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Castium Revelio: A Man of Wax!

We’re back with another week of Casting News! This week, we have plenty of trailers, some updates from Sundance, a wax figure, and more! Find out all the latest here!


Castium Revelio: Crash into Christmas

In our pre-Christmas Casting News, we’re giddy about the awesome projects the cast members are working on! From angels to cavemen, the cast members of “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” are tickling our funny bone!


Castium Revelio: Weasleys for the Win!

Join us this week as we congratulate a “Potter” alumnus on a prestigious film festival award win, peek in on a very fuzzy situation inside the Tardis, and reveal exactly how James and Oliver Phelps might weasel their way into the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise!