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Role Call: The Cat’s Meow

Wondering what the casts of “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” are up to? Join us this week as we explore the upcoming projects from cast and crew members from within the wizarding world!


Role Call: Sweet Adventures with “Potter” Cast!

Another week, another set of new and entertaining projects on the horizon for our “Potter” cast members! In this week’s Casting News, we jump into a river of chocolate with David Heyman, lament the “Harry Potter” song that never was, and get “Real?/Honest?/Justice?” with young Sirius Black!

Role Call: Hold the (Casting) Door! 0

Role Call: Hold the (Casting) Door!

We’ve got plenty of new roles, interviews, and appearances to discuss this week, including a chat with the dreaded Red Queen, the death of a character on a popular cable series, and a “Doctor Who” spinoff with “Harry Potter” connections! All that and more in MuggleNet’s weekly Role Call!


Role Call: What Will 2016 Bring “Potter” Fans This Year?

In this week’s Casting News, we get a personal glimpse at Domhnall Gleeson’s favorite sex scene, watch as a fan favorite battles a few dragons, find out where fans will soon be able to meet with Dumbledore and Lucius Malfoy, and explore a handful of films we get to see in 2016 starring our “Potter” friends (Hint, Daniel Radcliffe is a very, very busy man!).


Role Call: The Journey Into Fall – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our Casting News this week! We’ve got more roles to explore, including another period piece set in India, Bellatrix starring in a music video, and one “Potter” star voicing an Arctic animal. Read on for the continuation of this week’s Role Call!