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Castium Revelio: Back with a “Vengeance”!

Narrating for a romantic carrot, visiting the Queen, or helping to protect our oceans, it’s all in a day’s work for our magical alumni! Castium Revelio!


Clémence Poésy Talks Karaoke Songs, Selfies in New Interviews

Promoting her film “The Ones Below” as well as the upcoming second season of “The Tunnel”, Clémence Poésy voices her opinion on selfies and more in new interviews with “Elle UK” and “InStyle UK”!


Role Call: A Flirty February

Maggie Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio shared a kiss on Valentines Day?! Say What?! A lot of projects are in the works this week as well, with Stephen Fry, Toby Jones, Emma Thompson, Michael Gambon, and so many more about to step in front of the camera. See what our favorite “Harry Potter” alum are up to in MuggleNet’s weekly Role Call!