weeks, on numerous occasions, I have attempted to make a love potion. I am aware the effects of a love potion are not that of love, only obsession and lust. However, it is one potion I have aspired to perfect for many years but have unfortunately been successful. I am aware that a name you went by was "the half blood prince" and that in a textbook, during your youth, wrote tips and orders next to spells for them to be made easier, which Harry came across. I was hoping you would help me and give me the correct ingredients and instructions for a love potion as I have come across many different instructions. Read More »

Admiration and Respect


Professor Snape, I really admire you, and I’d love for you to give me your opinion on a few things. I am new at Hogwarts, and am excited to learn everything I possibly can about magic. I can't wait to learn Potions, so I can learn how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even stopper death. However, I have a bit of a problem. The Sorting Hat put me in Slytherin. As you surely know, that house has a terrible reputation for producing evil wizards. Right now, the only thing I can think of to like about my placement in Slytherin is that I share a house with you. You're a good, brave man who has a kind heart and who has done many great things, not the least of which was being the only one to trick the Dark Lord, and you're a Slytherin, but are wizards like you only the exception there? Read More »

Occlumency beats Legilimency


Dear Professor Snape, Regards. I needed your help with something. My mother is skilled at Legilimency and she is one person from whom I cannot hide anything. All my Occlumency fails at her stare and she gets to know easily if something is wrong. Can you please offer me some advice? Read More »

Bronze Snake


Dear Professor Snape, How did you get so good at potions? You have real skill, how does one go from Neville Longbottom level to yours? Read More »

Dementor Food


Hello Professor. I'm just wondering what your favourite food is? Because mine is souls. Read More »

Sorting Out the Liars


Dear Professor Snape, Since you know a great deal about potions I thought that perhaps you would be able to answer a question I have about veritaserum. What are the restrictions concerning the use? Is it allowed to use it in hearings? If not, why? Wouldn't it be a great way to make sure that the right people were convicted? When Voldemort disappeared the first time and people said that they had been imperiused, howcome The Ministry had such trouble sorting out the liars? Read More »

Obsessed Muggle


Dear Professor Snape, I understand your hatred of Harry Potter, but why do you favor Draco Malfoy so much? Read More »

The Dark Mark


Sir, I've waited many years to write this letter, I very much want to tell you how much I look up to you but even with the limited knowledge I have of you, I know you would not appreciate that so I will simply say job well done. Now since I'm supposed to ask a question here, why did you take the dark mark? Especially if you knew they would target Lilly? As a muggleborn. That is all, have a good day sir. Read More »

A Green Snake


Dear Professor Snape, I wonder what you thought when you first saw Harry Potter? Was the first thing you notice his eyes or did you just thought that his father had been reborn? What did you, in your heart, felt for Harry at the end? Read More »



Dear Professor Snape, What do you look for in good students? What qualities do you think make a student a great student? Read More »

Rude and Selfish


Professor Snape, For many years I thought of you as a rude and selfish being. I didn't really like you that much. But then I saw how you truly cared for Harry. And even though you didn't show your love for him in the conventional way, I must admit I have grown to respect you and you have now become one of my favorite Professors at Hogwarts. Now, I have a few questions for you if you don't mind. And they are as follows: Did you want to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts because you wanted to be able to prepare Harry for the worst or because it was just a true passion of yours? Did you find it hard being mean to Harry? Do you find Harry to be like a son to and did that cause you to be jealous of Dumbledore's relationship with Harry? After all the time that has passed, do you think you will be able to forgive James for everything he has done to you? If you could say anything to Lily Evans right now, what would you! say to her? Read More »